Dreaming of winning money in dreams generally signals something positive and portends an imminent success, a victory, perhaps in work or in any case in a specific sector of the dreamer's life. Dreaming of winning a lot of money emphasizes this meaning, so the bigger the win, the greater the success that will come. What does it mean to dream of winning lottery money? What number is the win in the Neapolitan grimace? How to play the numbers of a dream? Why can we dream of winning money, even a lot of money at some gambling? Let's try to understand exactly how it is possible to interpret this kind of dreams very common among people. Dreaming of winning can hide an often non-trivial psychological and psychiatric meaning that must therefore be evaluated very carefully. What numbers are hidden behind this kind of dreams? Dreaming of winning money what does it mean? What does it mean to dream of winning a lot of money in the lottery? The meaning of winning in dreams is obviously related to a very specific situation that the dreamer is experiencing in his life and we will see in this article, to understand everything well. What does it mean to dream of winning money on slot machines or dreaming of winning money at the casino? The dream of winning scratch cards or some other game is always very present in the population. Why can we dream of seeing someone who wins money in our place, for example a brother, sister, parent, relative, friend, work colleague? Some people have dreamed of winning money and then of to be robbed or to discover that this money was fake or to have everything stolen. Let's try to understand exactly this type of dreams that many hope are premonitory dreams of an actual win at some gambling, some lottery but very often, unfortunately, this is not the case, even if in most situations dreams of this kind reveal events. positives that can happen in the dreamer's life. After analyzing this type of dreams you will find, at the bottom of the page, also a link to go and look for the numbers related to this dream, through the use of our famous and free book on dreams. You can find words, objects, situations, actions, places with relative numbers to play in order to actually attempt a cash win. Happy reading and good luck.


We mentioned earlier, in the introduction of this article, that when you dream of winning something and especially money at some gambling, some lottery, then you are very likely to get a real life hit, a hit, a satisfaction that can also be very great and important. If the dream win is really very big then we must expect an interesting opportunity, a great chance of success. But in which sector of our life can all this happen? Perhaps in love, perhaps in work, perhaps in the family or in another sector? Meanwhile, before analyzing this type of dreams with this interpretation with which many psychologists, psychiatrists and dream scholars agree, we must specify that often here reference is made to a simple desire to win something. Indeed we never forget that most of the time dreams are unexpressed wishes that come out during sleep, expressed by a very powerful subconscious that asks to communicate with our unconscious. So many times dreaming of winning the lottery simply expresses a strong desire to achieve something, to actually win money by playing numbers and especially if we ourselves are players in real life. But when it happens that the dreamer does not like to play and try his luck at gambling, what happens? Why could a man or woman dream of playing numbers and winning a lot of money if they are not fond of gambling? The answer to this question is not very simple but we will try to provide useful information and clues to understand this kind of dreams well, remembering however that the dream world is very personal, very subjective and that a correct interpretation cannot exclude the study of the dreamer's life, what he is actually experiencing. A first hypothesis connects us to what we said at the beginning, during our introduction to this article and that is the dream win can represent the possibility of having a deserved success in everyday life, a realization that brings a lot of joy because winning money a game undoubtedly creates a moment of euphoria. But how to understand in which sector of life this success, this realization can happen? Let's see how to do it.

So to fully understand which sector may be in which we will receive good news or important success, we must refer to all the details of our dream. For example, when we wake up we must try to remember the place where we were, the people who were with us, maybe people we know or unknown people and even objects, as well as any emotions we may have felt. Yes, because emotions and sensations are also very important in this type of dreams and in general in all dreams and nightmares. For example it can happen to win a lot of money and to be very happy or strangely to experience an emotion of fear, a feeling of fear, perhaps because we do not know what to do with this money or because we have the doubt that someone could rob us. If we are very happy, if we feel contentment, serenity, happiness then we will probably experience a good news in our daily life. Noticing in a dream of being in the workplace or with some colleague or client, it can indicate that this win will take place in the professional field and who knows that we can take a huge step forward, we can progress, realize an idea or project we had in mind for a short time or a long time. So this dream indicates an evolution. If instead we dream of being with a friend, maybe we will be able to strengthen a bond of friendship or take advantage of the presence of a particular friend. Sometimes at our side in a dream we can find an unknown person, with an unrecognizable face. Here the cash win is probably linked to an event that we do not expect, to an unexpected event that will soon come into our life but which should still bring us a lot of happiness. Having our wife, our husband, boyfriend or girlfriend by our side probably indicates the possibility of experiencing very passionate moments, idyllic moments in love and who knows that some project we are trying to carry out with the person we love, will soon come true. . Colors are also fundamental to better understand a dream and for example seeing very bright colors is the symbol of a very special and unexpected joy that could come, something that will allow us to shine, to be euphoric in a completely new and exciting way.

But what other meanings could we find in this kind of dreams? Analyzing many of these dreams in relation to various people we have discovered that very often we are faced with a period in which people are convinced of what they are doing, they know what they have to do, how to act, how to move in a particular area of??their life, so they are aware of their energies, their qualities and merits and they know how to express everything without having negative consequences, without losing opportunities, without being defeated. In short, a moment of great determination in which to achieve excellent results, in which to obtain what you have been fighting for, perhaps for a very long time. A beautiful meaning therefore especially when referring to those people who absolutely do not like to try their luck at lotteries, gambling. Dreams are almost never trivial and as in this case, as you have read, they hide and wish to express to the dreamer a pleasant, rewarding event that can be huge or small but which is still beautiful to live. Obviously in many cases, as we have already mentioned before, in the article, dreaming of winning money is simply the symbol of a desire to have a more rewarding, more comfortable, more affluent life. But it can also happen that you dream of winning the game and subsequently losing your money, of being robbed by a stranger or a colleague from work or a family member. What do these dreams hide? What significance? Being robbed, robbed of one's money often refers to some concerns that overwhelm us, to some situations we are experiencing that generate negative thoughts in us that perhaps have no reason to be but which in any case make us experience certain moments badly. The money won can be stolen from us by a family member, a brother or sister or a work colleague and here we are probably experiencing a worrying situation in a family or professional environment in which we are not sure of the steps we are taking. In short, we are uncertain, undecided, afraid of some choices to make. In conclusion, let's analyze another type of dreams related to winning a lottery. And if we dream of seeing a friend, a relative, a parent, brother, sister, work colleague win? Here we can share a joy with someone , be partakers of a happiness that will not strictly concern us but it will allow us to be very happy anyway.

Even this kind of dream can hide some lucky numbers that you might try to play to win some cash prizes. It seems strange to dream of winning the lottery and extrapolating numbers that are perhaps different from those you have dreamed of. Through our book on dreams you will be able to pull out any numerical sequence that will allow you to attempt a win. Obviously you must never spend too much money because there is no certainty of winning. So how does our dream book work? Really very simple. Meanwhile, when you wake up, try to remember what are the people, places, objects, sensations and emotions you have experienced, the colors, any animals or insects. Then find each word in our dream book and choose which ones to play if there are too many numbers. Each word always corresponds to a number. This Neapolitan grimace is truly magical and powerful and has made many people win but you have to be able to use your intuition in your favor to extrapolate the winning and lucky numbers then. Good luck to all of you.


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