How to have sex the 12 signs of the zodiac? The 12 zodiac signs how they are under the sheets, in bed? The similarities and sexual positions of the zodiac signs have always a spicy side, and it attracts a lot of curiosity. But the couple understood the 12 zodiac signs in bed depends on such planets? What is the best zodiac sign for a man and what the best zodiac sign for a woman when it comes to making love? Is it true that pisces-scorpio is a perfect couple in bed? Is it true that aquarius and sagittarius make love so incredible? Is it true that aries and leo under the sheets strike sparks? What's the sex according to zodiac sign? What signs are wonderfully attractive when they have sex? "My husband was born under the sign of capricorn but unfortunately in bed does not last a long time, why? I met a man born under the sign of the taurus. Do I know if I can do well love? I met a woman born under the zodiac sign of the virgo. I'm curious to see if he can have sex as I want". Desire, passion may accentuate, can come to the surface when we encounter a person of a particular sign. It often happens that, sexually, plus a sagittarius attracts us to a gemini, plus a libra of a cancer? The physical and therefore sexual attractions, our sexual urges are represented by planets Venus, Mars and Pluto present in certain signs of our natal chart.


One important thing to say is that the sun sign has very little in the development of our sexual energy of a man and a woman. The female and male virility are the subject of three planets Venus, Mars, Pluto, but also the influence has an important function in the development of a very passionate relationship. So if you want to know how a man or a woman are in bed you are necessary to know the position of his ascendant and the planets Venus, Mars and Pluto. Quickly find the location of the ascendant of a person in this page and then the position of the planets Venus, Mars and Pluto in his chart (for that you'll need to know the date, time and place of birth of the person). Once you know all these things you can read below a meaning for each sign in astrology even if the planetary aspects of conjunction, sextile, trine, quadrature, opposition play a very important role. I suggest you calculate the birth chart of the person here and then go to see the planetary aspects that ascending, Venus and Mars formed at birth. It is certainly not an easy task but in this way you will have excellent clues and you will know a better man or woman.


Aries: if you have the ascendant in this fire sign or better yet Mars in this sign then we are in the presence of a sexual and erotic strong. Making love with this will be really amazing even if the whole thing could be short-lived. Venus in the sign indicates a sweetness, romance very light.

Taurus: who owns this upward but at least above a planet between Mars and Venus, is a fury in bed, able to last very long in the embrace. It can be a very fruitful.

Gemini: Mars, Venus or ascendant in this sign speaks of a person little scope for intimate things, careless, especially superficial. It is certainly not the ideal lover because it fails to channel his energies in this area. It's also a little romantic.

Cancer: this is not an ideal partner to take to bed. Obviously not talking about the sun sign, but if the person possesses ascendant, Mars or Venus in the sign of cancer. They know, however, give a lot of affection, caresses, kisses, they can be very tender but during the intimate act are not good.

Leo: here is that those who have a leo in ascendant or even Mars or Venus in this sign, it is a true latin-lover but also a fiery lover. Great sex drive, big desire to try different positions but most of all control during intimacy.

Virgo: the intimate life is not good. Its energies are blocked at the level of sex even if he has Mars in the sign. Venus simply indicates that it is more romantic than usual as a person, but certainly not love the moments of true intimacy.

Libra: who owns the libra ascendant or the planet Venus or Mars loves a balanced inner life, without excess. It is in fact the classic person who loves to make love in a simple, normal, classic indeed.

Scorpio: here we are dealing with a person who knows how to attract an incredible manner its prey and make them his own bed. Great magnetism if Venus and Mars are in this sign and gifted seducer. The ascendant in scorpio allows very long embraces.

Sagittarius: she loves to make love in a different way. He loves to try different positions, maybe you can be a lover of the art of Tantra. This is especially true with the presence of Mars in the sign. The sagittarius ascendant makes very nice person and then physically attractive.

Capricorn: Venus in this sign tells us about a person's little scope for romance that fails to express. On the other hand if there is Mars in this sign or the ascendant is in this sign, in bed can last a lot. She loves the classic positions.

Aquarius: a bit like the gemini who owns upward in this sign, it is not a good lover, or even if Mars or Venus is in the sign of his sexual energies are liberated.

Pisces: who owns the ascendant in pisces even during the sexual act want to be pampered, want to hear sweet words and does not like to be treated badly. If Venus is in this sign we are in the presence of greater romanticism and Mars instead speaks of an erotic charge that fails to find an outlet.

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