When it finishes the transit of Jupiter in libra officially? Up to when Jupiter is opposite to the sign of aries? Up to when Jupiter is against my sign aries? When does Jupiter go out of the libra? Jupiter goes out of the libra sign to enter in scorpio on Tuesday October 10 2017. Is it true that the passage of the planet of fortune Jupiter from libra sign to the scorpio will bring positive things to the three signs of water, cancer, scorpio and pisces or not? Jupiter passes and enters in the sign of scorpio on October 11, 2017 remaining until the day Thursday November 8, 2018. An important date. What are the signs that will bring a year of luck ? What are the signs and kissed by lucky Jupiter in the year 2017 and in the year 2018 ? What will it involve having the planet Jupiter in transit in the zodiac sign of the scorpio from October 2017 until next autumn 2018, exactly until November 8 ? What is the meaning of Jupiter in transit through the sign of scorpio from October 11 2017 to 2018 ? Jupiter is passing under the sign of the scorpio, which means for aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces ? What happens to the sign of aries, taurus, gemini, cancer,leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces with the passage of Jupiter, planet of luck and success in the water sign of the scorpio in 2017 and 2018 ? Jupiter transiting in scorpio in 2017 2018 has a meaning and special effects for the 12 signs of the zodiac. What signs favors and which are not ? What signs are favored by its passage ? What are the signs of good luck and which ones do not port well ? What are the advantages and disadvantages in your birth chart and horoscope ? "What does it mean when the planet Jupiter enters in transit in scorpio for my sign ?"

Jupiter is a planet usually overrated by many astrologers. His steps are always considered to be positive especially for signs that capture one aspect of the sextile or trine but especially for the sign in which it passes (aspect of conjunction). The steps of Jupiter are considered important enough it takes about 12 years to go around the entire zodiac. So here goes on each sign once every 12 years or so. We must say, however, that its steps are not so fundamental and likely to change radically for the better the life of a sign and then a person. But can facilitate ideas, projects, initiatives, can bring good opportunities to be exploited and give a great desire to do new things.


But what will bring Jupiter that in October 10, 2017 entered in the water sign of the scorpio and there it will remain until the autumn of November, 8 2017 ? What will be the luckiest signs and kissed by the rays of this planet so-called benevolent ? Let's see now. We start from the fact that those born in the sign of scorpio will be the favorites along with the other two water signs cancer and pisces. Even virgo and capricorn, receiving the favorable influence in sextile from the scorpio, can have a good year. Jupiter does not favor certainly during this year, the taurus sign given that opposes precisely to the latter and also leo and aquarius will be affected not positively from this planet. But remember that we are considering this step in a general sense and not taking into account the position of the other planets in the natal staff that each of us possesses and at the same time transit of other planets such as Saturn. Take this information and then very slowly. That's what will bring Jupiter to the 12 signs of the zodiac :

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign aries

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign aries : finally leaves the opposition of Jupiter and this means so much to you that now you can very well start to invest your time in projects that will now have no more obstacles. In fact, during the past months most likely your ideas in the work, for example, were not the best and almost certainly have overstated various problems. In short, everything you tried to do did not go as you wanted. Now the air changes and feel free to start new work, professional roads but also sentimental level. Even in love you have exaggerated, maybe you had more of a sentimental story we brought various problems and now you have to carry forward only one of these stories. In the work even if the benefits of Jupiter are not directed at you, anyway finally live a good time when you're free, the costs decrease and you do not maybe a few more health problems than in the past, in recent months, have caused you to suffer very. Your road is free and you can now start to think about new beginnings in all areas but this time you learned your lesson and there will be no exaggeration in everything you do, never dreams, illusions and blunders. New jobs are very favorites but your problem is that you think too little, too little reasoned before taking a decision, to make a career choice and should not be so this time. Fitter and mentally you feel even stronger to start new life paths. The new romances are very favorite but try not to carry more than one story because several problems may arise subsequently and as usual, try to avoid disputes that may arise because of your very rebellious nature.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign taurus

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign taurus : here comes the opposition of Jupiter and puts a spoke in the wheels to many of you. When there has been opposition to this planet the best thing to do is not to overdo it in what you do. This applies to all areas of life. For example, since Jupiter can still bring good news even when it is in opposition, you can, for example, get a good job news, maybe someone will make a proposal but unfortunately in the end will not end anything, then you will have been the victim of an illusion, or some people they had promised the launch of a project in a short time but instead it will be many months and at the end maybe you will decide to abandon everything. Jupiter brings the opposite in fact illusions, chimeras, castles in the air, delays in your projects and money problems especially related to sudden expenses and sometimes even important which are definitely not easy to solve, often linked alal family and your children that may have different requirements because maybe they grew and they need a certain amount of money every week, a sum that you can not possibly be addressed at this stage of your life. you can be cheated by anyone and therefore you should not give confidence to all the people you meet, especially to people who have just met all these problems also lead to a period in which you can easily fall victim to scams,. Of course, the period should not be allowed to make financial investments, to buy real estate because even here you may fall into some scam and the sentimental sector may have you falling in love toward a person who does not return your desire. The coming months are thus months in which to do everything calmly, taking decisions only after thinking very well what to do. The physical and mental shape is obviously declining. Be very careful not to underestimate and liver problems linked to excessive weight.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign gemini

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign gemini : your sign obviously has been greatly benefited by the trine of Jupiter from the sign scale in the past months. And now that this energy is gone what will happen? You should not worry because this energy continues in the coming months. In fact, when Jupiter ends a trine or a conjunction does not lead to start a negative period but reinforces the favorable period that there was in the past. If during the past months have in fact started a romance then this romance can go to the next step that can be the beginning of a partnership, the decision to find a date for the wedding, thinking for a new child, etc. ... Obviously now is you have to put more focus on what you do, the decisions you make depend a lot from you, but the ground is fertile for planting the seeds of your success and remember that soon Saturn ends its negative aspect that has It brings so many delays, a few praises and rewards the work and a lot of physical and mental fatigue, as well as a lot of stress. And in the work? Here too, everything that has started in the past months can continue positively. For example if you have changed jobs, if you have changed the city for professional reasons, if you have got a new job position, things get better, you feel comfortable and you really want to do. The economic sector flourishes and you can choose to invest small amounts of money, you have put aside for new projects, to buy the house, etc ... In you is going to be a beautiful rebirth and even your fitness will be excellent, you will feel full of energy and above all you will be very loved by people who love you.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign cancer

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign cancer : Jupiter's fortune is now for you. Are you ready to rejoice, to be happy and optimistic? The period of uncertainty is over and a new sun will rise in your life. The trine of the lucky planet will be very important to you because it will allow you to first of all increase your charm in love. Looking for a person to love and to start with a new way of life? You are single and you are looking for a nice person? Well then, during these months the meetings are really very favorites. Then exit and visited new people. If you already have a person at your side then it is high time to make plans for life together. Perhaps you will take the decision to get married, to go to live, to have a child but the period is beautiful to experience great feelings. And if love is also crucial for you work it will bear fruit. The period of anger, disappointment, doubt is about to end and gives way to a period of great revival in which you can finally find a job that you like, a job which is satisfactory from an economic point of view and a job where climate with colleagues will be very good. Many of you will begin a new career path and if you are self-employed professionals will see grow your sales, your customers that they will find in you a valuable support and a point of reference. The costs, especially if you have to start a new job in another city, but it will not be a few of you are going to move forward easily without any particular problems. If you do not have a job, do interviews, sent curriculum and study doing maybe even new training courses for you to be ready. Excellent physical fitness which takes effect and some diseases can even disappear. real estate and financial investments are favored.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign leo

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign leo : squaring Jupiter is often the case during a life, but does not make it unimportant. In these months it's up to you not to suffer the negative influences but still unconstructive of the planet Jupiter that now begins to put some sticks in the wheels. What happens in the next few months? First you have to be very cautious in making decisions in all areas. You are going to move in together, getting married or having a child? Well these decisions should not be taken with Jupiter square because your mind now giving birth to projects too large to be pursued and often these thoughts can lead to disillusionment. Jupiter then exaggerates and takes each person who suffers his square to do projects that are unlikely to be realized and in fact can bring different problems. So the best thing to do is wait, take your time and do not bite off more than you can chew. The same thing has to happen naturally in the job where you have to be very careful in evaluating new professional and economic investment proposals, financial someone offers you. The unfavorable influences of Jupiter fact can lead you to make decisions that are excessive, exaggerated and why later are also found in legal matters which then will not be easily solved. So everything you do at work has to be studied very carefully, every choice must be well thought out, evaluated and try to avoid investments that require large sums of money because even in the economic sphere the charges will be many and for some of you might not be even sustainable. Unfortunately, the health will not be as before, and you should not go overboard in eating, you do not overdo the alcohol and you have to avoid smoking or else your body will suffer greatly. Careful not to take a few more pounds. Periods of high stress that brings also a lot of physical and mental fatigue.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign virgo

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign virgo : finally sextile Jupiter touches your sky. Not already feel in this period better physical and mental energy? Are you ready for a new renaissance in all areas of your life? Certainly the sextile of the planet of luck is not as powerful as a conjunction but is very favorable to start new life paths especially in the field of work where the proposals for those in search of work, but of course this can be many Heaven asks you to commit. When the stars and the stars are favorable fact you have to work hard to achieve the success that you deserve. In the past maybe your love story was overshadowed and perhaps many of you have turned a love relationship because you have decided to engage in your profession. Now is the time to start a new story, or to make peace with your love partner, thinking of small projects to be pursued together. If you have put off living together then the period is favorable for making this decision. Single people can hope to find some great meetings and meet new people, make new friends that you can find a great love. Throughout this phase which lasts for about one year brings so much optimism and a great desire to do well in the job where you now find the strength to start a new career. Maybe you will change the city, perhaps you will change job or your customers will increase and so is the money that will come in your pocket. The costs eventually diminish or otherwise unable to support all the economic problems, and if you have any litigation in progress or bureaucratic problems to be solved, in these next few months could reach a solution. Also excellent physical fitness. Many of you may have suffered a small or large operation in the past but now everything is fine and energies have returned to maximum effect both physically and mentally. Like walking in the open air? Well, you do sports that your spirit will thank.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign libra

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign libra : you can draw conclusions now. What led Jupiter for you in the past year? You have been able to exploit its positive rays? The hope is that many of you were able to start a new life, change a job that was not good, to solve legal problems, economic, bureaucratic. Jupiter goes away from your sky to go into the next zodiac sign, but you have to stay calm because its favorable influences now move for you in the house of money and acquisitions. What does this mean ? It means you can very well do financial and real estate investments, you may decide to buy the house, you can apply for a mortgage to the bank. So economically things can start to run well for many of you. At work, for example, if you have started a new profession or your tasks in the workplace have changed, you can earn more money, in fact, a salary increase is possible for anyone working in a company while the self-employed, the manager, can really establish important economic agreements, and earn as much by acquiring many other customers. Many people with the sky the past year or the first months of this in 2017, definitely had to change cities and finally the stabilization period is about to end and you can indulge in the best way to your new projects now bear fruit. It's love ? When Jupiter passes in a zodiac sign, then is joined, all this means that you may have met an important person in your way with which you have started a new sentimental journey and who had someone beside him, began to live together, a marriage, decided to have a child, etc ... the relationships that have arisen in recent months still really well, even if Jupiter has left the period of great physical strength and mental continues. In fact, even during the coming months you can hope to solve health problems finding appropriate care and well-trained doctors

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign scorpio

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign scorpio : after 12 years he reaches Jupiter in your sky and things have definitely changed in your life. Already a little before its official step, you have started to realize that things can change. Within you have started thinking about new projects to be pursued. The moment is good to change all areas of your life in the best way and effort that you will do will not even very excessive. Optimism is the key word that can bring luck in these next few months. Your romantic partner loves you, and you at this time can make big plans for life to two with it. You are alone and want to live alone or want eventually fall in love with another person? The time is ripe to make many important meetings but started to attend new people, try to make new friendships and the love you present to your heart full of great desire and the desire to love. Couples may begin living together, decide to get married or having a child, buying a new home or decide to go and live in rent. So you now want to start a new life path. The boys who study can obtain important successes, getting excellent grades for exams and to questions and also have the desire to change the field of study. And work? Good months to find a new job employment, great time to conduct interviews, and hope to be hired at a new job site while those who already have a job maybe start thinking of change, to accept a possible transfer, to change the working task. All these changes must be accepted because they bring luck although it must be said that the period requires so much physical and mental energy, so much effort and stress may appear more than once in your life. But the results can also lead to get great financial and economic successes. Financial and real estate investments may also bring a lot of luck. Good health and physical fitness. Finally life is yours.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign sagittarius

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign sagittarius : this year for you is a year of preparation. Jupiter is behind you and is going to get. Just a few months when he arrived but already now you can begin to understand that anything can change in your life. Saturn finally going to finish his heavy step in your sky and now you feel stronger, more tired but also more determined, wiser. Thanks to the wisdom of Saturn you can prepare a good hunting ground for Jupiter arriving in your sky next year. But as he prepares a new road? In the work you are tired of what you do? well then attended new training courses, study even if your age has exceeded 40 years for Jupiter wants from you before commitment to give his fortune. In your head begin to appear strange ideas, you begin to think about new projects but you can not put in place now. Do not underestimate the ideas that come into your mind because it will be the ideas that will bring luck later. In love, how are you? Saturn and Jupiter brought difficulties that still does not bring its benefits does not help to solve emotional problems. The best thing to do is close a love story if it does not offer you more than you want waiting for new meetings that will be possible in the next year. Single people can find different people who can attract their attention but the stories were born in these months still they seem to be immature. Maybe you have to solve many economic problems, have many expenses to be addressed and your salary does not allow you to solve all these problems. Perhaps many of you have also asked for a cheap loan to the bank or to family and must be returned in a short time but do not know how to do. You absolutely have to avoid making financial and real estate investments because the time is not good. These months are really full of stress for you but the period will end soon and you will also find a good physical and mental energy to deal with a great end of the year 2018.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign capricorn

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign capricorn : Jupiter enters your sign in two years and then what to do waiting for a very important year for you? Your sky undergoes a good sextile Jupiter and favorable influences are also excellent for you that you can hope to change so many little things that do not go in your life. Certainly the changes that you will perform in these months will not be many, but you will no doubt have some success that will bring so much optimism and optimism is the fuel to get ahead in this difficult life. Single people who are looking for a new love may own in recent months to find a life partner or a partner in life and start living a beautiful feeling that can also be shared with the whole family. The sentimental stories that have instead had problems in the past, can now find a new life and go on better with less bickering, even in these next few months, the discussion of the past will be just a bad memory. You can now hope to make life projects together and then also decide to move in together. You do not have to give up even the thought of choosing the date of your wedding that will perhaps be in 2021 with Jupiter in your sky. And work how you doing? This Jupiter and its favorable influences should be exploited before Saturn arrival in your sign that will take much effort and many sacrifices. So if your intention is to find a new job, change your profession that you have, then these steps are to be done in these months later otherwise there may be various difficulties. The gains may be favorites this year and next year, but the money coming in voste pockets are not many and so avoid large economic investment and, above all try to approach every expense in momeno they are presented without delay any payments.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign aquarius

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign aquarius : the trine of Jupiter is also now finished for you but his luck does not end at any moment. For the past perhaps it has been very favorable period to bring several changes in your life even if it were not important and fundamental changes. What you should do in these months then? The first thing to do is not to abandon the roads that you have undertaken in the past months. One should not completely give up the good things that Jupiter brought and indeed you have to expand your work and professional knowledge, continue to find new economic agreements with other companies if you are self-employed. The work is in fact still the favorite and can get on very well yet for another three years when he finally Jupiter in your sky will lead to major events in your life. The work then continues quite well and fortunately also the expenses do not seem excessive but unfortunately perhaps you face expenses related to your car or bike, your home and your family. Some problems can come from children who have different needs and maybe even from your sentimental partner feels neglected. Jupiter is square and brings illusions in love. As soon as you meet someone you like, you immediately think that will be the person of your life but the castles in the air and in vsotra mind that you make are not feasible at least in this period. You have to be very careful not to give confidence in the work to people who do not know and they want you to sign contracts and financial investments. Jupiter square can also mean bureaucratic and legal problems, and so be very careful and if you can returned these financial proposals or at least do yourself the assistance of very competent people. Physical fitness is to be monitored along with your bank account that does not grow as before. The liver asked to avoid smoking and alcohol. The period is also very stressful, so you need to play sports.

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign pisces

Jupiter in the scorpio 2017 2018 - meaning for the sign pisces : favorite signs from Jupiter are different this year but certainly between these zodiac signs is also your sign, beautiful and intuitive. How much have you suffered in the past? How many people did not understand your inner world and your need for affection? Well, the next few months thanks to sextile Jupiter see a great revival in your life. The crisis in love is over and if your romance is left standing at last new projects can be brought forward. The need for affection that you need in your life is now overwhelming and there is almost no time of your every day. You too can think of going to live alone, you start living together and you can even think of setting a date for your wedding. People who are still sun does not have to do anything but go out and start attending new people. Among the new friends in fact they can be born beautiful love to carry on in your life but if you have suffered a lot in the past do not think now this suffering but simply open your heart. And the business sector as it can go in this period with very favorable Jupiter? Your creativity is excellent and should be exploited to the maximum if you are an artist, but even if you do another kind of job you can get small and big successes because Jupiter favors praise and rewards as well as salary increases. If your work is not very good and you have in mind to find new professional roads then sent resume and do interviews because you can certainly be contacted and get a good job. For you the period is great for making small financial investment and real estate obviously if you managed to put some money aside in the past. Excellent physical fitness and your mind is full of so much energy that wants to explode in real life. If you have had health problems can be a major recovery.


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