Horoscope and forecasts. What is astrology and what are the horoscopes? The horoscope is a colossal deception? Yes, according to many scientists, also because zodiac signs are not 12 but 13 because there is also Ofiuco. What is Ofiuco? A constellation like many others, but many astrologers do not consider it. Why do not believe in the horoscope? Is the horoscope true or false? Is the horoscope true or not and why does it work at times and does not work at other times? Why do not believe in the horoscope of today or tomorrow that you find written on many websites? Finding a horoscope online that is always useless is practically impossible. But what is the difference between horoscopes and astrology and are we talking about art or science? Why believe in horoscopes? And why do not believe it? Zodiacal signs: Where is the truth? Horoscope is the biggest deception to make money. No one believes in the horoscope but everyone reads that of their zodiacal sign. Did you believe you belonged to a zodiacal sign, and did you find out that you were born under another zodiacal sign? But how do you believe in horoscopes? Why do people believe in horoscopes? Why do many people follow horoscopes in newspapers, on TV, on the Internet even using smartphones, tablets, and applications? All the truth about the zodiac signs can be found on this website. Let's understand and understand what astrology is and what is the horoscope. This difference is crucial to differentiating a few things. In fact, you often hear about astrologers and personal or general horoscopes on a certain person or zodiac sign. Below you find a simple definition for both words.

Definition of astrology: The study of the stars and their movement in a series of constellations, which can predict the future and indicate the fundamental characteristics of the personality of a man, woman, child and animal. Definition of Horoscope: Astrological interpretation of the position of the stars and planets when a particular event occurs. In essence, with astrology we create and study an astral card that defines the character of a person born in a certain date and in a certain place on Earth. The astral card is unique to every human being and animal. The horoscope is a part of astrology that is used to make short or long-term forecasts. But the horoscopes we read online or the newspapers or the horoscopes we are listening on TV are accurate or not? Despite many astrologers who write general horoscopes for the twelve signs of the zodiac, they take into account the position of fast planets such as Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars, and planets less as fast as Jupiter and Saturn, their predictions are not to be taken into account Because in order to make good predictions you must absolutely consider the steps, then the transitions of the planets in the various signs and astrological houses of each person's astral theme. To understand what we are saying we make an example. If a person possesses the planet Jupiter in the cancer sign within his astral theme and at a given time of his life, exactly once a year, the Sun passes over Jupiter, certainly the days when the transit takes place may be positive For the person and can bring some favorable or lucky event. But if a person is born under the cancer sign but possesses Jupiter in capricorn in his astral theme, then the passage of the Sun to transit into cancer will not be positive for this person because it will form an opposition with the planet Jupiter in capricorn.

For this reason, you will have understood by following the example, listening to or reading generalized horoscopes is really useless. So why are many people confident in what an astrologer says in TV or in a newspaper? Simply what happens is that a person listens or reads a generalized horoscope with predictions that maybe, by chance, are realized. That person begins to follow that horoscope or that astrologer without taking into account all the times that the predictions are wrong. We must say that following these horoscopes is time lost and it would be best to study the true foundations of astrology in order to come to understand how a person is at the character level. The purpose of astrology is in fact this primarily. Then we can learn to make predictions but always studying the transitions of the planets in our astral birth chart. Now I leave you with the general horoscopes of this website and related to the day of today and tomorrow Good reading and good fun.


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