If you have Saturn, the most malefic planet, so considered by many astrologers also, in a harmonious transit on your natal chart you have to worry about the same? What can it mean to have Saturn, the time, in conjunction, sextile (60 degrees) or trine (120 degrees) with natal Venus? What does it mean when you form a good transit of Saturn and Venus transit position in the chart of birth? Which are meaning, significance, sense of the planet Saturn in transit in conjuction, sextile, trine at the birth Venus? Today we see the significance of the transit of Saturn conjunct, sextile, trine to natal Venus that can really be very important to us and give us useful information. What about a harmonious aspect that sees Saturn passing in joint, trine or sextile to Venus in the sky in a certain place of birth astrological house between the first and the twelfth? "I have Saturn is transiting in good aspect to my natal Venus in I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII. What does it mean and what should I expect in these days, weeks, months?" Read below the mean.

Meaning: if you split up with someone, it might as well come back into your life. This aspect can really bring a great love in your life, but unlike those which may lead Jupiter is a love based on reliability, mutual trust, on the reality of ideas and projects that are put together in the field. A love that is born under this aspect can last very long. It will be a love with a person maybe a little cheerful and very serious, even melancholy, but that will help create and develop a relationship and a life in two durable.

You can now delve into the whole reading some notes about the location in one of the 12 astrological houses on the planet that suffers the transit of Saturn in the birth chart.

If natal Venus is in the house I: you are determined to love in this period. Everything you do is based in love, a love which involves constructive everything that surrounds you.

If natal Venus is in the house II: if you are dealing with art expect something positive. Income from work related to art such as music, painting, dance. Maybe spend large sums to make a gift to vosto partners.

If natal Venus is in the house III: friendly relations with close relatives and a lot of positive news coming in, there may be under this transit. Keep on the phone and read the emails often. Spur trade movements and small daily commute by car or public transport.

If natal Venus is in the house IV: great dialogue in the family where you feel loved and love yourself its members. Best time to decorate and do landscaping jobs at home.

If natal Venus is in the house V: a great love can get under the sky. A love with someone bigger than you, or perhaps mentally very serious, calm, devoted little entertainment. Your heart will open to it not suddenly but gradually assuming the appearance of a long-lasting love.

If natal Venus is in the house VI: excellent physical fitness and the relationship with co-workers is based on mutual feelings. With one of them might even be born a love.

If natal Venus is in the house VII: you are really favored in terms of romantic encounters. Ideally, if you're in a couple, would you expect your partner to a very romantic dinner. Your love is still growing and maturing. Who can do is just beautiful encounters between these and find someone who interests. Favorite agreements and the signing of contracts safe, reliable, long-lasting especially in the arts or that have to do with the business of beauty products.

If natal Venus is in the house VIII: you can hope that some bureaucratic wrangling breakouts slowly. Your mind thinks positive at this time, perhaps because you are very much in love.

If natal Venus is in the house IX: excellent chanche to meet the love of your life in a nice business trip or vacation. Favorite outputs to go see music concerts, art exhibitions, ecc...

If natal Venus is in the house X: excellent opportunities in the economy can reach it but most of all you will be able to advance in his career. Some women might favor you if you work in a field related art.

If natal Venus is in the house XI: between friendships could be the love of your life, a love that could arise gradually, not all of a sudden but this may take the form of an everlasting love. Favorite projects if they relate to artistic fields related to beauty products, to furniture.

If natal Venus is in the house XII: have excellent ability to get you out of trouble, to overcome obstacles, walls that will arise in the face. Do not miss to get out and be with others why lock yourself in your house and yourself would do well there. Outputs and love all that surrounds you.

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