"I'm a man and I work all day and I need to cook food and prepare meals quickly. Which website can I download or read recipes free but especially to realize very quickly, fast? Where can I find and print out the best recipes that you can do with the Bimby? Who tells me sites where you can read italian but also foreign easy recipes to prepare juicy lunches and wonderful dinners, to cook first and second courses of meat or fish? I am a woman housewife, who helps me to create a recipe based on salmon or meat pork or even based on vegetables?" But what is the best place where to get recipes for free? What are the 10 most visited italian and foreign cooking sites? What are the cooking sites most reliable, up to date, full of new ideas for each day of the week and then for today or tomorrow ? What is the best recipe of the year ? What is a website with recipes specific to each party of the year which also owns video recipes?


Below is a list of 10 sites that are most visited by users who surf the web online. Among them there are sites very professional and other more amateur but still noteworthy because on every site you can find different recipes, unusual, original to be put into practice:

GIALLO ZAFFERANO: I believe that all women who love cooking are gone at least once on this site that is among the most important ones. It has a lot of recipes for every taste, video recipes, step by step explanation of each recipe, a list and description of the ingredients.

DONNA MODERNA CUCINA: this is a very comprehensive site that not only has a section dedicated to the kitchen but it is really very comprehensive and full of tasty recipes.

GUSTISSIMO: also here many recipes simple and quick to prepare, explained well and with beautiful and succulent images to follow.

MISYA: this site surprises for the graphic beauty but also for content dedicated to the kitchen.

GNAM GNAM: a site that collects numerous recipes for main dishes, main courses, desserts with a list of ingredients, a description of the procedure, and images very attractive.

CUCINA DI STAGIONE: here you will find various recipes suitable for any time of year. Beautiful pictures and descriptions clear and precise.

GINGER AND TOMATO: really great site that offers the possibility also to see if there are special events dedicated to the kitchen around the country. Also you can find many useful tips to go for a shopping in the best way, especially taking care savings.

COOK AROUND: an interesting site, easy to navigate and with many original recipes for all tastes.

LO SPICCHIO D'AGLIO: this seems to be the site with a language really suitable for anyone. Simple language that makes us understand well how to prepare the recipe that interests us.

TORTE AL CIOCCOLATO: are you fond of cakes made with chocolate? Do you love sweets in general? Then this is the site for you. You will find many recipes with which to create not only cakes but many kinds of wonderful and delicious desserts.


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