If you do not know how to do to get a response from your guardian angel about your fitness and fortune then here you can figure out how to do thanks to the tarot of the angels with meaning and interpretation. We see today a reading of the cards of bright angels but not the method of using it and no or that of the Celtic cross. The method of reading on luck and health uses only 3 cards. The free tarot cards with the angels to learn the fate are here online and free for you to respond to your questions with a clear reading of the cards angels step by step. The angels cards use an ancient method of divination to predict the future but also to talk about the past and present. Looking for a simple but fantastic method to learn how to read the cards of bright angels, then you are at the right website. In fact, here you'll know how to read the cards of angels in a simple, quick getting a very clear answer all your questions. With the guardian angels will discover the immediate future in the fate and in mental and physical health as it regards the next days, weeks and months. Foretell the future, or have a board of fortune telling using these beautiful tarot is a beautiful game. "I want to know if it is going to get quite a very fortunate time for me. Should I have surgery and I'm scared. In my life there will never be a fluke and my health will improve?" How to get answers by guardian angels? The heart of the angels are here today to answer your questions about the fate and health. We used 32 cards (actually the angels are around 72, but in the game of cards are used only 32 angels) which are: (4 Archangels): RAPHAEL, MICAEL, GABRIEL, URIEL, (7 Angels of Light): ARIEL, SEHEIAH, REMIEL, JEZALEL, METRATON, NITH HAIAH, JAMABIAH, (7 Angels of the Planets): MAHASIAH, MELAHEL, VEHUIAH, JELIEL, SACHIEL, ANAEL, CASSIEL (7 Angels of Love): ELEMIAH, MITZRAEL, JEIALEL, RAZIEL, NATHANIEL, ANANCHEL, SHEKINAH, (7 Virtue Angels): LAUVIAH, ACHAIAH, HAZIEL, CHAVAKIAN, ASSALIAH, UZZIEL, ZADKIEL.

The consultation with the Tarot of the Guardian Angels is very simple to perform. Write your question in the box below and click the button "Answer". Then click on each card and you will find the symbols and designs of three sibyls and also you can read the interpretation divided for love, work, luck and health. If your question is on the loving industry then read the part that interests love, otherwise see other meanings. The first paper about the past, the second card is about the present and the third card is about the future. If you want you can also know who your guardian angel by clicking the link below but then return to this page to perform the reading.


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