How many times have we dreamed of a home with our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, brothers and sisters, husband, wife, children. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to play to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? The house in dreams what does it mean and what meaning and interpretation do you give? What does it mean to dream of renovating your home? Why do you often dream to enter and be in a beautiful house with large rooms full of light or very dark? What does it mean to dream of entering a hidden home to steal or dream of coming out of a flaming home, which is burning or exploding? And dreaming of a very old, old house and visiting all the rooms inside? What does it mean to dream of climbing to the first floor of a scary house, visiting its cellar and the garage? And see in dreams a house, apartment, very large, tall and luxurious skyscraper. What does it mean to dream of visiting a beautiful home? Why can the house in our dreams be clean, dirty, robbed, robbed, unknown? And dream of eating in a wonderful house full of windows and light, or without doors and windows, cold or hot, disorderly, with so many rooms, empty, small, of glass, of stone that collapses, falls into pieces, That crumble? "The other night I dreamed of visiting and exploring a flooded house full of water. Last night I dreamed I was in the previous house where I used to live. Tonight I saw so many people coming into my house. Last night I dreamed of coming into the house of others". Why can we dream of abandoned houses that collapse, become injured and destroyed by the earthquake, empty or colored in white, black, green, blue, red, yellow, celestial?


The house in dreams can have very trivial or very important meaning for the dreamer. Second Carl Gustav Jung The house in dreams represents our mind. It is made of so many spaces, of so many areas as a house that has different rooms. The subconscious is represented by the cellar or garage of a house. This comparison is important to understanding all those dreams that seem so weird and which can also be very scary. Often we dream of a house that is in flames, which explodes, gets fire and is about to collapse due to earthquake shakes. We are inside this house or out to observe everything that happens. Well, the dreams where a house gets fucked, crumbling, crumbling, etc... can indicate that in our everyday life we have a major problem to solve that needs so much energy and much attention from our side. If the home is the home of our family of origin, then the home of our parents, brothers and sisters, then we must try to solve a problem in the family. If, on the other hand, the house is ours then maybe the problem concerns our husband, our son, our wife. In short, the house is a personal matter and when it appears in dreams it is strictly us and a problem that we must face and solve, of course if the house is falling or burning because if the house is beautiful, clean, with so many rooms full of light Of the Sun, then speech and meaning change.

How many of you will have to see your home without doors or windows or have you dreamed of being in a very large house with many open and unlocked doors and windows. Mental opening or mental closing. If the dream home represents our mind then the doors and the windows can represent our mental opening or our mental closure. If we can not open a door or window in the dream home then it means that we have difficulty expanding our horizons so we are dull people, little open to new roads. Breaking a window of a home means that we are at a stage in our life where we understand that something needs to be changed but unfortunately we do not have the means to go on the road that we would like to undertake. These dreams are really very interesting and they tune our subconscious with our unconscious and our conscience. But the house in our dreams can have other important meanings that should not be underestimated. For example, it can represent a strong need for protection. The house in real life protects us from the heat, the cold, the rain, the people we do not want to meet. When we are in a beautiful home and feel comfortable, maybe surrounded by so much light and beautiful people, then in our life we feel very good, we feel protected by someone and in a good psychophysical condition. Here the house could represent our psycho-physical condition.

If the house is very luxurious, full of precious objects, paintings, very old chairs, or gold objects, then maybe we are going to live a full time of great working and professional opportunities because dreams of this type show great progress in our Life and this progress often occurs with earning opportunities that arrive. If a house is very clean it indicates that we are people with the consciousness in place, we are ordered people that go on their way without any special problems, while a dirty, dirty, stinky, disordered house can only point to big communication problems , Problems in living life and mental confusion. In short, dreaming of a bad house is to reconnect to a mindset full of problems and few ideas to develop. Let us all remember that in order to interpret a dream in the best way we must remember the objects we encounter, the feelings we experience and the people we see. For example, if we are in a large skyscraper that is collapsing due to a terrible earthquake or so much water enters and floods all the rooms and we risk drowning, we need to understand which people are with us. If we are alone then we must face a great insecurity in real life, and if we see other people in the dream, then we have another very important reference, a sign to better understand the meaning of this dream. A work colleague may refer to a work problem, a family member like a father or a mother can indicate that something in our family is not good, of course if the house in dreams is collapsing, it is in flames, in short, if in a dream we live Terrible cataclysmic feelings.


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