The big toe in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. But what are the fingers of our feet called? What are the names of the toes? Why do the toes often appear in our dreams or nightmares? What does it mean to dream to see the big toe, the minolo, the pondulo, the trillice, the illice of the right or left foot that is cut or wounded and hurts a lot? What does it mean to dream of crushing the big toe of a child, a famous actor, the Pope, a relative, a dead person, a deceased for so many years? And dreaming of having a big toe of the foot really huge, big, gigantic or very small? Why do we often dream of having hallux valgus and being in hospital for surgery or having two toes or three toes on the same foot? What does it mean to suffer, in a dream, after a fall, a fracture of the big toe and go to the doctor to put the plaster and be able to recover quickly? Because it is possible to dream of seeing a broken toe, amputated, detached from the foot, having a bent, painful toe, hammer-shaped, pointed, shorter or longer than the other fingers, which stinks, with gangrene, broken, broken, swollen, white, purple, black, red, pink, yellow, green, numb, asleep, chapped, crossed to another finger, split, crushed, smashed, crushed, smashed, fractured or healthy, whole, intact, intact? Why is it possible to dream of taking off the big toe nail? What does it mean to dream of the big toe of the foot? And for what reason can we dream of working on the big toe or breaking a big toe to a person, stomping his feet? "Last night I dreamed of observing my mother's foot that was without her big toe, then I looked at my feet that were without the big toe, all the fingers were cut. Last night I dreamed of seeing my big toe grow and also that of my father, my grandfather, my brother and my sister. In my dream, I no longer had my feet. This night I dreamed of walking and feeling, feeling a strong pain in the big toe that was bleeding. The other night I saw my wife, my son, a friend of mine and a colleague of mine working out of their shoes". What numbers of Neapolitan grimace must we play when we dream of seeing a big toe that loses blood to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? Well today we try to understand the dreamlike meaning of this important finger of our feet, the biggest finger and that when it appears in a dream can bring an important meaning to the dreamer.


To understand the meaning of the fingers in our dreams and in particular of the more robust, stronger and bigger toe and therefore the big toe, we must start from the concept of the feet. Feet in real life serve many things. First of all, they allow us to remain standing and therefore are an instrument for the balance of our body. Moreover they serve to walk, to move our body from one side to the other. In the sea they serve to allow us to stay afloat and swim, and then they can be used in sport, in music, in other words in many areas of our lives. The feet are therefore a very useful and indispensable tool and even in dreams take on a truly fundamental meaning that should never be overlooked. The foot is an instrument to move forward in our earthly existence and when it appears in our dreams it indicates a moment in which we must progress. Unfortunately, the feet in dreams can hurt a lot, they can bleed, they can be broken or fractured, swollen or some of them can have some problems. The dream that scares everyone most is the one in which we do not have a foot or even both feet, or a missing finger or seems to be cut off, amputated. This kind of dreams can be very scary and make us wake up in the middle of the night with the heart beating very hard. If the foot is an instrument to move forward in our life, to progress, to make progress in work, in love but also to improve interiorly, evolve and mature, the toes are other small tools useful to move without particular problems on our existential path. If in a dream we observe two beautiful feet, in perfect shape, then healthy and that allow us to walk without problems, wearing shoes or barefoot, then in our life we ??can be sure to move forward without encountering particular obstacles that indeed can be overcome without great difficulty and without much mental and physical commitment. Before discussing other aspects of the feet, however, we must make a fundamental distinction.

In a dream we can walk barefoot and then without shoes or wearing some shoes. Walking without shoes without experiencing any discomfort or pain is a beautiful dream because it signals the possibility of aging, evolving in our lives, naturally, without great effort. Very often the bare feet indicate a perfect harmony between mind, body and spirit and therefore a wonderful period of our life in which we found an excellent balance. Instead walking with your feet in shoes has another meaning because shoes are always a tool to progress in life but different from the feet that take on greater importance. But returning to the toes, many people dream of seeing some fingers cut, amputated, losing a lot of blood or having a strange color. Even some people say they dreamed of seeing their feet without a finger or the big toe was missing. When we dream of toes that are absent, broken, cut, fractured, rotten or with so much blood, it means that in our life we ??are facing a very stressful period and in which we are very tired. In fact, the feet also serve to work like the legs, hands and arms. According to some scholars, it is necessary to make a difference between the toes of the right foot and the toes of the left foot. The left foot, as well as the left leg, the arm and the left hand, are often in tune with the mother and with our creative forces. So a cut, fractured, painful finger of the left foot may mean that we are experiencing a difficult relationship with our mother or our creativity is very poor and we can not do anything good in our lives. The right foot and therefore also his fingers, concern the relationship with our father but also with reason, our intelligence and concreteness. The five toes that are healthy indicate therefore, an excellent relationship with our father or a period in which, thanks to our intelligence, mind, cunning, reason, wisdom, we can achieve excellent results.

Often, in our dreams, we can also see a finger that is amputated but that slowly grows, is reborn. These dreams are excellent and often indicate good business and economic opportunities that can come and be particularly profitable for the dreamer. Maybe after a very tiring period, luck is now on our side and good opportunities come. We must not forget that blood is almost always connected with a complex and tiring period of our earthly existence and therefore seeing a lot of blood leaking from our toes means being very tired and unwilling to face the challenges of life. If the feet represent the relationship with our parents, our creativity and imagination and work, clearly when we dream of treating our fingers, then we are trying to improve some aspects of our existence, so we are trying to improve the relationship with our parents. , we are trying to find excellent ideas to progress in the work and therefore these dreams signal a strong desire to commit to achieve excellent goals. Many people dream of going to the doctor or to the hospital because their feet have problems or their fingers create difficulties. The doctor and the hospital indicate the cure, they are two symbols of the possibility that the dreamer has to be able to heal, to recover after a difficult period. If we dream of having a finger like the big toe that is fractured, cut, loses blood, broken and we are in hospital, then we can hope to be able to resume the reins of our earthly existence and to succeed, getting better results. Before concluding the article we must say that the toes often can indicate small torments that do not make us sleep peacefully, torments that disturb sleep and our thoughts. Also, if we look at the fingers of a person we know and they are sick, then the relationship with that person can get worse. Children's fingers instead signal the possibility to start again with new projects while the fingers of a deceased person are an excellent symbol of rebirth.


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