Being afraid of taking a plane, a helicopter, a spaceship, throwing up or otherwise feeling sick on the plane. A fear that many live in real life. These fears can also recur in a dream. In this article we talk about planes in dreams, planes that fall, that fly in space, in the clouds, in a storm and in other strange and even absurd conditions. What psychological, psychiatric interpretation should we give to the flights we make in our dream world? What winning and lucky numbers can we extrapolate from this kind of dreams based on the Neapolitan grimace? What does it mean to dream of a plane crashing? Why can we dream of an airplane in flight, on the ground, which falls, which catches fire, which breaks into two or more parts and falls to the ground disintegrating? Have you ever dreamed of planes bombing the city or colliding with each other and exploding? What does it mean to dream of a plane that takes off or lands with few or many passengers on board? Being on a plane and feeling very afraid, feeling like you are going to die because the plane is crashing. What does it mean to dream of an emergency landing or ditching? Have you ever been on a plane that does not take off, that fails to take off for some reason? A plane that makes sudden, strange movements, many aerobatic planes, being on a military plane and going on a mission What does it mean to dream of warplanes, a huge plane that crashes into you, into your house, that takes off and falls immediately or that ends the fuel and starts to plummet at super high speed? Dreams that can be very scary and that bring important meanings to light. What does it mean to dream of traveling by plane? Why can we see in a dream an airplane flying low, flying high, above or below the clouds, in a storm, between lightning and rain? Dreams can sometimes be very clear and detailed. For example, some people say they dreamed of being in an airport and buying or losing a plane ticket and therefore not being able to leave or having the wrong plane. Who knows how many times having dreamed of being on a plane that suddenly breaks in two, explodes, ignites and falls quickly with so many people being pushed out, with people flying away from inside and dying. In this article we try to provide a correct interpretation of this kind of dreams by evaluating some details that can be very common among dreamers. At the end you will find a link to go to the dream book and thus find the numbers to play connected with what you dreamed of.


So let's try to understand exactly the dream meaning of the plane. According to the studies of Sigmund Freud, the plane is often connected with the sexuality and therefore with the sexual problems of the dreamer, with his sexual life which is probably not satisfying or experiences moments of blockage, of stasis. This kind of interpretation comes out as the plane has a very long shape that resembles the male genital organ. So we could think that these sexual problems that the dream indicates concern only men but then for women there would be no justifications, other interpretations and instead it is not so as we must not stop only at this type of problems just mentioned. In general, behind the dreamlike figure of an airplane there is our strong desire to realize a dream, large or small, a dream that can affect any sector of our life, the sentimental one, the professional one, the family one. The other dream elements can obviously provide us with the right indications to understand which is the sector of manifestation of the dream in which an airplane seems to have been the protagonist. Dreaming of traveling by plane means, therefore, that we are facing a path or we intend to face a path that can lead us towards interesting news and allow us to progress. Clearly if the plane in a dream travels peacefully, without any problem and allows us to land safely, then it is likely that the project we have in mind and on which we are working, can go forward positively, in a serene way. If the plane crashes, falls, explodes or wobbles, it risks catching fire, colliding with a mountain, against a house, then the path we are facing in the work is really very complicated and needs to be improved. In short, in these cases we must understand well what we are doing wrong, what mistake we are making and which probably will not allow us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. So if the plane represents our projects, then all those scenes of war, of danger that the same plane can experience in a dream are the representation of our mistakes, of our fears and fears, of uncertainties that we live and that must be faced and avoid so that everything can go on better.

The dream scenes can be so many, very different from each other, sometimes incredibly absurd and in real life the things we live in dreams could not happen but these very strange scenes are useful to indicate particular life situations that we have to face in order to become normal , are less intrusive and worrying. Before moving on to the explanation of other possible meanings that are hidden behind the plane, we must however refer to those who are really afraid of flying. In fact, many people are afraid of taking a plane because they have never taken it or every time they fly they experience bad sensations. Clearly if these people have dreams in which a plane crashes, explodes, ignites or does not take off, it is necessary to refer to their natural fear of flying. Often in the vicinity of a real journey that we have to make we have a dream of this type and it is clear that in these cases it is only our unconscious manifestation of the fear of flying that we must face and overcome in some way anyway. Other times we find a plane in trouble in a dream because we saw the evening or a few nights before, a film in which a plane was the protagonist. If, on the other hand, we are not afraid of flying and we have not seen films of this genre, then behind this dream element, in addition to what we have indicated before, other meanings can be hidden. An idea, a project that is taking shape in our life, is taking off as a plane takes off, a professional but also sentimental relationship that is starting. Yes, in fact we must not only refer to work projects when we dream of an airplane but also to sentimental projects. If our love life is in a constructive phase in which with our partner we are making important decisions such as getting married, going to live together, buying a new home, then here is the plane that can appear in dreams while takes off and we are inside with the person we love. The desire is therefore being fulfilled. But if something bad happens to the plane then does it mean that our wishes won't come true? Absolutely not because dreams do not indicate definitive events that cannot be changed, they help us understand what to improve.

So if the plane does not take off, if it falls, if it crashes on our house, if it runs out of gasoline, if it staggers in flight or finds itself in a storm full of lightning and thunder, rain, hail, snow, then almost certainly what we are fighting for, what we want to achieve in our life, requires our attention to prevent something unpleasant from happening. Always remember that every dream element, even the apparently useless and insignificant one, can play a fundamental role in giving a correct interpretation. A work colleague traveling with us clearly indicates that we are talking about a work project, a friend who is with us on the plane is the symbol of a personal situation precisely at the level of friendships while if we travel together with the family then the dream it is signaling a family situation to be faced, to be brought forward. In dreams the dream plane can also be the interpretation of a dreamer's need to escape from everyday life that has perhaps become too oppressive, too intrusive, not leaving us the right freedom of action. Some dream scholars agree that the plane is also the symbol, the representation of a great desire to speed up the times of a project that is fundamental in a particular sector of one's life. We remember that the sensations and emotions that can be experienced in dreams are absolutely fundamental to better understand everything and here is that the fear of falling, crying, vomiting highlight uncertainties, indecisions, the unsure of making life choices that must be done but that put us in a situation of strong doubt. On the other hand, if you are not afraid while you are traveling in a plane that risks falling or having any accident, then this means that we are sure of what we are doing in real life, we are sure that the journey we are taking , the decisions we are making are absolutely right. Flying above the clouds or between them or even in space, perhaps in a spacecraft, is the symbol of a great goal that we can reach but for which we have to work hard. We conclude this topic by describing those dreams in which the plane explodes, ignites and we maybe even feel very hot, we burn. Perhaps we are not directing our energies in the right way.

As promised in the introduction of the article, now you can have fun extrapolating from our dream book the lucky numbers related to the dream you had and in which perhaps a plane was the protagonist. In this book that we offer free to all of you (the link is below), you will find many words listed in alphabetical order and which represent things, objects, people, situations, actions, emotions, sensations, places, colors that can be elements in a dream. fundamental for a correct interpretation. You choose what the most important elements of a dream you have had can be and find the corresponding numbers in the dream book. We remind you, however, one very important thing and that is that dreams are not connected with the game and with any cash winnings but they want to tell us more, to point out moments that we are experiencing and that require our attention. Certainly the fun of playing a few numbers without spending too much is a fun that no one should give up though. Good luck then.


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