Ancestors in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of dead ancestors, dead for many years, old relatives, successors, descendants, posterity. What does it mean to dream of finding many ancestors who talk to each other or ask for help from an ancient ancestor of ours? What does it mean to discuss with an ancestor or to find an old lady in a dream? Ever been able to dream of being helped by your ancestors? Which and how many numbers using the book of Neapolitan grimace can I play to try to win if I dream of my ancient ancestor, according to the guide on dreams? Avo, ancestor, predecessor, great-grandfather, ascendant, progenitor who wants to kill you in a dream or wants to talk with you. All these people can appear in our dreams. Why can we dream of meeting and greeting a dead ancestor for many years that we have never known or recently died? Why is it possible to dream of meeting and talking to one of our ancestors like a great-grandfather or great-grandfather who wants to communicate something very important that we do not understand? The history of our ancestors can be very important to us. See your boyfriend, friend, work colleague, parent, relative, son, husband, wife, actor or famous singer, dad, mom who talks or argues with an old relative of our family. What does it mean to dream about your ancestors? "The other night I remember dreaming of an ancestor of mine who speaks to me, who tells me something but I do not understand. This night I dreamed of an old ancestor of my family who kisses me, hugs me, cries, laughs and wants to kill me. Last night I dreamed of my great-grandfather chasing me and I am very scared and paralyzed, I can not move. Last night I was with my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my uncles and grandparents and together with us there were many of our ancestors talking, eating and playing with us". This type of dreams is certainly not very common among people but their meaning can be very important and it is not to be underestimated. Seeing, talking, meeting ancient relatives of our family that we have never known because they died centuries ago or many years ago, can be a really exciting dream but also very scary, distressing because we are seeing dead people and people dead in a dream they always inspire a little fear. We therefore see that we understand the meaning of these dreams.


First of all, dreaming of ancestors, for example great-grandparents like the mother or father of one of our grandparents who are still alive, can be a very banal and meaningless dream only when, during the days, it happens to speak of them. Sometimes it is enough to look at an album of photographs in which these ancestors are present that we have never known before to be able to see them again in our dream world. Even listening to someone who talks about them, who also remembers scenes of life because maybe he lived with them, can make sure that our subconscious allows us to see them in a dream. Our mind is so powerful that when someone speaks, even if we are apparently not listening to his words, the brain receives and memorizes. Subsequently these memories surface and this happens above all in our dreams, a world in which our imagination is very fervid and lively. But if no one has ever talked to us about our ancestors or we've never seen any pictures of these people we've never met because they died so many decades ago or even centuries ago, then meeting these people in our dreams must have absolutely no important meaning. So the first meaning that can be represented by these dream figures is the need for family protection. In fact, behind this symbolism of dreams, the need is hidden, the dreamer to find a familiar serenity that has been lost but rather a protection that is no longer received from one's family. At some point in our lives we may have some difficulty, deal with very difficult problems to solve and many economic problems and only someone from our family can help us and support our battles. Here in a dream we can dream our own family. But why do we dream of ancestors and ancestors and not family members who live with us? Simple, because our dreams are always very hermetic, difficult to understand and communicate in a way that is truly incomprehensible to us. For example, with regard to the discourse of family protection that we may need during our earthly existence, we can dream of a very old woman who shows us a road, opens a door or speaks with us and tells us some secrets.

We must try to understand, when we wake up from our dream, if this woman is our ancestor and if she belongs to our family, so she is a relative of our mother or our father or our grandfather or grandmother or is a relative of an uncle, cousin. His ancient relationship with one of our current relatives, can make us understand that we can solve our problems by seeking help and protection among those people who have this close parental bond. To better understand the concept we try to make a simple example. Suppose we have a working problem and we dream of seeing our mother's great-grandmother. Here this parental bond can help us to understand that in order to solve our problem we must rely on our family and in particular on our mother which can therefore be a very valuable help for us. But this kind of dreams can have even deeper and more incredible meanings. Some men and women remember to have dreamed of ancient relatives who apparently had nothing in common with them but asking in real life about their lives, they discovered that these ancestors lived particular experiences that are very similar to those experienced by dreamers in a certain moment of their life. And here a strange connection in time is created between two people who have never known each other but who live identical experiences, beautiful or ugly. Often, these dreams may refer, according to some people, to the concept of reincarnation and therefore we dream ancient ancestors, relatives, ancestors that we have never known, because maybe we ourselves were in a previous life and the dream allows us to enter communication with our previous earthly existence to understand who we were, where we come from and what we have to do during this life, during the life we??are currently living. Very often, however, this kind of dreams has far more mundane meanings. Indeed, meeting ancestors can simply mean that we love family traditions and therefore do not want them to be lost. At other times it is necessary to put in communication the figure of an ancient relative with wisdom. In fact, the elderly, the old ones in dreams are often the symbol of wisdom that should not be despised and should not be ignored.

So when we dream of talking to a very old relative, with a beard and long white hair, we must try to remember his words because they can be essential to move forward in life, to make choices and to improve our existence using precisely the same qualities of wisdom. If an ancestor speaks with us but we do not understand any words, then we will not be able to understand some advice and we will probably be able to make a mistake, make a bad choice. Sometimes these older motorcycle characters can have a tremendous appearance, be very ugly, be so scared. Their dreamlike aspect is precisely our fears, our fears. We are afraid of our conscience, of the advice that our subconscious can provide. In short, we are very superficial and we do not reason about the important things in life. And here in our dream world these ancestors can cry, be sad, chase us to hurt or they can kill us. In fact, these dream figures represent our conscience that is not heard but that tries in every way to make itself heard. Many people also say that seeing ancestors and ancestors in our dreams or nightmares means expecting a terrible event, a catastrophe or even the death of a relative we know. The reason is very simple. These dead people who have a blood bond with our relatives, according to this very ancient concept, come from the world of the dead just to pick up their relative or to communicate that very soon we will witness the death of someone in our family. In this type of dreams we can also read, find a great inner conflict with our identity as a woman or a man who reconnects with ancient female and male characters of our family. Unfortunately, disappointments, problems that these ancient characters have lived in their earthly existence, can be inherited by ourselves. But dreaming of these ancestors means that we are becoming aware of these problems that are lost in the mists of time and are therefore trying to find a valid solution.


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