He wants to leave you, betrays you and leaves you. What does it mean to dream of being left alone by your boyfriend? What does it mean when you dream of your boyfriend with another? What does it mean when you dream of your boyfriend crying? What does it mean to dream of having a boyfriend but who abandons you suddenly? What does it mean if you dream of being betrayed? Dreaming of being left behind, what can it mean? These are just some of the questions that those who have dreamed of having quarreled and being abandoned, estranged from the person they love ask themselves. Today in this article we try to better understand what this kind of dreams hide, their interpretation, psychological and psychiatric meaning. We will also try to understand which are the lucky numbers to match using the Neapolitan grimace to try at least a small win at some gambling. What does it mean to dream of your boyfriend leaving you? Dreaming of abandonment, dreaming of your boyfriend, boyfriend who abandons you on the street, run away with another woman, with your best friend, sister, mother , unknown, with her ex or who cheats on you with a man, treats you badly, lies to you, tells you a lie, beats you, ignores you. Women's dreams about love can be really very interesting to analyze especially in reference to their love life which is often like that of a soap opera, a telenovela. Why can we be left by the sentimental partner in an abrupt, unexpected, unexpected way? Why is it possible to dream of being betrayed by her husband or boyfriend who goes away, runs away with another woman, perhaps our best friend or with another woman we do not know? Know that you dream of betrayal and in which it is incredibly discovered that your boyfriend, boyfriend, husband, likes another person even of the same sex, it is a very widespread dream but not for this reason with a trivial meaning. So let's try to understand today what it means to dream of being betrayed, to dream of being left, what it can mean and what is the main reason behind these dreams that sometimes turn into nightmares. Yes, because being abandoned by your boyfriend or husband, but also vice versa wife, when in real life you love each other so much, it is something that can even make you cry when you wake up, sadden a lot because precisely you do not understand the meaning, the cause. Before moving on to the interpretation we remind you that for all fans of the game and the numbers to match dreams, at the end of the article you will find a link to read our dream book, a book where find, sorted by alphabetical letter, many words, including objects, actions, sensations, emotions, places, types of people, animals that could appear in a dream. So you can extrapolate the numbers that interest you and try your luck at some gambling. Enjoy the reading.


Let's say right away that this kind of dreams is really widespread. The reason is very simple because love is a very engaging emotion and therefore also involves us a lot in our dream world. We can be engaged, married in real life or alone but in a dream love is always present in some way. Dreams of betrayal, however, we must not think that they refer only to love life, it is likely that they can also refer to work, to a completely different situation because we do not forget that dreams speak to us completely different, they communicate with us with an absolutely unclear and little understanding language and often, in fact, it is complicated to interpret our dreams. But why can we be betrayed in the dream world? So in real life, betrayal is an action that a sentimental partner but also a working partner performs towards us, bringing an advantage for himself but not for us. Betrayal is a deception, an action considered evil, not beautiful to perform. Clearly if in everyday life we??are living a love relationship often based on envy, possessiveness and jealousy, then here in the dream life these not so beautiful feelings are amplified with actions in which the person we love betrays us. It must be said that this kind of dreams is much more common among women, especially among girls and especially among those in adolescence and therefore still very insecure at a love level because they may have a not so solid character and are experiencing love. recently. Here, in addition to jealousy, possessiveness and envy, behind these dreams of abandonment and betrayal there is an insecurity of the dreamer, an uncertainty that is lived in real life and that probably damages the love relationship. Upon awakening, after having dreamed that our boyfriend leaves us, he moves away from us to go with another person, try to understand better where to improve the relationship, maybe they become safer, less jealous, less possessive people because in fact jealousy and possessiveness hide an insecurity, they show a particularly weak character that does not know how to trust the person at his side. But let's try to understand other aspects of these dreams as well.

For example why can it happen to be betrayed by your boyfriend who goes away with our best friend with one of our enemies? Even with our sister or with our mother or in special cases, we can dream that the treason happens with a friend, with a man. It is not difficult to give an interpretation to this kind of dreams. Meanwhile, when we wake up we must try to understand what is the character part of the person with whom our boy has carried out the betrayal, which we lack. In short, perhaps that person has something that we do not have, perhaps the sweetness, the passion, the security. We are therefore afraid that our sentimental relationship is not positive and may face some doubts, uncertainty because we feel we are not that person that our partner wants us to be. The quality that he or she who cheats with our partner we lack in some way must be cultivated, brought out if we want to be less insecure in the love relationship. As we have said very often these dreams happen to girls but also to boys who are in adolescence and therefore on a sentimental level do not have a precise idea, a well-built character. One of the dreams that can be very scary and create unpleasant emotions and sensations upon awakening is the one in which you are betrayed with your best friend or even with an enemy. Here too we must try to understand what is the quality that this person has and that we do not have but that probably, at least according to our thoughts, the partner could appreciate. We know that dreams can be really strange and it can happen to be betrayed with a relative, with a sister, with a brother, even with a mother. Have you ever dreamed that your boyfriend abandons you, cheats on you by hugging, kissing, making love with your mother or your sister? Here the meaning could be similar to the one indicated above but also hide other. In fact, we need to understand what the relationship of the person we love is with our sister or mother. If the relationship is very harmonious then the dream could precisely signal this beautiful harmony that is lived, if instead the relationship is not idyllic then unconsciously we want this relationship to improve.

In fact in families it often happens that parental relationships are not very pleasant to live and even here envy, jealousies arise, between sisters, parents, brothers, cousins, brothers-in-law, in-laws, uncles. Other very common dreams among women are those in which we do not discover a betrayal with another person but simply our boyfriend, husband abandons us, decides to leave us alone at home, on the street, in any place and we start when we cry, we feel a feeling of discomfort, pain, melancholy. The fear of not being able to continue to continue together on a single path, the fear that somehow the relationship we are experiencing is ruined by a problem, by a situation that we think can happen. Insecurity is always the basis of this kind of dreams, an insecurity that does not allow us to fully enjoy our emotions and love life. But why is it possible that our boyfriend or husband in a dream cheats on us with a man, perhaps unknown? These are dreams that are not easy to analyze but at the base of them there is always, according to the dreamer, a lack of a quality that, if he possesses, could be very useful to strengthen the sentimental relationship. Unfortunately, these dreams also happen to very adult people, who have long since overcome adolescence but who perhaps have never overcome those emotional difficulties, those difficulties in living a relationship, in expressing what they have in their heart. Here then we have dreams of betrayal, dreams in which in some way and for apparently unknown reasons, the person we love leaves us for someone , goes away from us forever without saying a word to us. Dreams not so complicated to interpret but which are absolutely complicated to solve because here it is a question of following a psychological path to overcome these uncertainties. In conclusion, of course, we remember that the same thing can happen to men. In fact, if it is true that in the majority of cases it is women who have this type of dreams, it is also true that men too, boys often find themselves experiencing dream situations of this kind and the meaning is always similar to the one indicated for women, therefore feelings of union and loving dependence that falter, that collapse and that perhaps show that without our partner we could not live peacefully.

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