Where is Lilith, the Black Moon in your birth chart? What meaning and interpretation to give to the Black Moon in a sign of the zodiac? What it means to have Lilith in one of the 12 zodiac signs in the astral theme? What is the Black Moon in astrology and how is it calculated online and free? Lilith represents our past lives and therefore our Karma and tells us what we must do in this life to make sure that our soul can mature, evolve. Let's find out the meaning of Lilith is not a planet but a fire elliptical lunar orbit and then it is the closest lunar apogee point. "My Lilith is in the taurus sign. What does this mean? What lesson I have to learn in this life? What does it mean if I have the Black Moon in aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces? Why the study of Lilith is very important to understand who really I am in this life and what is my task in this existence in the World? I do not know how to find Lilith, the Black Moon in my natal chart. Can anyone help me to calculate the position of Lilith in my personal horoscope?" Well in this article we talk about this beautiful astrological symbol which is very well used in black magic. Lilith can take on different meanings depending on the zodiac sign in which it is located. But what is it to calculate its position? Only our birth date.

According to the jew people, Lilith was Adam's first wife but then was expelled from Paradise because influenced in a very negative way Adam and even forced him to submit even sexually. That is why the significance of Lilith is often related to the way a person lives sex but its meanings are different. The Black Moon fact tells us what is the lesson we must learn in this life that is linked to previous lives. If we do not learn the lesson then in our next life we will have to undergo an even more hard and difficult lesson. Lilith is also the mother of demons and his symbol you find below, is also linked to the storm. So Lilith can destroy even if its energy is not used in the right ways. The darkest part of our subconscious is Lilith but we must not be afraid. Get in touch with our bit darker, with our deepest fears and unimaginable can only help us to understand who we really are and what path we must follow in this life.


But how do you calculate Lilith? Below you can find a form in which to enter the day of birth, month of birth and year of birth. Enter these data and then click on the button "Calculate your Black Moon". In a short time you will read in which zodiac sign is your Black Moon. After getting to know the zodiac sign below click on its icon to go to read the meaning of the Black Moon linked precisely to this sign. Have fun and happy reading !


Click on the zodiac sign and discover the meaning of Lilith

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