"I dreamed about my mother, my father, my grandfather, my grandmother died a long time that I gave a ring very strange. The other night I dreamed that they gave me and I had a beautiful ring glittering on my finger. What does this dream mean? Why dream often find or steal rings and wear large or small, narrow or wide, of gold or silver, with precious stones such as sapphire, emerald, swarovski, green stone, amber, diamonds, etc ...? Last night I saw in a dream a man put on my right hand on my ring finger, a ring that shone with a wonderful light and dazzling, blinding. Last night I dreamed of receiving a ring from my boyfriend, husband, wife, and I was very happy. Last night I dreamed of seeing many white rings but were broken, damage, dented.". But what does it mean to dream of having a ring on the index finger, middle, ring, little finger or even the thumb? What does it mean when you dream about a person trying to put a ring on our finger of the hand or foot (maybe on the big toe finger) or even our nose, our eyes or our ears? Because you can dream of receiving a gift of a great ring very valuable, precious and expensive, with a huge value? Why or why some people dream to see two, three or more rings of white gold or dream to wear them on the fingers of the left hand or right hand? What does it mean to dream of seeing a giant ring that shines? Let us understand the meaning and interpretation of the symbol of the ring in a dream world.

In many traditions when receiving a ring on her finger in a dream it is very likely that there is a union sentimental in real life in which the dreamer has an important role. But the rings in a dream can mean many other things more or less important. For example the ring is often tied and is therefore a symbol of cooperation, joining in various sectors such as the labor sector as well as the sentimental. If we dream of someone who gives us a ring, we can expect that cooperation will be born and to understand in what context we must try to remember people and places. If the ring is beautiful, shining and gold then we can hope for a very fruitful collaboration while if it is cracked, chipped, dented or dirty, it may portend a collaboration that hides some problems. Then the ring is a symbol of the union as well as emotional and sentimental even at the professional level and it is very important to try to remember whether this object is in excellent condition, has a precious stone, is a ring of gold or is false. If the ring that is given away or that we find in the street dream is false or shines so much to blind our eyes, then we have to be very careful because someone will want to stretch us a trap. Sometimes when you wear a ring in a dream, and it is wide or narrow you have to think that the events are not yet ready and therefore we must not anticipate the times but wait confident.

If the ring has a gemstone in it, a stone set like a sapphire or an emerald or a diamond even then we can hope that there will come a very important event in our lives. Clearly when the dreamer has a romantic relationship and a woman and dreams of wearing a ring then this dream often means that there is a need to make the union official but rather to make the most lasting love relationship. Sometimes these dreams conceal but a strong desire to fix a relationship that does not go your way and then the dreamer highlights precisely this discontent that would solve in everyday life. When you see several rings in a dream and not just one, then they can come good news, favorable events, opportunities to gain work also important, especially if the rings are very large. Recall that a ring can be worn on the left hand or the right hand. If we dream of wearing a ring on the finger of your left hand then it is very likely that the event indicates that this dream has to do with feelings or with our mother but often indicates a period in which the dreamer may have a very creative energy important to be able to use to carry out their life projects. If the ring is put on a finger of his right hand then this means that we are very reasonable people and they can bring forward projects safely and decided without fear of making mistakes.

Sometimes in our dreams can happen find and steal a ring to someone. This kind of dreams is widespread, indicating a strong desire to have what others have, and then a kind of envy and jealousy is present in our lives in relation to someone we admire anyway. Dream to put a ring on your nose, on a brow, on the mouth, on the fingers of one foot is a symbol of a strong desire to do something different from the usual, to change our way of life, to change some of our behavior in everyday life. But the rings take on different meanings depending on which the fingers are placed:

Dream of a ring on the thumb finger: you want people to be very independent and do not like ties with other people.

Dream of a ring on the index finger: you love to be admired for who you are, but especially for the talents you possess, and then you are a bit narcissistic.

Dream of a ring on the middle finger: put a ring on this finger often indicates a person who is very irreverent, a person who does not respect the others and that only has a great desire to command.

Dream of a ring on the ring finger: working collaborations are going to come, or a declaration of love or even an improvement of a relationship or just the dreamer has a strong desire to fix his love story.

Dream of a ring on the little finger: perhaps the dreamer is in a period of very fragile and can not find the right support in the other.


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