What is associated with the number 7 in the Neapolitan grimace? What does it mean to dream of number 7? What is the meaning of the number 7 in numerology or in the Neapolitan grimace?What does the seventh number mean on an angelic level? Maybe the number 7 is about money? Why can we dream of seeing the number 7 ante times? Why can we often notice the number 7 during the day on various occasions? What does the number 7 mean in the Neapolitan grimace? What esoteric, magical symbolism is hidden behind this stupendous number? Today we see to understand the meaning of the number 7, The symbolism and spiritual meaning of the number 7 both on a numerological and angelic level but also as regards the classic Neapolitan grimace, so that you can know what this figure refers to when it occurs in the your dream world, therefore in dreams also in the form of objects. Number 7. Hidden meaning and interpretation here they are for free for you. Then the number 7 is first of all a magical and sacred number, a symbol of well-being, success and honors but it also means collaborations, agreements, contracts, availability towards the other person and in the Neapolitan grimace it is identified by the clay vase. We said before that it is a sacred number because for example, in Greek mythology the main gods were 7 but this figure also refers to the days of the week, to the seven Churches of Rome, to the 7 deadly sins and to the 7 virtues, to the 7 colors of rainbow, to the 7 dwarfs of Snow White, to the 7 lives of the cat, to the 7 wonders of the world, even to the 7 sacraments in the Catholic religion. Therefore a very important number that if it appears in our dreams should not be underestimated and indeed taken into consideration with extreme attention. Now below we are going to analyze this figure both as regards the Neapolitan grimace and as regards numerology and then the angels. In fact, even the divinatory art of numerology gives a very beautiful meaning to this number but not without negative sides and at an angelic level the number is reconnected to an angel who, if prayed at the right moment, can give us what we are looking for. If you want some numbers to match with this we are discussing then below you will find a random number generator while if your intention is to interpret your dreams then below you will find a link that will take you to a page where you can read many dream interpretations, widespread and less common. If you want to calculate your guardian angel and know the name and meaning then you will find the link for that too. Finally go to calculate the numbers connected with your name and surname, with the date of birth, using numerology.

MEANING NUMBER 7 IN THE NEAPOLITAN GRIMACE: when you dream of seeing a vase then probably the number connected to this object is the number 7. However, often in our dreams this figure occurs in various situations. For example, we can simply see it written on a child, on a wall, on a hand, on a car license plate or we can notice 7 identical or different objects. The number we are talking about can also come out by noticing a rainbow because the rainbow is formed with 7 colors. If we are people very dedicated to religion, in particular to Catholicism then this number can refer to Baptism, Confirmation or Confirmation, Eucharist or Communion, Penance or Confession, Anointing of the sick, Holy Order, Marriage. and to the other sacraments that almost all Christians encounter during their earthly life. Sometimes the number 7 in a dream could be represented by a cat as it is said that cats have 7 lives. Obviously the other details of a dream can confirm one meaning rather than another. For example, the appearance of the number 7 in our dream world could also refer to the current week, to the one that is about to arrive or in particular to a day of it. In the Jewish religion this is the number of the candelabra of the Menorah and 7 are the mythological deities of the Jewish cabala while for Buddhism this figure represents the gods of happiness and the number of completeness. Sometimes dreaming of the number seven can mean that we are going through or are about to go through a very lucky, beautiful, pleasant period and in fact we are often said to be in seventh heaven precisely to indicate a very happy state of mind.

MEANING NUMBER 7 IN NUMEROLOGY: following what numerology says, this figure is the symbol of a phase of our life in which we feel the strong need to join someone, to collaborate with someone to reach certain goals. This union can be at a working level but also sentimental and the lesson that this figure wants to give us is that we must appreciate our own talents, put them at the disposal of others and also accept those of other people to become more complete individuals ourselves. Therefore a phase of our life in which we must give to receive, in which the exchange of emotions, sensations, ideas can be very useful to progress, evolve during the existential journey. In concrete terms, this can be the year of a great opportunity that arrives, of a new job, of a marriage but in a negative sense also of collaborations, agreements that break, which end because they no longer give what we want. The break in love, the famous seventh year crisis, are very well identified by this figure which, however, is also connected to the divinities, to the spiritual life and therefore who knows that we can undertake an absolutely better path from this point of view, feel the need, in the deep of our heart, to reach an awareness and spiritual maturation that we have never reached. People going through year number 7 may also decide to change their religion. What is crucial to understand is that the number in question identifies the need of the individual to participate, to socialize, to be among people, leaving aside selfishness, narcissism but being aware that with altruism and generosity you can really become better. and help make the world a more beautiful place.

ANGELIC NUMBERS - MEANING NUMBER 7: the symbolic and esoteric meaning of this figure is really very important and particular. In fact, here we are faced with the so-called perfect number and linked to spirituality. Therefore the angelic number in question refers to our interior, religious, spiritual, mystical life. When we feel we are not happy, to live a mystical experience, to reach another level of inner satisfaction, to mature from the point of view of spirituality, we need to pray to this angel, the angel connected with the number 7. We have already said before that 7 are the sacraments that we encounter during our life as Christians and Catholics. If we need advice, wisdom, help and support then by praying to this angel we will be able to find what we need. If by calculating your guardian angel you notice that in his number there is the figure 7 or from the sum of his figures or from their subtraction always appears this figure, here you have in your life, even the support of this angel who does not raise questions as they do. other angels but who gives answers, helps concretely. Mystical people, those who give much more importance to their spiritual growth rather than to the material one, are often in contact with this angelic number and are able to evolve, to reach further goals in their path towards the divinity they yearn for. Even those who do not have a very strong sense of spirituality should find the time to pray to the angel who can help them find that divine light within that can perfect their existential journey.



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