"I'm looking for recipes to make for the holidays. Where can I find and read online free recipes easy to put into practice? I do not know how to cook a dish of fish or meat. I have no ideas and I would like to print some free recipes online. What is the best italian and foreign sites with recipes? What recipes can easily and quickly prepare for the Christmas, New Year, Easter, Carnival, etc...?" Are you looking for a cookbook online for free? Today we see the 10 best italian websites of recipes for the kitchen of the moment, top and those visited by the people of the web. Italian cuisine with recipes and video recipes is really widespread online through many professional sites but also amateur sites. Look for the best recipes to do with the Bibmy, those created by the cake boss, italian and american, fish, sweets, meat? What are the most popular recipes for this year, , and which ones to do for today or that of tomorrow ? We see a list with brief descriptions of sites with recipes to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, recipes for seconds, summer, winter, autumn, spring recipes with pasta, for all seasons. Pasta with pumpkin, with vegetables, with meat, etc...


So here's to you below a list of 10 sites dedicated to traditional italian cuisine but also foreign cuisine. My advice is to visit them all because they are really very interesting and each with different recipes. There are sites well known and others less well known but all 10 are worth a visit to draw inspiration for your recipes:

GIALLO ZAFFERANO: without a doubt the most popular website dedicated to the kitchen with thousands of recipes, something for every taste. Many categories, easy recipes, simple, quick to perform with the list of ingredients, steps to follow, detailed images. On the site there are also many video recipes.

DONNA MODERNA CUCINA: this online magazine specifically for women and therefore also for housewives, has a section dedicated to the kitchen with many interesting recipes.

GUSTISSIMO: site very well organized with different recipes for different tastes. There are several images with each recipe.

MISYA: a site full of lots of recipes to be realized for lunch, dinner, for parties, etc... There are many sections and each dedicated to special recipes.

GNAM GNAM: recipes of pasta and meat dishes accompanied with descriptions and images.

CUCINA DI STAGIONE: even here there are many recipes to be realized for any time of year, for the summer, fall, winter, spring, and then for each season.

GINGER AND TOMATO: comprehensive site that provides various recipes but also useful tips for grocery shopping so you can save money but still buy good products. It also allows you to know the demonstrations, events and culinary tours in place in different cities.

COOK AROUND: a site without a doubt to visit if you are fond of cooking both amateur and professional.

LO SPICCHIO D'AGLIO: various recipes explained in a very clear and very simple. This is a site to everyone.

TORTE AL CIOCCOLATO: on this site not only find recipes on the preparation of chocolate cakes recipes but also on many types of cakes, desserts, etc...


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