But animals like dogs, cats, birds, pigs, horses, rabbits, sheep, chickens, etc. ... possess its own soul? How can we tell if an animal that we have at home has a conscience, a spirit and a soul then? "I dreamed of my cat who died recently and who I was very close, I was very fond of its. He is smiling at me in a dream. Why often I dream of seeing my dead dog a few years ago it wants to be stroked, to play or barking? I dreamed my dog full of ticks and wounded, bleeding and asked me for help. Last night in a dream I saw my cat dead for years now dying. Last night I saw in a dream that my rabbit did poop and pee." But animals and beasts may come in a dream to communicate something to the dreamer? Pets such as cats and dogs have a soul, a conscience and a spirit such as humans, like us men, women or children? They can be born again so are subject to the law of Karma? Animals have a heart, have feelings. For even of them after the earthly life and earthly death is there a heaven, a hell and a purgatory? The mystery of the afterlife also happens to animals. And according to the religions in the world and the Catholic Church, God does give at the animals a place in heaven? Let us talk about a complex issue, however, it concerns a lot of people who love their pets so much to hope for them to everlasting life.


In the representations of Paradise, it is often represented as a place full of vegetation, trees, plants, meadows filled with many colorful flowers. In Paradise we also find rivers, lakes, streams, people and even animals of all kinds and not only dogs and cats but also tigers, elephants, camels, birds, insects, etc... In short, the Paradise should be a place much like the Earth where we find everything there is on Earth but the only thing that there is the conception of evil. Evil in Paradise does not exist. But Good and Evil that we do during our earthly existence are used to make the divine judgment that then allow us to enter Paradise or go to Hell or Purgatory. We can do much harm to people and when we do this we use a thing that animals may not possess and that is consciousness. Man acts according to instinct, but also according to their conscience. In fact, God says that if a man commits a very serious act also because of his instinctive part, he can be forgiven if his conscience strongly asks this forgiveness.

Animals act using the instinct but they experience feelings of love, they also have souls, even when they sleep they dream and being divine creatures also possess them that divine light, the so-called spirit that binds body and soul. If an animal kills another animal does not think about what he did for it because there is no difference between good and evil, it can not tell if he was wrong or not because in his mind the instinct prevails. And then the animals and beasts, even the most cruel that exist on Earth, they have a soul, a divine spirit who can accompany them to heaven after death? The answer to this question is yes. Animals, insects, reptiles and other forms of living beings on Earth, having within them the divine spirit, they can go to Heaven or, according to the Buddhist religion, can be part of the law of Karma and rebirth in another form to be human. Why only we human beings should deserve Paradise? We're just selfish.

All people who have had a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a horse will have no doubt realized, saw how an animal can love so absolutely unconditioned without asking anything in return except love itself. So if you wonder if an animal has a soul, the answer is surely. They being human beings like us have soul, spirit and body and therefore after their earthly death will have access to another parallel dimension, the dimension that we call Paradise. They will not go to Hell or Purgatory because, as we have said, they do not understand the difference between good and evil but acted according to instinct. Yet God has been so great that promise to all animals peace of Paradise. Rather we are human beings we have to worry to use our conscience, to understand the good and the evil we do even to an animal. Maybe, who knows, God will offer a greater punishment to people who in life have killed all kinds of animals both for fun than necessity. So we are always on time, as long as we are in life, to be able to ask forgiveness from God. Love your animals and if they are in your dreams certainly want to bring a message of hope, a cap, a dreamer to help. When a person dies and goes to heaven, where he owned and loved a lot of the animals into life, no doubt will be able to review them all and they will continue to feel love as when they were alive.


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