Dreaming of eating in dreams what does it mean? What does it mean to give food in our dreams? Here is the interpretation and numbers for the game of the lot. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to play to try a lottery win if you dream about food? The dream book and our dream guide help us. What does it mean to dream of giving, donating, delivering, distributing, prodigating, giving, dispensing food to the sick? Because you dream every now and then to see many people who are hungry and ask for food and water or why many people say they dream about eating fish, raw or cooked, sweet, chocolate, ice cream, eggs, fried eggs, raw eggs , Nutella, white grapes, rice, pasta to someone? What does it mean to dream of eating A cat, a deceased, birds, fish, hungry, pigeon, hens, a dog, a baby, a baby, a horse, a mother, a dad, a grandparent, a A friend, a relative, a boyfriend, a husband, a colleague, a lot of hungry people? How many times have you ever dreamed of a bad food on a table, broken, with mold or burned. How many times have you dreamed of eating cooked food, pregnant, with worms, frozen, sweet or bitter or while sitting on the ground. Dreaming of a table of people who eat and are happy what does it mean? "The other night I dreamed of seeing so much food but I did not eat anything. Overnight I dreamed of cooking for someone. This night I saw in a dream a table with pasta and pizza". If eating in dreams has an important meaning, even eating someone in a dream is very important. Let's see the messages that our subconscious wants to give us with this kind of dreams.


When we eat in real life we do it for a primary need and that is to continue to live. Eating and drinking is in fact crucial to moving on otherwise the cells in our body would die. Also eating especially when you are hungry is a very nice gesture, a gesture that gives us a wonderful feeling. The feeling we experience as we eat and drink is a sense of satisfaction of the sense of taste. So when we see a table full of food in our dreams and we decide to eat something, we are certainly experiencing a period of our very beautiful life, full of vitality and energy, and it is not uncommon for good working news, good opportunities to earn a living in life real. To dream of eating is therefore a positive development in our earthly existence, but not only at the work level. In fact, many people who dream of eating, often in their daily lives feel the need to mature, to improve spiritually, to evolve at the inner level. So food in dreams can really indicate a very positive stage in the life of the dreamer that can meet satisfying and working successes but also with a major spiritual evolution. But in the dream we can eat great food or food that is not good but absolutely dead, which maybe smells too. Also, many people say they donate food to other people, to give them food to other people. These gestures that in everyday life represent altruism, in dreams may mean something .

If in real life we feed to hungry people who are asking for help, then we can think, if we dream of helping people with no food, being unselfish people. Of course these dreams can often signal an event in our future life where we will help someone but eating can mean something very important. If eating in a dream is self-knowledge, eating is about knowing the needs of others. Indeed, a person who has a strong desire to improve in his life, to progress, can often dream of eating and food, in this case, represents the desire to learn new things, to evolve in life by becoming better in the work that takes place . And if we give food to a hungry person then we realize that we have come to a very high point in our life where it is crucial to donate all the things we know to the rest of humanity. Dreams with food never hide a trivial meaning but some of the most important meanings of ours subconscious can provide us. Be careful, though, if in a dream we feed animals such as birds, dogs, cats, tigers, lions, pigeons, then in real life we need to re-evaluate and strengthen our instincts, our instinctive side that may have been buried while We used reason more often.

Often we can dream of giving food to a relative, a parent, a grandfather or a friend or work colleague or even our boyfriend, our partner of love. These dreams can bring a very positive message to the dreamer as they may indicate a better relationship with these people, a development of the interpersonal relationship, and a more effective level of communication. Unfortunately dreaming is not uncommon to dream of eating food that is not good, food with mold or dreaming of donating bad food to people we do not know. The bad and even poisonous food has an obviously very different meaning from the food that instead is good and can be eaten. It indicates the need to find a good harmony in our lives that we now lack and to try to give energy back to our days, being very careful to follow the right paths that should not create further problems for our inner evolution. Rarely in the dreams we give to someone to eat, but when that happens, to better understand the meaning of the dream, we must undoubtedly remind the person to whom we give the food. If it is a person we know in real life then most likely the relationship with that person will live some beautiful moments. For example, if we dream of giving food to our love partner, then we are going to have a good season in which maybe new intent and complicity arise. If the food is dead this understanding and complicity fails and the period is not good. Finally, let us not forget that if we dream of a baby in a dream, then we are simply pulling out, in our lives, the simplest side, a part of us sincere and good, so our childish part.


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