Did you dream last night that you were shot? Expect changes to come then. What does this dream or nightmare mean? Dreaming of being shot by someone we know and seeing the shells of the gun on the ground or stuck in the wall or in one's flesh, in one's body. What does it mean? In this article we talk about psychological and psychiatric meaning and interpretation, as well as lucky numbers based on the Neapolitan grimace of the dream, very widespread, in which we are shot by someone we know or by some unknown or we ourselves shoot a person or to an object, any obstacle. What does it mean to dream of a stranger who shoots you in the leg, arm, hand, finger, head, face, rib, abdomen, chest, belly, eye, ear, shoulders , to the heart, to the liver, to a foot? Why can we dream of being shot and killed or of losing so much blood precisely because of the gunshot that hits us? What does it mean to dream that you are shot from behind without you noticing? What does it mean to dream that you are shot from very close or from a distance? What does it mean to dream of escaping from someone who wants to shoot you? Dreaming of shots in the middle of the night that wake us up with a start, dreaming of shooting yourself, then of committing suicide and losing a lot of blood, even fainting. In a dream it can happen to be involved in a shooting in the house, on the street, at work, in a car, on a motorcycle and make an accident, be shot and feel a lot of pain, fear. What does it mean to dream of shooting yourself in the head or dreaming of a man or woman shooting you? What does it mean when you dream that you are shot? It can happen in a dream that you are shot but fortunately you do not die and you do not feel any pain. It also happens to see a friend, an enemy, one's boyfriend, wife, husband, lover, boyfriend, stranger, co-worker, mother, father, parent, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother die who somehow get a gunshot and fall to the ground. So let's understand the meaning behind this kind of dreams and then for all those who are passionate about numbers connected with dreams, immediately after you will find a link to go to our dream book, in which to find many words to which numbers are associated to then groped for a cash win at some gambling.


The first meaning associated with the dream in which a firing gun is the protagonist is a sudden, unexpected change that could come in the dreamer's life. Let's say that this change could come as we remind all of you that dreams do not indicate something definitive but that it evolves and that therefore, based on our actions, it evolves in a different way. Dreams are always very subjective and only the dreamer knows how to interpret everything without making mistakes because he knows his life well. But shootings, gunshots, a cartridge case that enters our body, in the head, in the abdomen, in the heart, in a leg, may not be easy to interpret, so we must be careful and understand what everything refers to. that is. In most cases, being shot or otherwise seeing someone we know or don't know being shot signals a possible change coming, a novelty that can be pleasant or unpleasant but is generally rather unexpected. A classic example is the one made by a person who had a not very important relationship with a cousin and at one point he dreamed that his cousin came to visit him at home but suffered a gunshot to the head and died. A frightening dream which of course did not indicate the probable death of the cousin. In fact, after a few weeks the dreamer had the news, positive, that the cousin appeared in a dream, was about to get married and would probably come home to give the good news. Here we are faced with a sudden event, not as unpleasant as the dream shooting could be but which may still not affect the person who has this kind of dreams in an important way. However, we must make the difference between dreams in which the person who is shot is ourselves or a person we know as a relative, friend, boyfriend, wife, husband, father-in-law, work colleague, lover or even a stranger. Clearly when we dream of being ourselves to suffer a gunshot, then here is the sudden event that will come will concern ourselves very closely. Some scholars, psychologists and psychiatrists, referring to those dreams in which the dreamer shoots himself, then commits suicide, say that we are faced with a moment in life in which we become aware of a problem, of something that no longer goes well and you decide to change.

So in real life a person can become aware of a situation that must be changed, of an event that is no longer lived well and here is his subconscious, really very powerful, trying to express the unconscious or conscious desire in a rather abruptly and then with a shooting, for example, a gunshot that hits, that wounds, even that kills. Often the architects of our destiny are ourselves without anyone being involved and therefore shooting ourselves identifies the ability to understand where to change, what to improve, what is no longer useful in our life and to go further. But it is also possible to dream of being shot by someone we know very well, for example a parent, a friend, a work colleague. What do these dreams hide? What significance? Probably the change that we will become aware of does not concern us in a very important way but someone who has a relationship of any kind with ourselves, so in a sense we are still involved in this change. Then we can be shot by a brother and then discover after some time that the brother is making a change in his life that can indirectly affect us too. The shooting rarely signals the real death of a person but this is also likely because even death is a change, the end of a situation. But in a dream we can also shoot someone, be the architects of the shooting, of the wounding, therefore of the killing of a person. What does it mean then? When in a dream we perform such an important action and we are therefore the undisputed protagonists of our dream world, then here we will firmly decide to make a change in our life, to renew something, to take another path. In short, choices, decisions that are taken carefully and definitively. What if we miss the target while shooting someone? Perhaps we are not yet ready for change and will have to wait. In this kind of dreams it is always important to understand the person who is being shot well because it is inevitable that his presence in real life will be fundamental for some reason. Sometimes it can happen that we shoot a person we know very well and we would like to detach ourselves from in real life.

A classic example of this type of dreams is the boy, the child who shoots a parent and then unconsciously express the desire to leave the family home, to simply become independent, to no longer depend on their parents who may have become nagging. with their needs and requests. In this type of dreams it is sometimes important to remember not only the person who is shot or who shoots at us but also the area where it is hit, for example the head, the heart, the shoulders, a hand, an arm. For example, being shot in the heart or shooting someone in the heart, it could refer to a love relationship we are experiencing or to the feelings we feel towards the one or her we see in a dream. Shooting our girlfriend, our husband, in the heart perhaps signals the need to end a relationship but probably the desire even just to change something in love life, something we no longer like. The head often signals the need to think well before taking an action or the need to better express one's ideas in any area of our life. Being shot in the leg, in one hand, almost certainly identifies situations inherent to work, while being shot at a vital organ signals a definitive, necessary event that arrives in the dreamer's life to make him change course in a decisive way. Unfortunately, in this kind of dreams it is also possible to feel physical pain, a strong burning following the cartridge case that enters our body, perhaps letting out a lot of blood. The physical pain that we feel in a dream indicates that the change we are about to experience will probably be very challenging, very difficult to face but almost certainly really positive. If a lot of blood comes out in a dream then we have the confirmation that everything that is going to happen in our life will be tiring, expensive in terms of physical and mental energies and therefore we should calibrate all the forces well so as not to disperse them and therefore make the change useless. In conclusion, when we are faced with these dreams we must not be absolutely afraid but become aware that we are about to live, to face something new that will perhaps be challenging but absolutely positive, favorable, useful to progress, to evolve.

Well after understanding the meaning that lies around this kind of dreams, we can move on to the numbers to play. So if you want to try to extrapolate some numbers from your dreams then here is our famous book on dreams for free, a book in which they are not interpreted but from which it is possible to extract numbers that hopefully can bring luck at the game. All you have to do is remember the most important objects, places, people, actions, sensations and emotions that you have seen, lived in a dream and find the right word, the one that identifies these things, situations. Each word corresponds to a single number to be combined with others of course. You decide how many numbers to play. Finding words is easy because the dream book is sorted by alphabetical letters. Obviously we always remember that in gambling there is no certainty of winning and therefore do not spend too much money in vain otherwise the risk is to lose too much money and above all to become slaves of a vice from which it is not easy to get rid of. Dreams come not to give us winning numbers but to help you live better.


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