When does the transit of Saturn in Pisces officially end? What is the exact date? Until when is Saturn opposite the zodiac sign Virgo? Until when is Saturn against my Virgo sign? When does Saturn come out of the zodiac sign Aquarius? Saturn leaves Aquarius to enter Pisces on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Which signs will be most affected by Saturn in the years 2023, 2024 and 2025? What will it mean to have the planet Saturn in transit in the zodiac sign of Pisces from March 8, 2023 until the year 2025? What is the significance of transiting Saturn in the sign of Pisces? Saturn passing into the sign of Pisces which means for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces? What happens to the sign of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces with the passage of Saturn, planet of seriousness and maturity, in the water sign of Pisces in 2023, 2024 and 2025? Transiting Saturn in Pisces in 2023 2024 and 2025 has a particular meaning and effects for the 12 zodiac signs. Which signs does it favor and which ones don't? What signs are favored by its passage? Which signs does it bring luck and which ones does it not bring good? What are its advantages and disadvantages in your birth chart and personal horoscope? "What does it mean when the planet Saturn transits into Pisces for my sign?"

Saturn is often considered a planet that brings damage, a malevolent planet, the opposite of Jupiter. But Saturn is actually essential in the lives of all of us for our own personal growth, for our maturity. Certainly his way of acting is hard, concrete, sometimes terrible and can lead to difficult situations but that it was necessary to deal with situations. Saturn is the time, cronos, Saturn cut off the dead branches, things more useful to our work life, emotional and sentimental. After his passing we can be bigger, stronger and more aware of our quality. Sacrifice asks us this planet.


But what will Saturn bring that on Wednesday of March 8, 2023 enters the water sign of Pisces and will remain there until 2025? What signs will be most affected by the rays of this so-called malevolent planet? Let's try to understand immediately. Saturn in Pisces will favor the sign of Cancer and Scorpio with which it will form a trine aspect. Furthermore, Capricorn and Taurus will also benefit from its positive rays because the planet will go in a sextile aspect with respect to these two signs. Saturn will instead be in opposition to the sign of Virgo and in quadrature to the sign of Sagittarius and Gemini. The sign of Pisces in which Saturn will pass will not be very favored. Leo will no longer see its opposition at last and Aquarius will no longer see its conjunction. However, remember that we are evaluating this passage in a general sense and not taking into account the position of the other planets in the personal natal chart that each of us has and the simultaneous transit of other planets such as Saturn. So take this information very calmly. Here's what Saturn will bring to the 12 signs of the zodiac:

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of aries: during this three years the planet Saturn will be behind you but also in your zodiac sign. Let's say right away that when Saturn is behind and therefore transits into the twelfth astrological sector, the period risks being very tiring, full of obstacles and particularly stressful for those who suffer it but also for those who live with these people. Not an easy period even the one in which the planet transits into the first astrological sector because it signals the need to commit a lot, to make sacrifices to reach small goals or in any case successes that are not so excellent. Saturn in Aries wants a lot of seriousness, a lot of sense of responsibility, a lot of energy to spend and taking responsibility in a very important way. Here, if we analyze its transit in the first months of the year 2023 we can say that you will be able to achieve good goals, to strengthen everything you have built in the past years thanks to its sextile in Aquarius but if we observe its transit in Pisces after the day 8 March 2023 and until 25 May 2025 then we can say that it will not be a very simple phase and in which it will certainly be necessary to mature, understand that it is no longer the time to joke, to take life lightly. In the year 2025 and exactly from the end of May until the end of August, Saturn will be in your sky and will make you further understand that the time has come to become aware of the stingy important aspects of your life that now need to be further evaluated.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of taurus: with Saturn transiting in Pisces certainly you will be able to live a period of several years in which you will be able to realize many projects, you will be able to mature if you are over 30 years of age and you will achieve many things even if that much sacrifice. The transit of Saturn takes place in the eleventh astrological sector and this sector indicates, indicates, precisely the projects, ideas and also the importance of some friendships that can help you achieve your goals. In essence, what could happen over the years 2023, 2024 and 2025 is that you will be able to meet very important, serious people who will be a fundamental support for all of you. Meanwhile, the year 2025 still starts with the planet in Aquarius and therefore still a few stressful and counterproductive months but slowly your path improves and even physically you will be less stressed, less nervous and instead you will feel particularly strong and daring. Saturn allows him to reach pre-established goals with great caution, slowly, with targeted attitudes and taking steps one at a time. If you are thinking of strengthening your sentimental union, of buying a house, then with the planet in transit in Pisces everything will be possible but with many sacrifices. From the end of May 2025 until August 2025 Saturn will be behind you and you will experience rather difficult moments in which you will not know what to do but it is only a few months and then you will be able to find the right path. A series of years in which you will be able to strengthen your economic as well as professional assets.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of gemini: unfortunately you will suffer the square of Saturn for almost 3 years, a square from the zodiac sign Pisces that will not be easy to bear. In the meantime, if you want to accomplish something or conclude, finish some life projects started in the past then take advantage of the first 2 months of the year 2023 with the planet still in Aquarius but then do not underestimate what will happen to you because passing the time you will first notice a decrease in the enthusiasm, a difficulty in being sociable as in the past and if this could mean an inner maturation for many of you, the people around you will not understand well what is happening to you. You will be less optimistic, less altruistic, you will prefer to be more alone than in the company of people and you will develop within you a spirit of melancholy that is not usually yours. It must be said that if you are over 30 years old or even over 60 years old and therefore have already undergone another square of Saturn from the zodiac sign Pisces in the past, you will be absolutely able to become more responsible and take on heavy but not pleasant commitments. In short, Saturn which to test yourself in any area of ??your life and not just in work. In fact, even in love if your relationship was going well then situations could arise such as to think well, situations in which to make non-trivial decisions. You will probably also feel older, less young inside and physically you will notice this slow but inexorable aging. A glimmer of light will come with its transit in Aries but only for a few months.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of cancer: after having undergone the transit of Saturn in opposition from the zodiac sign Capricorn and the equally unpleasant one in Aquarius, now finally comes the beautiful trine from the zodiac sign Pisces which will last almost three years. The year 2023 is still quite tiring but from March onwards you will notice that what you are doing and what you intend to do will start to be very productive and you will be able to lay the foundations for a particularly satisfying, fruitful, even if very tiring, future. In fact, Saturn strengthens everything you achieve but asks for a lot of sacrifices both physical and mental, a lot of energy that goes away and a lot of responsibilities. If you are able to take on important responsibilities we are sure that the goals will be quite substantial and no one will be able to throw you off the pedestal on which you have risen. These are years of slow but inexorable growth in all areas of your life and while at work you could consolidate your professional position as well as the economic one, in love you may understand that the time has come to take very serious steps forward and take on additional responsibilities. . Getting married or having a child but also buying a new house or doing renovations in the one you live in are very probable things that should not be rejected, postponed. The maturation you will face in these years will be crucial for the future. Only one block and slight difficulties between the end of May and the end of August 2025 with the transit of Saturn in quadrature in the zodiac sign Aries.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of leo: for you the new transit of Saturn takes place in the eighth sector of the zodiac, the sector of inner transformations, of inheritances, of sums of money that arrive unexpectedly or that come unexpectedly out of your pockets. Money bleeding therefore but also unexpected gains or substantial winnings in some cases. But be careful because Saturn is not Jupiter and in fact always asks for something in return when it gives. For example, an inheritance that arrives could derive from a great bureaucratic and legal struggle that began in the past years. Almost certainly what we can say is that with the planet of time and sacrifices in transit in the eighth astrological sector, even sex will be less important and engaging in these years and you will actually feel a sharp drop in libido. We must also say that his passage in this sector signals a mental change with respect to the sense of death. For what strange reason you will be more likely to think about death, not your own but its meaning in general. Unavoidable changes that can occur in the family and it is very likely that during these 3 years you may suffer an important bereavement, perhaps of a father, a grandfather, a male figure who was fundamental for you, who was a great pillar for you. of your life. During the positive transits of Jupiter with the planet Saturn it is very likely to conclude really profitable deals that could bring a lot of money in your pocket. In the year 2025 a small moment of calm and serenity.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of virgo: your zodiac sign unfortunately undergoes the squaring of the planet Saturn which begins from the first days of March 2023. It goes without saying that for you the years 2023, 2024, 2025 will be particularly difficult, complex years, full of many sacrifices and physical and mental fatigue particularly high that maybe in some moments it will not be bearable. It is very complicated to make decisions, make choices, resolve personal, private, family situations and who knows that if you live a love relationship, the planet's opposition to your natal Sun can lead to a slow but inexorable separation. You begin to lose your enthusiasm, you are no longer active as before, more sociable and cheerful and instead you become very melancholy, very sad because you see the future in a negative way. However, these years will be essential to understand what is really useful in your life and to throw away what is no longer needed and which is a useless ballast. In short, a series of years full of sacrifices, of very hard struggles to be sustained and faced and also of economic losses, of separations not only sentimental but also working. Working will become more tiring, you will not be able to support the ideas, the energy will be lacking and physically you could face various problems, so be careful and do not underestimate the need to go to the doctors. You will probably have some problems with your bones, teeth, joints and not just if you are quite old. Accept these struggles, these challenges because then you can start again stronger.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of libra: the transit of Saturn that moves into the zodiac sign Aquarius, for you takes place in the sixth astrological sector, the sector connected with daily life that concerns family but also work and also with health. In these years you will feel within you the need to improve everything around you, everything you usually do. For example, you will feel the strong need to improve the environment of your home, family ties and also to better take care of your physical appearance. We must not forget that the sixth astrological sector is also the one connected with health and physical fitness, therefore with Saturn inside it it will be necessary to evaluate very well any physical ailments, avoid neglecting them, avoid telling yourself that everything will be solved easily because things could get complicated. Your way of thinking will certainly be more constructive but for the people around you it may not be liked and instead seem irresponsible but you go ahead on your way because when the planet of time is in opposition, things will be even worse. So ultimately everything you live daily can emerge strengthened from this important transit and when after a few years you look back you will realize that your life has certainly become more stable. The most difficult period of this series of years will be the one that goes from the end of May to the end of August 2025 with Saturn in opposition to the Aries zodiac sign that will begin to make you understand what to throw away.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of scorpio: the zodiac sign Scorpio enjoys a very important and constructive trine of Saturn because it will transit in Pisces and among other things in the fifth astrological sector. In the meantime, you must know that a trine of Saturn serves to strengthen everything you have achieved in your life and in every sphere, therefore at a family, sentimental, work, social level but it is also true that with this transit the responsibilities will increase and you will no longer be able to play. , have too much fun. A sense of inner maturation and a sense of great responsibility that will make you take giant steps and meet important people who can further help you realize other ideas and projects. Do not underestimate your children but also the entertainment towards which your attitude will change in some way. In fact, little by little, with the passage of time, you will realize that the dialogue with the children will be more mature, more constructive and you will find new ways to spend time with them, strengthening the union. The advice we give you is not to try your luck at gambling in this period because with Saturn in transit in the fifth sector you could lose a lot of money and therefore be very careful and possibly away from these situations. Few trips but rather crucial to reinforce everything you are building in your professional and private life. The transit of the planet in Aries that will take place for a few months during the year 2025 will not particularly affect you but it can still improve your daily life.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of sagittarius: the sector in which Saturn transits is the one that will provide the greatest clues to understand what the transit of the planet most feared by all astrologers could bring. For you, Saturn transits into the fourth house, in the fourth astrological sector which is typical of the home, of the family, of traditions. So it is in these sectors that slow but inexorable changes must be expected, perhaps difficult to accept, perhaps very sad and tiring but absolutely necessary. Here with Saturn in the fourth house slowly, if you are for example quite young, you may feel the strong need within you to leave, to go away, to detach yourself from your parents to embark on a new life alone in another house. This detachment could be conditioned by some unpleasant situations that will wear you out inside as the months pass. Here, taking another path will be the best solution. With this type of transit we can also expect major works to be done at home, renovations that will take away a lot of money or the need to sell some properties to face a series of expenses. In fact, Saturn is placed in quadrature with respect to your natal Sun and the changes, the choices, the cuts to be made will not be so pleasant and indeed will be rather tiring, particularly difficult. Do not step out of the way in every area of ??your life and especially in love if you are not happy with the relationship then maybe the time will come when you say enough because you will no longer feel like you love.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of capricorn: the astrological passage of Saturn for you born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, is absolutely very promising because it forms a sextile aspect with your natal Sun. The sector of the zodiac in which the transit of the planet of time and maturation takes place is the third sector. If you do jobs connected with a lot of physical travel, if you love to write, if your life is typical of someone who has many contacts with other people, other places, all this will be amplified and maybe you will reach very important goals in your professional sector. If you are a writer, journalist, director, you could write beautiful things that will remain stable over time and appreciated by several important people who will further facilitate your professional path. The third house is also the one connected with the brothers and sisters. Here the relationships with this type of relatives could improve and strengthen the union, the feelings you have for them. In some cases you will be very happy with some milestones that a brother or sister will reach in his life. The sextile of the planet will also activate in you a slow but inexorable desire to mature even more, to abandon old lifestyles perhaps dedicated only to fun to focus more on the indispensable things in your life. Saturn therefore asks us to dream less and to be much more concrete and absolutely with our feet firmly planted on the ground, avoiding pindaric flights. Less romance in your life but the love bond will be constructive.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of aquarius: the best moment of this period is certainly the one that will see the farewell of Saturn from your zodiac sign. A farewell that will take place during the month of March 2023. Surely Saturn in your sky has generated periods of very strong concentration, a lot of work, a lot of sweat and sacrifices but now it's not all over because its new transit takes place in the second astrological sector which is that connected with earnings, with properties, with real estate. Saturn, the planet of time in transit in Pisces could greatly strengthen the assets you possess, allowing you to conclude excellent agreements, forward-looking contracts and to start profitable and fundamental collaborations for the coming years. Obviously you have to be very careful because here it is not Jupiter who often gives but a planet that gives only after a lot of commitment and many sacrifices. Do not underestimate the power of a planet that arrives in the second sector after about 30 years from the last time and if you are about 60 then you can go back with your mind to 30 years ago and understand what happened to you. Here everything could also happen in this phase of your life and in an even more accentuated way. Substantial financial investments, perhaps for the purchase of a new home or to start a new business but just be careful, open your eyes well and do not be superficial to avoid substantial losses of money. Consolidation of the relationship of love and choices, decisions to be made with the partner.

Saturn in Pisces on 2023 2024 2025. Meaning for the sign of pisces: if you think that the arrival of Saturn in your sky, in your zodiac sign is an advantage, then you have understood almost nothing of astrology. It is true that it is a planet that can give a lot but if you give it a lot, if you make a lot of sacrifices, a lot of efforts, understanding what is no longer necessary in your life, what must be thrown away. Analyzing this transit that takes place after about 30 years, we understand how many of you will have to take on many more responsibilities and lay solid foundations for a future that can give enormous satisfaction only through great efforts and sacrifices. Anything superficial in your life must be left out as it will only be a distraction. In love, in work, in the family, in society you will have to sweat a lot to reach those goals you have dreamed of so much. But what we must not neglect is that within you you will change a lot, you will become more serious people, more mature, more predisposed to make sacrifices and also particularly demanding yourself. A sense of maturation, of aging also but if you know how to take on the right responsibilities, obviously only those that belong to you, then this series of years will strengthen everything and you will become appreciated and admired by everyone. There are difficulties in love but if the love relationship is solid then you have to take steps forward, you have to think about a life together, to get married maybe because the lightness of a romantic relationship is no longer useful for you. Strengthen the immune defenses.

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