What does it mean to dream of eating and vomiting teeth, snakes, food, worms, flying birds, eggs, milk, feces, hair, precious stones, gold and silver coins? But what does it mean when you dream of throwing up? Because you can dream of seeing vomit friend or a relative like a mother, a father, a son, a sister, a brother, a husband, a wife, a boyfriend or a grandfather? Why we can dream of feeling very sick and vomit blood also? What does the vomit in our dreams and what interpretation to give to this symbol? "The other night I dreamed of seeing in his dreams a dear friend who held me by the hand but was vomiting a dark green liquid. Last night I dreamed I was throwing up everything I ate for lunch and I really had a lot of fear. Last night I dreamed that I vomited poop out of my mouth and I was very disgusted. Why dream often because of vomiting and vomiting is black or green? For what reason I can dream to vomit a lot of blood or vomit a bird which then takes off? Last night, in my dreams, I saw him throw up a person who does not know, so a person unknown in my bedroom, in my house and I did not know what to do, how to help this person". Vomiting in dreams is a very important symbolism and hiding messages from our subconscious fundamental for the dreamer. Let us then to understand and give a fair interpretation to this kind of dreams.

Refusal. This is the key word that goes around the vomiting in our dreams. When we see a person vomit or are we ourselves to do this disgusting but necessary act, then we feel the need to reject something in our lives, to give to someone or to something that we do not care or even makes us feel very bad. Many people say they dream of vomiting blood and this also has another meaning, however we want to analyze quickly. Blood is our physical and mental energies. To dream of losing blood then it means that we are in a time when we feel very stressed but especially tired and lacking strength. If blood comes along with vomiting then this weariness, this lack of energy is caused by some person that is around us and that is absolutely not suitable for the type of person we are, so it is a person who harms us. If it is not a person who creates us the damage then anyway it is a situation, a situation that leads us into a very heavy period when the energy shortage.

If you are feeling very ill and vomited in a dream then you have to think about to face a situation that you unfortunately do not accept. For example if your love relationship is based on jealousy of your partner, or he is cheating on you and you do not know how to do it in real life to deal with this situation, then the dream and vomiting urge you to take the decision to leave this person it only harms your health and your mental well-being. Our stomach pulls out with vomiting the food that we're doing wrong and we ought to banish from us people or situations that we are hurting. During these dreams you can have a lot of fear, you can get disgusted as he vomits, and these feelings that are experienced indicate that in everyday life we are bad, we live in a family context, sentimental, working not very positive for our evolution and inner maturation . Some people, at this time, while they are reading, they will think that this kind of dreams can bring favorable messages to the dreamer and in fact it is so because if we become aware of what makes us feel bad, and then we take away from all this, then we can live a more serene life.

If vomiting that comes out is black then the situation that creates oppression there is really very heavy, difficult to sustain, and to deal with. In a dream we can throw up little or a lot and this is done to understand if we are facing a very serious problem or who has a minor importance in our lives. However, some people dream of throwing eggs or birds that fly away in the sky. These dreams are especially lucky for the dreamer because they indicate great positive opportunities that may arrive early in the work and also good earning opportunities. The dreamer, however, may also vomit teeth, hair, worms, insects, feces from his mouth and even snakes. Vomiting teeth suggests that we are not at our ease in many situations and especially when we are with other people and that's because the teeth allow us to smile and have a great business card when we have to communicate with a person who is close to us. When we have crooked teeth, damaged, etc ... then we feel uncomfortable and the dream of throwing teeth tells us just that and that is that we live a profound existential malaise. And if we dream of throwing snakes? Probably in our sphere of friendships there is a person who harbors envy and jealousy towards us and perhaps also wants to hurt us. So let's remove this person from us and we will surely be better. Puke and poop, worms are always a sign of contempt for some person we know or to some situations in which we live.


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