The interpretation of the I Ching oracle - The Chinese Book of Changes It is here for you free to discover your future in love, work, money, luck, health. How many hexagrams are I Ching? What an easy way you know to read the cards of the I Ching? Do not you know how make a simple reading of the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I Ching? They will attract much the readings with the oracle of the I Ching? But what are these hexagrams? They help us to read our future because they give useful tips on our lives and on evolution that we should give alcuen situations that we live. The method to predict the future with the I Ching and their oracle is here for you today. The comprehensive consultation of the oracle of this incredible and ancient art of divination is indeed very online request and here's one of the best websites where you can make a fun read, accurate and useful with I Ching. "I want to know how I should behave in love after arguing with my love partner. I need to make a choice in the job but do not know what decision to take. Where can I take a reading with the cards or coins of the I Ching?" Meanwhile, we invite you to discover the name of each hexagram. After also find a link to a page where you can see the symbol of each hexagram. And then you can start to ask for what you want but do not do too many questions to the oracle and above all these questions need not always be the same. Accepted the consultation and response Chinese oracle that gives so much experience and wisdom for thousands of years now.

The symbols of I Ching are 64 and each of them is the union of two trigrams of 3 lines each. Here are the names : 1. The creative principle, 2. The passive principle, 3. The initial difficulty, 4. The foolishness of youth, 5. The wait, 6. The dispute, 7. The army, 8. Solidarity 9. The strength tamer the small, 10. Proceed, 11. Peace, 12. The stagnation, 13. Friendship, 14. Possession great, 15. Modesty, 16. The fervor, 17. follow, 18. The decline, 19 . The approach, 20. The contemplation, 21. The bite, 22. The elegance, 23. The crumbling, 24. The return 25. The unexpected, 26. The great strength tamer, 27. The supply, 28. The great excess, 29. The gap, 30. The flamboyant beauty, 31. The attraction, 32. The duration, 33. The retreat, 34. The power of the great, 35. Progress, 36. Light obscuration, 37. The House, 38. The opposition, 39. The impediment, 40. The release, 41. The lower bound, 42. The increase, 43. The flooding, be 44. The meeting, 45. The collection, 46. The rise, 47. The exhaustion, 48. Well, 49. The subversion, 50. The crucible 51. The thunder, 52. The arrest, 53. The gradual progress, 54. The girl ranging bride, 55. The abundance, 56. The traveler, 57. Meekness, 58. Joy, 59. The dispersion, 60. The delimitation, 61. The inner truth, 62. The small advances, 63. After the fulfillment, 64. Before completion


How to ask anything to the oracle? Place the question below and click the button "Answer". Then click on each black square to be able to read the various tips and predictions to solve your problem or find a solution. If you asked a question about love then try to interpret the advice in this area and so with regard to the work and other areas of life. The first symbol is about the past, the second symbol represents the present and the third concerns the future.

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