Dreaming of house, interpretation and numbers. The house in dreams. What is the meaning? Dreams and numbers to play with the Neapolitan grimace when you dream of being in a house. What does it mean to dream of a large house or house to be renovated? Why can we dream of a house with so much big, in disorder, tidy, furnished with fine furniture? What does it mean to dream of a very large house with many rooms and many windows? What does it mean to dream of going to live in a new house? And being in an unfamiliar house? Often we dream of buying a new apartment, of going to live in a new house, in a very high skyscraper perhaps with a very fast elevator. What is the meaning of dreams in which our house appears messy and very dirty? An old or very dirty house, an apartment that stinks, smells bad or has cracks in the walls or even a house that is in danger of collapsing. Who knows how many of you have dreamed of seeing your house burn down. What does it mean to dream of visiting and being in an unfamiliar house? Wandering through the bedrooms that are huge, with expensive furnishings or between completely dark and empty rooms. What does it mean to dream of being in a very illuminated house? To see a destroyed house, about to collapse, full of blood, dust, insects and animals, with a putrid air, with a terrible smell, with many floors. Being in a building that is about to collapse, that falls after an earthquake, tsunami or after flooding. Why can we dream of being in a house that is completely flooded or that catches fire, that catches fire? Often it happens to dream of being locked up in an apartment that is not ours and not being able to go outside. Being in a house that is not ours and discovering new objects, new rooms, beautiful rooms, open windows and looking outside. Dreams of houses are very common among the population and almost never have a trivial meaning because we will see that they refer to something important and not to be neglected to better understand ourselves and our life. Let's try to understand everything in this article, however, remembering that dream interpretations are often connected with people's lives and therefore are very subjective. At the end of the article you will find the link to go and read our dream book with the numbers associated with each word.


According to many scholars, the dream house can be the representation of our psyche, our body and even our way of life. In essence, the house shows the dreamer a moment in her life in which the need to change is strongly felt, to evolve on a mental or physical level. For example, children who pass from childhood to adolescence can often dream of finding themselves in a very large house, with rooms different from theirs, with completely new furniture, with large rooms and corridors, with many doors and windows. All this indicates to the child that a new path is about to start, a new journey in which to learn new things, have new experiences. We must never underestimate the presence of ourselves in a house that does not belong to us but neither should we underestimate those dreams in which we are in our house that can appear more or less beautiful than it actually is. So basically the house in a dream is the representation of our life, of the feelings and emotions we live, but also of any physical changes, as well as mental and everything that is fundamental for us as the house is very important being a shelter. When we are young and we are maturing, we are becoming adults then we can dream of being in a very beautiful house, furnished with furniture and paintings, objects, furnishings, vases, truly enchanting plants and therefore it is time to prepare for a new phase of life, for that phase that will allow us to enter the world of work, perhaps, in which we will finally become independent, perhaps we will detach ourselves from the family of origin. Here is a beautiful meaning and not to be underestimated in relation to the house in dreams. The need to become more independent, freer, more determined to accomplish what you have in your mind, what you are predisposed for. Beautiful dreams if the house or apartment, the villa in which you are immersed in the dream, are fantastic, wonderful. But what happens if the house is not beautiful, it is messy, dirty, if it smells bad, if it is not bright, or rather too dark or if it is not large but has narrow and not very spacious rooms? Definitely here we are faced with less pleasant meanings but which if well evaluated can still allow us to improve.

So when we are in front of a house that is not very beautiful, in which we walk but with little contentment, indeed experiencing bad sensations and emotions, then it is necessary to carefully evaluate what is happening in daily life because we are probably facing a path that it is not what we want, a working phase but also a private one that does not allow us to express what we have in our hearts and minds. Here the messy house, with old furniture, with a really putrid smell, represents our mind, confused, with unhealthy ideas, ideas that cannot lead us anywhere. Old furniture is perhaps the symbol of old habits, of the same ideas that we try to carry on but that should change, they should be abandoned to make room for something completely new. The dark rooms almost certainly indicate an uncertainty that is being experienced, a moment of indecision, of confusion and we do not know where to go, what to do, which path to take and we risk making mistakes. On the contrary being in a very beautiful house, full of furniture and precious objects, really illuminated, with huge rooms and bedrooms, with a huge kitchen maybe full of good food, means living a phase of great expansion, a phase of our life in which we are progressing and the choices we have made are absolutely important, fundamental and will allow us to reach further goals. It is very important to remember the sensations and emotions that are felt in this kind of dreams because if we are very happy then our life will progress. Above all, a sensation that should not be underestimated is that of surprise. The surprise of being in a house that is not ours but that maybe we are about to buy or where we are going to live anyway and with wonderful environments. Here in life some wonderful news will come, we will be able to evolve, mature, progress, reach important goals and be very happy. Let's analyze in the next paragraph those dreams in which instead a house is in danger, maybe it collapses, is flooded, catches fire and we are inside or we find ourselves outside and we can not do anything to save what is inside it. Really widespread dreams.

The collapse of a house is equivalent to something that collapses in our life that can be something concrete or even the collapse of an idea. For example, the certainty of a job that disappears at some point, the loss of economic solidity but also of interpersonal relationships, professional, family and sentimental collaborations that are going to crumble. Who knows how many times in our life we?have found ourselves faced with situations where we thought that everything was fine and suddenly something happened, an unpleasant event would arrive that ruined and worsened everything. In this case it is very likely to dream of seeing a house collapse, of seeing the cracks in the walls, of seeing the floor crumbling under our feet. We even find ourselves immersed in the flames of a fire that burns furniture, clothes, everything in the apartment we live in. Unfortunately, here we are facing a critical moment in our life, a moment in which we are unable to evolve, we are unable to express well what we are experiencing and instead of moving forward we regress. However, it is not said that these dreams are the oneiric representation of moments of life, of concrete events but it could all happen in our mind. A confused mind, a mind that doesn't know what needs to be done, a mind that doesn't know how to make decisions, that is unsure of what needs to be done. Then the dreamer finds himself embroiled in very unclear situations, he does not know which path to take and unfortunately he risks making mistakes. As we have always said, however, dreams often show us a solution, an escape route to the problems of everyday life and for example if our house is flooded but we manage to save ourselves or if it catches fire but we are saved by someone or even if during his collapse we flee, here we will probably be able to get out of the problems that are haunting us alone or thanks to the support of someone. In conclusion of this article then we say that you must be happy to dream of being in a beautiful house even if it is not yours because your life could significantly improve while if you dream of being in a cramped, dark, unsafe, dirty, smelly and baby, then try to understand well what needs to be changed to avoid finding yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Now as promised we leave you with the link to go to the page of our dream book where you can search for the words that interest you to try your luck at some gambling. If you had a dream and you remember very well some details, things, people, objects, places, animals, sensations and emotions that you have experienced, then find the exact words in the book and have fun pulling out the winning and lucky numbers. Obviously these are not numbers that can guarantee you a sure win and therefore be careful in spending, do not play too much money. The book is very easy to use because the words are ordered according to the alphabet and therefore searching for each of them is really very simple. We remind you that in a dream the sensations and emotions you feel are very important, even if they can be bad sensations. In fact, in the book you will find words related to them such as fear, for example. We wish you the best of luck.


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