Today we analyze thieves in dreams. This or last night did you dream of being robbed of an object? What does it mean to dream of robbery? What does it mean to dream of the theft of something that is important to you? What does it mean to have your wallet full of money robbed? Why can we dream of thieves entering the house? Why in a dream can a thief rob us or rob us of precious objects such as necklaces, diamonds, bracelets, gold rings? What does it mean to dream of a theft? What psychological and psychiatric interpretation to give and what winning numbers can we combine to try a cash win at some gambling? What does it mean to dream of a thief who steals our documents or a lot of money that we have kept in a hidden place, perhaps in a safe? What does it mean to dream that something very precious is stolen from you? Dreaming of having your wallet stolen or that your car, bicycle, house keys, motorcycle, moped, purse, house keys, cell phone, books, notebooks, various documents, shoes, the dog, the cat, a very expensive painting, the wallet. At least once in your life you will have had dreams or nightmares of this type. Seeing an unknown person sneaking into the house through the window or breaking in the door and entering the house while we are sleeping. Strong fear can make us wake up. What does it mean to have your wallet full of money robbed? Dreaming of being robbed obviously has a different meaning from that in which we ourselves steal something and we will analyze, in this article, the difference. These dreams can leave us perplexed for a moment when we wake up because we are afraid that a thief might actually enter the house but this kind of meaning is not hidden behind these dreams or nightmares. First of all, let's calmly analyze the various aspects of the dream, reminding all of you that we are faced with general interpretations and that a correct interpretation must always start from the analysis of the dreamer's daily life. After having interpreted everything we will see to understand which numbers can be extrapolated to try to win a sum of money at some gambling game. In fact, below you will find a link to our dream book that will be very useful to you. But let's start with the rather complicated analysis of this type of dreams and you will soon understand the reason for what we say.


First of all let's make a distinction between those dreams in which we are robbed and those in which we ourselves steal something in a place, from an unknown person to whom we know very well in real life. Stealing means taking possession of something that is not ours. Consequently, if in a dream we steal an object in a shop, rob a bank, rob a person, we must think that we are missing something, we must imagine that in our life we??are deprived of something. Maybe we find ourselves stealing a ring, a symbol of marriage, of the union between two people or even of an agreement and here perhaps we feel the lack of a satisfying romantic relationship. Stealing an item from a person we know could indicate that that person has a quality that we don't have but would really like to have. Dreams of this type are really very interesting on a psychological and psychiatric level because by analyzing them we can understand many things about the dreamer's character and direct him in the right direction because remember that dreams are almost never trivial and often express repressed desires, which do not find an outlet. in real life. But the title of the article is different because it refers to the theft that we suffer in a dream, to a robbery that we ourselves suffer. The first hypothesis is that when we are robbed we find ourselves in a phase of our life, in a period in which we are very uncertain, unsure of what we are doing, we are not aware of our qualities, our strengths and here we fall in a moment of despair. So when we wake up after having this kind of dreams we try to understand in which sector we are not sure of ourselves, in which sphere of life. In fact, the dream can help us a lot to understand the area through places, people, objects that we see and encounter. For example, if we are at home, a thief enters and steals precious objects such as a painting, money, our pet that we love so much, here is that the family is the place where we feel perhaps too insecure. And if we are stolen a necklace, a bracelet, a ring then perhaps we must consider that our love life is in the balance or rather that we are afraid that it could be shipwrecked, get worse. In short, an insecurity that can affect many areas of life and even work if we find ourselves in the place where we usually work and a thief sneaks in and steals important documents.

Another important meaning can hide behind this kind of dreams and that is some unaddressed problems, that is life situations that instead of facing, we avoid, making everything worse. This is no longer a question of being insecure but of being rather irresponsible and not being able to take on responsibilities that are necessary. From the analysis of the dream details we can undoubtedly understand in which sector we are not working to act, to fix the various problems, we are not taking responsibility. So a thief enters the house and steals objects that are related to the person we love, with the family and here in this sector we must improve and face everything with determination. Rings, bracelets, necklaces can refer to the love life, therefore to the sentimental relationship we live from which we may be fleeing, a relationship that we are taking little seriously. These unaddressed problems come to light in a dream through thefts, robberies of various objects and even people. Who knows how many times it has happened to you that a thief entered your house and tried to take away the person you love, your child, a parent. Very scary dreams that leave that terrible feeling as if something terrible were to happen in your life but it is almost always about indecisions, not knowing how to face life as it should and fears that are often unjustified. But let's understand exactly how it is possible to interpret those very particular dreams in which our car, motorcycle, bicycle or some other vehicle is stolen. To understand the meaning behind these dreams we must first understand what a car or a motorcycle represents on a dream level. The car as well as the motorcycle but also the bicycle represent a means of transport, therefore a means that facilitates travel and travel and therefore also represents independence and freedom. So when they steal such an object from us, then we can feel deprived of our freedom, of our independence, of all those sensations that are important to us and make us be at the center of our world. The loss of all this is manifested by the theft of similar objects that also represent the tools to move forward in life.

In fact, according to some dream scholars, therefore psychologists and psychiatrists, the theft of a car signals a moment in the dreamer in which he feels deprived of a quality, of something that is useful to move forward, to face life, both personal, therefore familiar, sentimental, and professional. In a certain sense, even in this kind of dreams we find the uncertainty, the insecurity we talked about in the previous paragraph. But we can also have another kind of dreams and that is those in which clothes and shoes are stolen from us. If we are the ones who steal these objects, these garments, then we must think that we feel the strong need to express our qualities differently, to present ourselves in front of others in a completely different, unusual, original way. However, if we dream that our shoes or clothes are stolen by someone then we must first understand if this person is known or not and then the feeling, the emotion we experience during the dream which is the key to understanding everything. In fact, if we have no fear, if we are not worried about theft, then we probably realize in our life that we no longer need to be a certain way, to show other attitudes that are no longer useful. In short, a positive dream that indicates a greater sense of freedom and less constraint, less awareness of being a victim of ourselves and of the world, of the circumstances, of the events that surround us. Regarding the theft of shoes, considering their function and that is that they allow us to protect our feet as well as to walk without problems, we can also refer to the need to take another path in our life, to abandon a path to undertake a new one much more useful for our evolution. Obviously, if our shoes are stolen from us, we need to consider very carefully what decision to take, the road to abandon to go towards a new path. A dream that is not very easy to interpret but never forget that every single detail can be fundamental and therefore objects, places, sensations, emotions, actions, people, even colors can be the key to understanding what our powerful subconscious wants to communicate to us also with this kind of very strange and sometimes scary dreams.

As we mentioned earlier very often people from their dreams try to extrapolate numbers to try to win some small or large sum of money at some gambling game. Here is that our book on dreams can be really useful and in fact it is divided and ordered by letters of the alphabet so that you can search for the word that interests you with ease. Objects, people, places, actions, sensations, animals can be searched for in the book and used to attempt a win. Obviously we recommend not to spend too much money and to play every now and then, maybe when you have had a very special dream because every time we fall asleep we dream at least 4 or 5 times and it would be absurd to extrapolate numbers each time and spend money to try to win because we would lose. often our money. So below you will find the link to go to the page of our website where there is the dream book. Use it properly without overdoing it and of course we wish you the best of luck with your dreams.


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