"I am a housewife with a passion for cooking and do not know where to look for easy recipes to do in the kitchen in my house. Who can help me? I do not know how to cook meat, fish, pasta, vegetables in ways different from usual. Are there online sites with video recipes simple to put into practice to make beautiful cakes, cold desserts or first and second courses? How to cook recipes with few ingredients and very easy in a short time? Who suggests to me some sites with italian and foreign recipes?" Where to find the best recipes free online for this year, , for today or that of tomorrow be prepared for lunch or dinner? Where to find and download Benedetta Parodi's recipes, Tina's recipes, Mengacci's recipes, grandmother's recipes, Misya's recipes, Cicetta's recipes, grandmother Rose 's recipes, Berry's recipes, Samya's recipes, etc...? Where to read, print and reproduce in our kitchen recipes of pasta, vegan and vegetarian recipes, fast and light to makes, the recipes to do with the Bimby robot? Are you looking for all the recipes of Gordon Ramsay in italian language or you do know where to buy his books?


Today we see 10 great sites on which there are hundreds and hundreds of recipes of all types and for all tastes. Online sites dedicated to cooking there are plenty and therefore we could not list them all but the ones below are without doubt among the best and then I invite you to visit them one by one:

GIALLO ZAFFERANO: perhaps this is the best known and most visited site on the web with thousands of recipes for all tastes and categories. Recipes can be printed and there are also video recipes. The creation of each recipe shows the individual steps to follow.

DONNA MODERNA CUCINA: the online magazine dedicated to women also has a special category dedicated to the kitchen and then the recipes.

GUSTISSIMO: also here many recipes easy to prepare, explained well and with clear images make no mistake.

MISYA: a very complete and jam-packed site with lots of recipes to be realized for lunch, dinner, for parties, etc...

GNAM GNAM: recipes for pasta, main courses, desserts with very detailed description and pictures.

CUCINA DI STAGIONE: even here there are many recipes to be created for each year and then for each season precisely.

GINGER AND TOMATO: really excellent site that in addition to showing different recipes to tips for grocery shopping. It also shows the various manifestations, events and culinary tours in place in various cities.

COOK AROUND: this site should be visited if you are absolutely passionate about cooking at both amateur and professional.

LO SPICCHIO D'AGLIO: a cute name for a site just as nice and very easy to navigate, with recipes that are explained in a very simple, with a language so for everyone.

TORTE AL CIOCCOLATO: the name makes it clear that we are dealing with a site dedicated to desserts and their preparation but especially the cakes made using chocolate.


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