Feel barking a dog in our dreams. An abandoned dog on the street barking in a dream often indicates a danger. Why and what to do? What does it mean to dream of seeing so many dog ??puppies? And dream of seeing a black, brown dog, completely white with fire eyes barking near us? What does it mean to dream a dog that bites the hand or leg of a person or ourselves? Often we dream of caressing a very affectionate dog who then begins to bark and bite. Listening to a dog's dog, a dog that waves a wolf, listening to more dogs, at night, by day, seeing a huge angry dog, hearing, crying, screaming, listening, hearing, hearing, understanding, perceiving the bed of a dog. And have you ever heard barking a person, a person who does not speak but barks like a dog? What does it mean to dream of barking a dog? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to play if you dream of a dog barking hard to try a lottery win according to the book of dreams and driving on dreams? Why is it possible to dream of a white, black dog, colored with white and black spots, dying, suffering, crying, laughing, nailing to us? Have you ever dreamed of seeing a very dangerous dog around your home or your mother, father, brother, sister, relative, uncle, grandfather, grandson, son or husband? Have you ever dreamed of being chased by a dog or seeing a big dog pursuing your wife, your lover, your work colleague or your friend? Do you see a dead person for so long being caught by a big dog? What meaning and interpretation do you give to dreams where a terrible dog barks and blows against us? The dog barks and we are very scared in our dreams. "The other night I dreamed of being with my grandfather and a dog barking at me. Last night I dreamed of being tripped by a tremndo dog barking. Over the night I saw a big dog barking against me? This night I saw so many dogs barking and biting many people, including very famous singers and actors". How many times have you dreamed of a dog? Why is it possible to dream often dogs that are around us, want to chase and bite us? Certainly behind these dreams lies an important meaning and the message is not where to be underestimated. The dog is an animal and we will see that often his appearance in dream can also represent ourselves and one side of our character. Let's understand, understand the meaning of the dog in dreams and in a specific way we see understand the meaning of his barking towards us or to a person who is with us in a dream that he may be a familiar, friend, relative or perfect stranger.


So, as we always do, we must start to understand the figure of the dog in our dream world, from real life. The dog barks in real life because maybe someone sees someone coming in, so it behaves as an alarm. Guard dogs help us defend our home and the people who live in it. Certainly, however, a dog barks too because he is hungry, because he wants to attract the attention of his master, because he wants to go out to pee or cauldron or because he wants to play. Very often dogs in dreams represent ourselves. This is a first meaning. Dogs are animals and use their instincts. So in dreams we can see a dog near us looking for help or looking for food or still wanting to be caressed and that dog we are ourselves. Certainly we must try to understand which part of our character is represented by the dog. For example, dreaming of a dog who asks for help and bark precisely to attract his attention because he is ill, suffers, is hungry, can mean that we, in daily life, need something, we need to be treated because we are facing a bad time. A white-colored dog can just represent our soul who is hurt, weak and needs to be helped while a black dog indicates a rather complex situation where we do not know what to do, we are not very calm and we are afraid of something that can create serious problems. In fact, a black dog barking at us in dreams is very often a serious threat to which we can meet, a trap where we can fall and not rarely this dog can represent a person who in our lives can create really serious damage and which you have to be very far away. Here, these dreams can be really flashy and make us understand an imminent danger. It is not always easy to understand the scope of a dream come true, but never forget that in our dreams we can meet some people, objects, animals, be in particular places, feel good or bad emotions and feelings. All these details are fundamental to understanding the dream message and thus the lesson our subconscious wants to make us understand.

For example, if in a dream we are surrounded by a terrible and scary dog ??that sings like a wolf and tries to bite and to our side we see our parents, our brother or sister, a son, wife, husband, clearly family life and family relationships can go to an adventurous event, to a particularly complex situation to be resolved. That dog could represent family problems or just a relative that hinders us, which creates family tensions and wants to ruin our life, our lives. If in a dream this dog is in the workplace may be some professional difficulties and complications in the relationship with a work colleague or the manager of our company. Engagements and jealousy are often represented in our own dreams by dogs who chase us, they bark very loudly and blush. Often these dreams are so monstrous that they are no longer simply dreams but nightmares that make us wake up at night with a very strong heart. But you do not have to think that a dog barking in the dream is just a negative thing. Even if it is a danger, we may be aware of this danger and we can understand how to deal with the situation. Some people say they feel barking a dog as if it was really far away and also heard the echo of her voice. The far distance of the animal can signal the beginning of a problem, a situation that can become uncontrollable over time. We also said before the dog can look at ourselves and therefore part of our character and something that we can not control very well. In life how many times have we reacted using our instincts and not our reason? That dog that barks very close to us can mean to be careful how we use our inner forces. Very often behind these dreams is the falsehood of some people, friends who may pretend to be good but in reality they are trying to ruin our lives and here we need to grasp every little detail of the dream to understand how to solve the situation and to find out, above all, the false friend who perhaps in real life looks like our adulterer.

Some psychologists see in the dreamlike symbolism of this beautiful animal a representation of death, especially when the dog in dreams sings in the very dark, dark night. But we disagree with this kind of dream because the darkness that can certainly be associated with a period of pessimism, melancholy, and great insurmountable difficulties often also represents a favorable change in dreams. Black is often the symbol of a rebirth and seeing a black dog does not mean that someone will die but maybe a significant change in our lives can come and really be needed. If the dogs are really many and they all fall together obviously the change may be very important or the danger we are going to encounter will be very great. Sometimes barking dogs can also represent people who in real life will soon insult us and offend us. In addition, besides representing a danger, the dog can represent a good friend but also an enemy or a fake friend who says he loves us but actually wants our destruction. Often this friend turns into an enemy and decides to attack behind us demonstrating his true nature. But the strangest dreams are those where we can see small dogs, puppies barking and can have a lot of tenderness. We should not be fooled by their smallness because they might signal the beginning of a situation that can become dangerous with the passing of time. Before concluding this article we would like to talk about those dreams, also very strange, in which it is not a dog that barks but a person. Have you ever seen barking a person in real life? Of course not, maybe just for a joke but people do not bark. And so ? What does the dream mean when a person barks towards us and maybe wants to bite our neck, our leg, our arm, or our hand? People talk and when in the dream we can not figure out what a person wants to say, then we will almost certainly have to face communication problems in our lives with a person. For example, we can dream of being with our boyfriend who sings like a wolf or barks towards us. Certainly we do not understand what he says. Here in real life the difficulty in understanding our boyfriend can be a problem to be solved absolutely if you do not want to get close to a love affair.


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