Does dreaming of snow bring good or bad, good luck or bad luck? In this article we try to understand the dream, psychological, psychiatric meaning and the interpretation of the snow. Dreaming of snow: what does our powerful subconscious want to suggest? What does snow symbolize in our dreams? Dreaming of white, black, gray, light blue, blue, yellow, red snow, with big and huge flakes falling down from the sky. Why can we dream of eating the snow that melts in our hands or in the mouth? What does it mean to dream of a heavy snowfall or a snowstorm? Dreaming that snow falls and we feel cold is a positive or negative dream? What does it mean to dream that it snows in summer or in any case out of season, in winter, in autumn, in spring? What does it mean to dream that it snows or is very cold? What lucky numbers can we play to try to win money when we dream of snow or cold? Often dreams are made in which we are at the sea which is white with snow. What does it mean to dream of a snowy road and in which walking we risk falling because we slip? The ice on the street caused by the snow that has solidified can be a very common dream element. What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we extrapolate to try to win some gambling? Why is it possible to dream of feeling very cold, dreaming of freezing at home or outdoors, of dying of cold, feeling chills? Have you ever dreamed of seeing snow in the house or falling from the sky and rests on your head, on your clothes? Have you ever dreamed of being with a person you are talking to and then suddenly it starts to snow and you even feel cold? Let's try to understand exactly how it is possible to interpret this kind of dreams and understand their meaning. Very often in a dream it happens to feel emotions, sensations and even that of the cold is very widespread. For this reason, nothing about a dream should be underestimated, not even the emotions and sensations that can provide us with really useful elements. If we carefully and carefully analyze this kind of dreams we will discover something very interesting and very useful to improve our life and above all some interpersonal relationships we live. So let's interpret these dreams by reminding you that for fans of Neapolitan grimace and therefore of games, you will find immediately after the explanation, a link to go and visit our dream book, an absolutely important book in which to find words, actions, objects, people, places that meet in a dream, with relative numbers to play.


So first of all this is one of those dreams in which the sensations we experience are fundamental and often they are physical sensations such as cold, frost. For some scholars and psychologists, here we are often faced with meanings related to purity, abandonment and loneliness. Many people say they had a dream in which snow and cold were present after experiencing a disappointing romance or a disappointing courtship. In fact, what you can feel after being disappointed by someone in love is a sense of greenery and great loneliness, of abandonment. Our heart is pure, full of feelings that are not understood by the one or the one we would like to love and which in a dream manifests itself in the form of a cold, icy atmosphere, with the snow falling down, even in an exaggerated way. The snow in dreams therefore represents very well a sense of melancholy, despair, disappointment that we can feel in love but not only in this sector, even at work level, perhaps following an agreement or business that does not continue as we do. we desire, which does not make us satisfied and happy. As you will have understood, unfortunately, the dreamlike symbolism of snow and cold in most cases is not positive but represents unpleasant moods. But do not forget that the dream is not something definitive, something that prevents us from finding a solution, but only a photo of what we are experiencing and that can change according to our choices and actions. Here, following a strong disappointment in love, we could lose heart and experience a phase of melancholy, tears, sadness and unhappiness, even depression but we know very well that we can get out, react and change everything. But luckily the snow in dreams does not only signal love or work situations that are disappointing and make us feel bad. In fact we can find other interesting messages in this kind of dreams. For example, we can be happy on a sentimental and professional level and therefore snow, ice, cold in a dream can indicate something , signal other conditions that we are experiencing or are about to experience. So let's try to understand better especially considering that we can often dream of snow while we are in summer or spring.

Often the snowflakes that come down from the sky in any dream environment, can represent the very strong unconscious or conscious desire of the dreamer to express their qualities differently, to do something different than what is usually done in daily life, to give a shaken to life itself, to experience unexpected events, surprises, to feel the need for a daily upheaval to no longer live the usual routine. In this sense, therefore, snow, ice and cold are positive dreams, absolutely favorable and that allow us to be more active and protagonists of our life. At the base of these dreams there is therefore the monotony of life, the monotony of the usual things we do on a personal, work, private, sentimental level. It is important to interpret the dream well to understand the scope, the sector in which to change something, in which to change direction, in which to express one's ideas differently. We could dream, for example, of being at work and seeing that everything is covered with snow or dreaming of being at home, in bed with our wife and feeling cold, seeing the snow falling down from the ceiling. Every detail of dreams provides us with useful information for its correct interpretation and therefore that desire to change something could concern, in the first case, the work, in the second case the sentimental relationship. We are not satisfied with what we are doing, with the projects we are carrying out, with the collaborations, with the feelings we have towards a person and our subconscious tells us to find a valid solution to stop living this monotony Dreams also teach and how in this case they can really provide the right path, show us the path to take to overcome every cumbersome situation. We have already said that sensations and emotions also play a fundamental role in dreams and here is that dreaming of feeling very cold is important. The cold in a dream, the chills, are the symptom of something that disturbs us, of life situations that are unpleasant and from which we should get out soon. We can even find ourselves walking on an icy road due to a lot of snow that has settled and slip or risk slipping or even drive the car and make an accident because of the ice and a lot of snow that falls from the sky and does not allow us to see anything.

Many people said they were immersed in thick snow, meters of snow and risked suffocating. We also analyze this kind of dream situations. So the icy road almost always signals a danger that we are about to live or are experiencing. If walking on a cold and icy path we fall, then the subconscious is putting us on alert and wants us to understand that we are making bad decisions, making bad choices and we must be really careful to avoid the worst. Being able to walk without falling indicates that in difficulties we will be able to improve and find the right solutions or help to move forward. Typical is the dream in which we walk on ice supported by a person we know or by an unknown individual. Here we will be able to overcome difficulties thanks to the support of someone. But what if we are in a car or on a motorcycle and have an accident due to snow or ice? Well, here we are faced with a problem that probably concerns work. The dream tells us that perhaps we do not yet have the right qualities, the right means to move forward, to face a certain path and therefore we must be very careful and postpone choices and decisions. But returning to what we said before and that is the desire to experience surprises, sudden and unexpected changes in life, here we must remember that the need to break the daily routine should not cause us to alarm but still wants us to understand that only with courage we can make something interesting and new happen in our life. Unfortunately all of us often live a monotonous life in which we always do the usual things and this kind of dreams come precisely to signal this unpleasant monotony that must be removed by doing something unusual. We conclude this article by describing a possible positive interpretation of those dreams in which it snows in winter, perhaps during the Christmas period. If the sensations we experience in dreams are positive, we don't feel cold, then instead we are living a very peaceful, happy phase of our life, in which we are able to express well what we have in the depths of our heart.

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