When it finishes the transit of Jupiter in capricorn officially? Up to when Jupiter is opposite to the sign of cancer? Up to when Jupiter is against my sign cancer? When does Jupiter go out of the capricorn? Jupiter goes out of the capricorn sign to enter in aquarius on Saturday December 2020. Is it true that the passage of the planet of fortune Jupiter from capricorn sign to the aquarius will bring positive things to the three air signs of gemini, libra and aquarius or not? Jupiter passes and enters in the sign of aquarius on December 19, 2020 remaining until the day Wednesday December 29, 2021. An important date. What are the signs that will bring a year of luck? What are the signs and kissed by lucky Jupiter in the year 2020 and in the year 2021? What will it involve having the planet Jupiter in transit in the zodiac sign of the aquarius from December 2020 until next autumn 2021, exactly until December 29? What is the meaning of Jupiter in transit through the sign of aquarius from December 19 2020 to 2021? Jupiter is passing under the sign of the aquarius, which means for aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces? What happens to the sign of aries, taurus, gemini, cancer,leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces with the passage of Jupiter, planet of luck and success in the air sign of the aquarius in 2020 and 2021? Jupiter transiting in aquarius in 2020 2021 has a meaning and special effects for the 12 signs of the zodiac. What signs favors and which are not? What signs are favored by its passage? What are the signs of good luck and which ones do not port well? What are the advantages and disadvantages in your birth chart and horoscope? "What does it mean when the planet Jupiter enters in transit in aquarius for my sign?"

Jupiter is a planet usually overrated by many astrologers. His steps are always considered to be positive especially for signs that capture one aspect of the sextile or trine but especially for the sign in which it passes (aspect of conjunction). The steps of Jupiter are considered important enough it takes about 12 years to go around the entire zodiac. So here goes on each sign once every 12 years or so. We must say, however, that its steps are not so fundamental and likely to change radically for the better the life of a sign and then a person. But can facilitate ideas, projects, initiatives, can bring good opportunities to be exploited and give a great desire to do new things.


But what will bring Jupiter that in December 19, 2020 entered in the air sign of the aquarius and there it will remain until the autumn of December, 29 2021? What will be the luckiest signs and kissed by the rays of this planet so-called benevolent? Let's see now. We start from the fact that those born in the sign of aquarius will be the favorites along with the other two air signs gemini and libra. Even aries and sagittarius, receiving the favorable influence in sextile from the aquarius, can have a good year. Jupiter does not favor certainly during this year, the leo sign given that opposes precisely to the latter and also taurus and scorpio will be affected not positively from this planet. But remember that we are considering this step in a general sense and not taking into account the position of the other planets in the natal staff that each of us possesses and at the same time transit of other planets such as Saturn. Take this information and then very slowly. That's what will bring Jupiter to the 12 signs of the zodiac:

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign aries

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign aries: those who are born under the first zodiacal sign of fire have, for almost the whole year, a beautiful Jupiter in sextile. This Jupiter is really very important because after its squaring occurred in the past year, in these future months and until December 2021 it is possible to recover, find harmony, inner balance, start with new projects and be able to support so much work. In short, for you a very advantageous and positive phase begins, full of wonderful entrepreneurial initiatives and full of great satisfactions. Perhaps only at an economic level you will not be able to be so serene and happy because when Giove asks you to carry on new ideas and projects, it also asks you to spend, to invest money and here is that the problem could be the exaggerated but useful expenses for the future. Finally many of you can find a good job, stop doing small jobs only for a few months but you have to study, prepare, be ready for appointments, meetings, job interviews. Send your résumé, try to be always very attentive to those who can help you and do not be afraid to ask for help and support to very important people. Jupiter passes right through the eleventh astrological house, the home of friendships and so here new encounters, new loves, new professional knowledge can open your heart, new ways of working for new projects and make these months really very exciting. The sentimental sector is also very good and blessed with the fortune of the great planet. Some of you can make important choices like getting married, going to live together, buying a house or having a child but under this sky all those couples who are not satisfied with their partner could decide a separation to open their hearts to another person.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign taurus

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign taurus: needless to say that when Jupiter is in quadrature as in this case, unfortunately the year, although not as unlucky as you may think, could bring various difficulties and in different areas of your life. When Jupiter forms an aspect of quadrature with your native Sun then the months to be faced are tiring, uncertain, full of obstacles, illusions and problems even at the bureaucratic and legal level. Arguing with a person who lives near you, discussing with a work colleague, facing an employer because of various differences and finding yourself in need of a lawyer. Unfortunately the money comes out in a substantial way during this year and being Jupiter in the sector connected with the profession, the social success and the mother, then here are these the major existential areas where its negative influences will be able to make itself felt very well. Meanwhile we say that some unpleasant event could concern your mother or the relationship with her gets worse due to different misunderstandings but what worries is work. These months you can have a drop in work, a drop in earnings, have various difficulties in overcoming professional obstacles and instead of progressing, you risk to regress. Do not start new projects, do not change your job even if what you have is uninteresting and very tiring but continue hoping to do less damage. It is useless to change course with this Jupiter because he deceives, betrays and falls victim to some economic fraud. Legal problems to be sustained, need to fix documents and careful not to sign papers before having read everything very well. Unfortunately, even in love, this luck abandons you. Jupiter in quadrature makes married life difficult and the risk of living months in which separation seems to be inevitable is very concrete. Possible betrayals.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign gemini

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign gemini: those looking for the right way to succeed can finally get what they want right now. All these months are very favorable to achieve great goals, to reach goals that until a few months ago were unthinkable to reach. In short, you also take a chain off your foot and act with extreme passion and dedication. This wonderful Jupiter can really change your working life as it can bring good news. If you do not have a job or the job you have is not satisfactory, then with luck on your side, opportunities come and can be many. Professional advantages thanks to someone who believes in you and your qualities but it is above all thanks to your qualities and your strength and decision that you can achieve great things. Traveling, going to live in a new city where you can start a new career, buy a house, sell the one you live in because you are no longer satisfied or do internal renovation work. Moreover, love is also benefited by the astrological passage of Jupiter. A great feeling could be born around the end of the summer or around the autumn period and the loves that are born now can become very important for the future, they can last many years. If you want to get married, if you want to start a cohabitation, if you want to have a child, here is a fantastic time to do all these things. It is also a wonderful moment to explore religious themes, to discover new mental horizons and to mature from within, since the transit of the planet of fortune touches the ninth astrological house. If you are thinking of making many trips then here you will perhaps be forced by fate to make these trips really very important for your professional development. Loves born in new cities.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign cancer

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign cancer: dear friends, the astrological position of Jupiter in the sky is not so interesting for you and it could be less profitable than what you think but in any case this planet passes through your eighth astrological house. This sector of the zodiac regards possible inheritances, expenses to be sustained that are also very important and in any case economic situations to be faced. Often these situations arrive extremely quickly and unavoidably and we must be ready to react without being overwhelmed. Although it is a very rare thing, during these months it is likely to have to face a death in the family or a mourning of a very distant relative or a friend who is an event that can disturb your mind and your inner and mental balance. , even if for a few months. As far as work is concerned, this Jupiter is not negative or even positive, but what you started during the past year and therefore with the planet of fortune in opposition, perhaps it must be reviewed, rechecked to avoid further problems. Few lucky events, therefore, and it would be better to wait for the end of the year or perhaps even a few months before, in order to start a new professional activity, to decide to change jobs or to ask for help to people who can support your ideas. Moments of confusion around the beginning of the year but the important thing is to avoid making too much risky choices and about which you have not thought very much. Details are essential to avoid unnecessary mistakes, which are difficult to fix in the future. As for love, no news, few encounters but with Jupiter in the eighth astrological house sex could increase and passion could be a reason for jealousy towards the partner and therefore you are very careful and avoid betrayals and marital infidelities. In all other cases, the sentimental life flows without major changes.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign leo

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign leo: unfortunately this year for you does not find the support of Jupiter. The planet of great fortune in fact is in opposition for many months and also together with Saturn from the month of March. Great difficulties are to be expected in many areas of your life but you must learn from these very complicated transits. Meanwhile, having Jupiter in this tremendous position in the sky means having to fight but also avoid fighting. For example, the period is not good to deal with court cases, disputes with neighbors or with work colleagues for professional and economic situations but in the meantime in many cases this will be necessary and the bureaucratic complications will be very obvious. Reaching a good legal solution is not easy in these months and so if you can avoid starting a dispute then do the right thing. Problems even in love. Jupiter confirms that the sentimental history that you are living perhaps has come to the conclusion and between marital infidelity, possible jealousies and a strong tension in the family, perhaps the idea of ??a separation becomes very concrete precisely starting from March but which could take shape towards the Autumn. Difficult time for lonely hearts that don't find opportunities but if you think love is the real problem this year then you haven't come to terms with work. Do not change jobs, do not go away to another city, do not make very substantial economic investments and do not accept financial proposals that seem exceptional but that will almost certainly create a lot of trouble. Sign new contracts, new agreements, start collaborations that people who make many promises but then don't keep anything, it's a risk you can't sustain in these very difficult months. Don't take new professional paths and don't spend money to buy a new home or apartment. Very important fattening or weight loss. Watch out for bad nutrition and bones.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign virgo

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign virgo: Jupiter for you is very nervous and not a friend clearly. When the planet of great fortune passes through Aquarius, unfortunately it does not support many projects and does not allow you to be peaceful in various areas of your life. In addition, we must consider Saturn that joins Jupiter and complicates everything. If you are planning to start a new job, to change city, to leave your job to try a new and very uncertain road, then our advice is to choose only if you are very sure because any uncertainties and doubts can create many problems in the future, problems , mistakes, errors difficult to fix. The astrological passage of Jupiter takes place in your sixth house. The astrological sector indicates health, physical fitness, daily work. Everything you do habitually during the day may change, perhaps you will no longer want to do certain things that you used to do but that now, in these months, become monotonous, stressful, not very advantageous for you. So this Jupiter can be useful to change something in everyday life, to throw away habits that are no longer useful. Health must also be very under control and should not be underestimated because any diseases, illnesses that are not treated in time, could get worse. With the conjunction of Saturn, then, always in this sector, it is not at all easy to react and physical fatigue increases. In conclusion we can say that this year is not particularly important and could flow away without major events, without great difficulty but certainly with the desire to change something that is no longer satisfactory in your everyday life. Maybe change workplace, simply the room you work in, buy new tools to improve the environment in which you live. Beware of minor blood circulation and bone disorders.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign libra

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign libra: you are surely among the luckiest zodiac signs of this year. Having Jupiter but also Saturn in an excellent position in the sky means having two great allies, friends, who can greatly improve your life. Meanwhile, with this wonderful Jupiter love can come and knock at your heart and if you start a romantic relationship at this time, it could really for many years and be very happy. If you already have a person to love, then here you have to make plans, buy a house to live in, choose to live with, to get married, to have a child, but this Jupiter also improves the working and economic sector with the possibility of concluding excellent agreements and contracts and with the very important ability to proceed with determination towards goals that you have set yourself in recent years. Perhaps the money needed to follow various professional paths will be missed but friends and a few relatives could give you a hand. Jupiter in transit in the fifth astrological house and here the hours to devote to fun increase, the children are more important and with them you can spend unforgettable and truly serene moments. With this beautiful Giove our advice is to take long trips for fun as well as for work because you could meet new people, new traditions, new peoples. If you are thinking of changing cities, moving away from your country, then make the right choice because the changes in the environment are very advantageous. Studying, passing exams, winning competitions, being hired in a new company. All this is possible, it can be realized by the end of the year but obviously we need to act and help our luck, without having to wait and wait. Very positive financial investments and good economic solidity thanks to excellent ideas.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign scorpio

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign scorpio: Jupiter in quadrature. Perhaps you are quite confused during these months and you don't know what to do but our advice is to do nothing, to remain calm and to avoid proceeding with excessively grandiose undertakings that could lead to ruin. When Jupiter is in quadrature you have to be careful about agreements, contracts, and not to underestimate the promises of people who really don't want your well-being. Don't underestimate the expenses during these months because even Saturn will be in quadrature but above all do not underestimate sentimental and health problems. When Jupiter forms a bad astrological aspect with the Sun of birth, a sentimental separation seems to be inevitable, legal problems, bureaucracy, the need to be followed by a lawyer or an accountant to fix various situations. Beware of quarrels, complaints, do not eat confused, unhealthy and check your liver, bones and blood circulation. Avoid alcohol, smoke, fatty foods because Jupiter makes you fat but Saturn reduces weight. If you are not very well physically, even the mental climate you are living in will not be excellent. Finally, we must say that the transit of Jupiter for you happens in the fourth sector of the horoscope, of the astrological circle and therefore in the sector of the house and the family. Family quarrels, discussions by inheritance, problems with the partner, with a child, with a relative, with a brother or sister or with a mother or father. Home damage so you have to pay someone back. During these months it would be ideal to take out insurance that protects you in the event of domestic accidents. Loving at the moment is not a very simple thing because you don't have the right predisposition and therefore it would be better to have erotic adventures rather than start a new love relationship under this sky.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign sagittarius

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign sagittarius: the sextile of Jupiter undoubtedly is a great relief for you dear friends. In recent years the planet of great fortune has been very benevolent with you and even in these months you can take advantage of its favorable astrological influences. Meanwhile, we can confirm that this astrological moment is exceptional for starting new business adventures, even if we can confirm the need to find money, to invest money to proceed along new roads and paths. But we must not think that Jupiter is only advantageous for work. In fact, with this astrological position the sentimental and family sector is also very interesting. For example, if you have a sentimental partner with whom you are very well, then here it is possible to make plans, decide the date of the marriage, get married, go to live with, arrange and renovate your home or involve the partner in some work project. If you are lonely hearts you can absolutely be involved in new love stories and during the positive transits of Mars and Venus, with the fascination on the rise, you can hit a person who will be attracted to you. Not just sexual adventures but also very serious love stories that can continue for years. Beautiful moment for those who are expecting a child and if you have not yet had the chance to become pregnant or to become fathers and therefore parents, here is the last few months of the year could give this immense emotion. If you are looking for a new job, if you want to move to a new city or if you want to study, all these months are very important and therefore you do interviews, competitions, exams and you will see that by the end of the year Jupiter will guarantee a good job, the overcoming of study obstacles and a lot of satisfaction. What you start now is going to last for many years.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign capricorn

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign capricorn: you have started a new career path, loving, economic in the past and exactly during the past year, when Jupiter was passing in your sky. Now his new astrological passage concretizes all that you have begun and that is helps to carry forward the winning projects but also to receive the fruits of all this great effort begun in the past. So finally but above all during the second half of the year, you will be able to obtain economic advantages, achieve excellent professional goals and satisfy personal needs to which you have given so much time and energy. The phase is very interesting to continue along a journey that gives so many emotions and successes but you must always remain with your feet firmly planted on the ground and above all in the first three months, when Saturn will still be in your sky. With the arrival also of Saturn in the second astrological house, the beneficial influences of Jupiter will be increased and here is a period of great economic expansion awaits you and you absolutely must not miss all this, trying however to be very careful with the expenses. If the work goes very well and the economic solidity makes you very happy, even in love everything can improve. In fact, even if we can't buy happiness with money, we can still have more peaceful moments with the family and the person we love. Renovate a home, buy an apartment, sell the house where you live to buy a bigger one. This is especially possible from the second half of the year. Even new projects can be carried out with the partner. Only those who have no one to love have slight difficulty in expressing their emotions but perhaps time is lacking to love because work involves so much and perhaps too much. Even the heart must find satisfaction and therefore the time to love is necessary.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign aquarius

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign aquarius: after twelve years the planet Jupiter arrives in your sky and guarantees the beginning of a new life, of new professional paths and of new ideas at 360 degrees. If you are working with someone, if you collaborate with a person, perhaps already at the beginning of the year but especially after March, with the new transit of Saturn in your sky, you can feel a strong need within you to act, to change , to change something in your life that is no longer very satisfying for you. Here is the password: change. If you decide to change then you can absolutely experience wonderful months, tiring but full of inner satisfaction. Do not stand still and if you have a good idea try to move, ask for support from people who can help you and if you have no money, try to fix it by finding solutions because everything that starts in this period is favorable and could guarantee many satisfactions for the coming years. The beginning of a new activity, a new love, a salary increase, a change of duties within the company or office where you work, a child, a marriage, a cohabitation, a diploma, passing exams very important schools and universities and many other things can happen in these 12 months. The best news comes after March but autumn will give new horizons. Excellent time to change jobs, change cities, to invest money in a new business, even in collaboration with other people. If you are lonely hearts then Jupiter illuminates the field of love with a meeting that could be amazing. Don't underestimate new friendships, don't be solitary and try to put aside your need for independence because this year love can give great satisfaction.

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign pisces

Jupiter in the aquarius 2020 2021 - meaning for the sign pisces: the planet Jupiter is behind you and therefore in the twelfth astrological house. Many know that this sector in astrology often indicates trials to be overcome, obstacles, difficulties but the planet that passes through this house is fundamental to understand whether these tests will be passed or not. So with Jupiter passing behind you you can be almost certain that all the difficulties you will undoubtedly encounter on this journey will be overcome. Jupiter is a huge support, a friend. To make you understand what could happen during these months, let's take a few brief examples. A car problem, even a very serious one, is solved by a very good mechanic, a health problem is solved by an excellent doctor and by a valid cure, an economic problem finds the solution in the support of a friend, colleague, relative who offers money to fix everything. In short, almost twelve months full of difficulties but which can be overcome quite easily by asking and finding valid help and support. But the transit of Jupiter does not only indicate this. During these months his presence in the twelfth astrological sector, also indicates the release of some work situations that may have been blocked for some reason and that started, started last year with the sextile of the planet of fortune. So you should not think that Jupiter in this astral position is negative for you but you will notice that in some cases it will get you out of trouble in the blink of an eye. Money to spend, however, slight economic obstacles precisely because of the many problems that could come. These months are definitely not recommended for investing money in very risky companies. As far as love is concerned, it is also possible to have difficulties, misunderstandings with the partner, in the family and not feel very loved and appreciated, but if you are thinking of reaching a separation, a divorce, then you are wrong. Even in this sector, only if you want it, you can solve everything. Few news for lonely hearts.

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