What does it mean to dream of receiving a man or a woman at home? Dreaming of opening the door to an unknown person or dead person, deceased, seeing a home full of people, or receiving a person with a severe physical handicap with a disease at home. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace is useful to play in order to win the lottery when you dream of opening a door to a person who enters our home to try to make a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? To welcome our dreams to a person we do not know, to a child, to a very old man, what does it mean? Why do we often dream of hosting, giving hospitality to an animal like a dog or a cat or even a snake, lion, bird, tiger, fox, bear ...? What meaning and interpretation should we give to the dreams in which we open the doors of our home to a whole family with parents and children? What does it mean to dream of welcoming someone in the house? "Last night I dreamed of having my ex-boyfriend together with a guardian angel, the Madonna, a saint, baby Jesus, in my house. What is the meaning of this dream? Over the past night I dreamed of getting into the home of my strange parents, people coming from another city I did not know. Tonight I dreamed of seeing a crowd of people, lots of people party that made a lot of confusion in a home. The other night I dreamed so many people on the street knocking at my door and wanted to enter my apartment. Why do I often have to dream of a friend, a work colleague, my mother, my father, grandparents, a relative, my son, my husband or wife or my brother or sister in the house?" Shutting down, unfolding the doors of your own home to strangers, ferocious beasts and beasts, to an angry dog that wants to bite, can be a widespread dream. Let's understand the meaning of welcome in our dreams.


Welcoming in our home can certainly mean that we are going through a period when we are very fragile and we need to feel the presence of someone close to us. Often we can dream of opening the door of our home and bringing the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, Our Lady or even an angel or saint into it. In some moments of our lives, where we feel a strong need to be loved, appreciated, we understand we need to have someone beside us and if we are very religious people then we can certainly dream of divine appearances entering our home and offering us a hope message. But sometimes, in our house, we can also welcome a demon, a beast, a fierce animal, or a man who wants to kill us. Entering into the house a very dangerous person, or a terrible animal or even a devil, simply means that in our lives we want to be worse and less good, we want to show the people around us and the whole world that we are strong and we can also be very wicked if we want to get something. Certainly, these dreams can therefore bring a non-positive message to the dreamer who must try to understand the evil or benevolent nature of the dream and act in the most appropriate way without harming himself and other people. Welcoming someone at home means giving our subconscious the chance to explore new emotions, to live new situations that can be positive to us and thus make us evolve in our lives or they can be very negative and become regressive in our earthly existence.

Having a person with a disease, a man or a woman who asks for help or a serious person is a very positive sign because it can indicate a good mental opening and the need to be able to settle some particular problems in our life thanks to the love that surrounds us. But we must not forget that, often, some of the people we meet in the dream world are just ourselves. To understand, let's take an example. If in a dream we welcome a person in the house who suffers so much and he may lose blood from somewhere in his body, that person could be ourselves. We in life are experiencing a period of strong mental and physical tiredness and so we need help to be able to grow. Obviously, it is not easy to understand when a person in the dream represents ourselves but if we get to these considerations then we can find the way to make our life better, because we understand the needs of our own and our bodies. We often dream children who want to go home or just one child playing in our home together with other children. That child often points to ourselves, indicates the need to find a childhood that can be very useful in finding a possible solution to our problems. To dream of having a dead person in our house for so many years or a dead person who died recently can mean that we need some advice before making a major decision. Often a deceased who in our life was really important to us, comes back in a dream, knocks on our door and asks to enter because simply his memory has not yet vanished, we still suffer for his death and we need to feel it again very close to us. And the animals that enter in our home what meaning they have?

Animals and this is something we have said so often, they can signal our character side, our physical or psychic characteristic. For example, getting a fox in the house means that maybe we need to be wiser in our lives to solve a certain problem. Welcoming a dog that is very docile can indicate that we are going through a good time where maybe our friend is close to us and offers us his support. Dogs attacking us indicate situations that can become dangerous. Ferocious beasts may indicate some of our fears with which we must fight in our lives. If we enter a strange man or a scary animal in the house, then in our lives, we are offering time and space to something that can only harm our existence and so this kind of dreams brings a warning message that you do not underestimate absolutely . Accepting very often but also means to agree with someone. For example, many people say that they have dreamed, at least once in a lifetime, giving or assisting a work colleague, a parent, a relative, a son, a wife, etc. These people probably may be very helpful in our lives and with them we can go very much in agreement over a certain period of our existence. In short, if we enter someone's home then we are symbolically entering our minds, we are accepting a person, the ideas of a person, the collaboration that it can provide us to succeed in some of our projects. Clearly then we are facing very positive dreams. Reception is the same as mental opening in our dreams and we must never underestimate these dreamlike representations that can help us improve our lives.


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