What is going to happen in your life if you dream of getting married? Have you ever dreamed of making a marriage proposal? What does it mean to dream of wearing a wedding dress? What does it mean to dream of getting married with your husband? Dreaming of getting married without shoes, without the dress, with a long red, white, transparent, black or light blue, golden, shimmering dress. Getting married whether we are women or men, boys or girls is always an important event in our life. What does it mean to dream of wearing a wedding dress? What does it mean to dream of getting married alone or with a stranger? What does it mean to dream of having to get married at all costs? And to get married with a friend, with an ex-boyfriend, with your deceased husband, a brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, uncle and not wanting to do it? What does it mean to dream of getting married for the first or second or third time? Some say that dreaming of getting married is bad, it is a bad omen for the dreamer but in reality things are very different. What is the meaning of a dream wedding? What is the meaning of the dream of getting married? Why can we dream of getting married in an abandoned church, deconsecrated or without people, completely empty, only with the priest or priest who performs the ceremony? Have you ever dreamed of getting married with your husband's or boyfriend's best friend, with an enemy, with the devil or with an angel, with Jesus or the Madonna? Really very strange dreams that hide non-trivial meanings and that need to be analyzed very well. For the Neapolitan grimace what are the lucky numbers to combine with a dream wedding? Psychological and psychiatric interpretation, meaning, mystery, magical and lucky numbers, winners of a dream that is really widespread among people and not only among women. Why is it possible to dream of a white wedding dress? Seeing yourself in a wedding dress has a very important meaning that we try to analyze in this article. Surely behind this type of dreams, not so important meanings can be hidden, perhaps simple desires and women often have a strong desire, when they reach a certain age, to get married and then have a child, then become mothers but often this must be interpreted very well. kind of dream scenes because who knows that our subconscious probably wants to communicate something more important to us. Indeed, marriage is an agreement, a contract, an association between two people that should last until death.


Obviously, we need to make a difference and put aside all those dreams in which you get married or attend a wedding of a person who is actually about to take this important step in real life or has the desire to do it very soon. Here we are faced with a strong desire which therefore manifests itself in a more or less preponderant way during sleep and dreams. On the other hand, when the dreamer does not have this intention in his real, daily life, then the interpretation of this type of dream can make us understand some fundamental situations. We mentioned before that marriage is an agreement, a contract, a collaboration between two people and therefore when we dream of getting married we can be men or women the discourse does not change because we are probably faced with the need to evaluate a business proposal , a working, economic, professional, even loving, social, family collaboration. Obviously all the other dream details, the places where we move and where we are, the people we meet, will be able to direct us better towards the right interpretation. So generally dreaming of getting married, of contracting marriage indicates a positive event because it is connected with an agreement, an evolution, a collaboration. But you have to understand which people we are getting married to. For example if we get married with a work colleague, who knows if a new opportunity may come right in the workplace that will allow us to evolve, to improve our professional path, even to earn more. If instead we get married to a member of our family, then a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, then it will probably be within our family that something will happen. The sensations that are felt, the dream emotions must never be underestimated because they can make us better understand how we will live this new occasion, this event. What if we get married but we are alone at the altar? A rare dream that has a significant and banal meaning. The dreamer who sees himself only in a Church, perhaps crowded with people, is perhaps experiencing a phase of his life in which he is able to move forward without the need to associate with someone. Maybe he has everything he needs to be successful and move forward smoothly.

Surely the color of the dress is almost always white but there are also several other very beautiful colors and in dreams the colors play a very important role. For example, the color red can signal the need to have more grit, to be more dynamic, energetic in the manifestation of one's intentions regarding an agreement, a contract that is perhaps about to mature. A celestial, blue color perhaps signals a moment of relaxation, peace, security that we have reached or that we are always about to reach following an event while a black color certainly indicates a renewal, the abandonment of a path to start something new one. The black color is not a symbol of negativity and a dream that brings bad luck but only of a necessary change that must take place in the dreamer's life. The classic white color is instead a symbol of peace, innocence, purity and signals a certainly favorable event, a joy, a happiness. Sometimes it can happen that you wear a very expensive, golden or shiny dress. Here we must make a distinction and understand well what we are going to meet because perhaps we risk being dazzled, being fooled by someone, being deceived. But that's not all because among the most common dreams in which marriage is prominent, we find the one in which we are in a deserted Church, alone with the priest who celebrates the ceremony. This dream often indicates a sense of loneliness of the dreamer but it is not said that it is all negative because maybe you are deciding to go on in your life on your own, without collaborating with anyone, a dream that therefore signals so much strength, a very strong character. independent on the part of the dreamer. Another very common dream is the one in which we dream of marrying a person we know, perhaps a friend of ours or a friend of our husband or wife or a completely unknown person. Upon awakening we must ask ourselves what is missing in our love relationship. Maybe that friend, that person we know and who we were marrying in a dream, has a quality that we would like our husband to possess. If, on the other hand, we are together with an individual we do not know then we do not understand what we want, perhaps in love but probably in general in our life, perhaps working, perhaps private.

Let's now analyze another kind of dreams and exactly those in which we dream of getting married to a Christian figure like Jesus, the Madonna, an angel or even the devil and those dreams in which we get married for the second or third time. Therefore the marriage that is contracted with a Christian figure certainly signals the strong presence of a truly very faithful character, of a person who sees in marriage a very important, crucial event that cannot be lived superficially. Often those who have these dreams are experiencing a phase of their life that is quite sad, uncomfortable, a life in which there is not much strength to go on and this type of dreams urges the dreamer to find the trust, faith, hope to go. come on. A symbol of strength, therefore, of courage, of determination, qualities that one must have to get out of the abyss. And if instead at the altar with us we find the devil or a demon or a shadow or some that inspires us a lot of fear? Upon awakening we must ask ourselves what is the situation that does not allow us to live peacefully, perhaps we are even experiencing a very stressful period or a phase in which we are unable to channel our energies in the right way, our impulses that therefore risk damaging us. Often these dreams indicate a period in which we do not know what choices to make and therefore we can risk making wrong decisions, not based on sensible reasoning but on instinctive moves that for this reason can create serious problems for us. Why can we get married for the second or third time? Here we can be faced with two meanings. First of all it is likely that the dreamer is not happy with something he lives, with a relationship that can be sentimental but very often working, so he looks for another chance and the dream of the second or third marriage indicates precisely this desire, thus hiding a feeling of discontent. The second interpretation suggests that instead we are so happy with what we are experiencing, with a particular situation, that we strongly want it to repeat itself or to continue for a long time. But what if we dream of being forced to marry but not wanting to do it? A constraint in real life, an impediment, an agreement we don't like, obligations and responsibilities of any kind that we don't want to carry on.

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