Train yourself in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being a football coach or seeing a coach who wants us to do some exercises in the gym to strengthen our body, our bones and our muscles? And what does it mean to dream of training in an open place and in the company of our friends, parents, relatives, sisters, brothers, children and children? Why you can dream of doing an obstacle course in the gym, doing body building, doing aerobic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, doing wrong or corrected exercises in the gym with a person who has been deceased for so many years or together with grandparents or grandchildren, an actor or famous singer? What does it mean to dream of practicing, training, preparing and instructing the body for hard work? Training, preparation, exercise, exercise, practical experience, training, physical and mental training. Even in a dream these things can happen. Have you ever dreamed of being in a huge gym and doing gymnastics, sporting with other people and feeling so much trouble, sweating a lot, doing exercises with a lot of effort, getting tired of your body? What does it mean to dream of training alone at home or running on the street? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played when we dream of going to the gym to keep ourselves in good shape, to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "This night I dreamed that I was in a small gym near the house with lots of tools for gymnastics and with my mother, father, sister and brother. Last night I dreamed of entering in a large gym with lots of men and women, sweating a lot and taking part in a weight competition, doing gymnastics and also doing very badly. Last night I dreamed of joining a gym together with some of my friends and work colleagues and with me I also saw a deceased person for so many years, a dead relative who did physical exercises. The other night I dreamed of accompanying my children and other children in a small gym with a very good instructor". In this article we try to understand the meaning of dreams in which we do exercises, perhaps attending a gym alone or in the company of other people.


Training in dreams is a type of activity that is not widespread, but its meaning can be very important. Meanwhile, we try to exclude all those people who actually attend a gym, like to play sports and train their body and therefore often have their mind stretched towards this concept. This type of people can very often dream of being in a gym and doing exercises. In this case the meaning of the dream does not have much importance because it refers to moments of our life, to thoughts and desires that do not hide any particular meaning. Instead, to understand well the meaning and the message of all those dreams in which the gym is a fundamental place, we must start from real life. In real life, the gym is a place to do physical activity, where you can train to find a good harmony between mind, body and spirit and in fact in the gym we do various sports but also relaxation activities such as yoga and pilates. At the gym we can release the tension and stress we accumulate during the day, at work, at school, in the family, with the person we love. The gym is also often the symbol of our way of life, of our way of acting and of moving in the world of work, thus also indicating our creative energies. So starting from these concepts, we can try to understand the meaning of the gym and the physical exercises that we do in a dream. Very often, many people even dream of doing gym, doing hard exercises and just feeling fatigue, tiredness as if it were a real thing. So, before we said that dreaming of going to the gym may mean trying to find a good inner balance, can mean the need to bring together body, mind and spirit. So that if we go to the gym in a dream, most likely in our earthly existence we are living a period in which the balance between these 3 fundamental elements of the human being has been lost. Finding a good balance between mind, body and spirit can therefore be the meaning behind these dreams.

But we must make a difference in this kind of dreams. Generally when we dream of doing sports and very relaxing physical exercises like yoga exercises, then the message of finding a good harmony between the above mentioned elements is clearly evident while any exercises that require a lot of physical and muscular effort, therefore requiring a lot of energy, they may instead relate to a very strong period of stress that we are experiencing and which can be very alarming for our mental and physical health. Doing difficult exercises, sweating, feeling tired and exhausted while we are in the gym in our dreams, obviously can signal the need to control the level of stress and tension before our life can get worse. These dreams are even more important when the dreamer does not attend any gym in real life and even, perhaps, also hates doing any kind of exercise. But we must not forget that the gym is also a place of aggregation, a place where you can make new friends and collaborate. And here is another important meaning of this dream symbol. The gym can indicate the way we live our social and interpersonal relationships, a moment in our lives where we need to cultivate relationships with other people because maybe we feel alone or a great need to be with others is becoming really necessary. This beautiful place has other meanings in the dream world and in addition to looking at the relationships we live in life and the need to create new relationships, it can also indicate the need for isolation that we may have in a certain period of our earthly existence. Maybe we have a serious problem to face, we must make a very important choice, sign a fundamental agreement or contract and then you can dream of going to the gym and work hard doing numerous exercises in complete solitude. Our subconscious is therefore elaborating valid alternatives, valid solutions to positively resolve the situation. Attending a gym with few or absolutely empty people reinforces the need to isolate oneself to find the right path in a specific sector of our life and often these dreams happen after a period of work, economic and sentimental crisis.

To dream of being in a gym full of people and in which we hear a lot of noise means that we have not yet reached an inner serenity and our life is quite confused and full of small and big difficulties to be solved. But this place also often indicates our social life, the results we have achieved in our work, the level of esteem that other people have towards us. So, to see a gym in a dream with excellent tools for doing exercises, can signal a great esteem, a good social position and excellent achievements in professional life. Moreover, at a certain moment in our life we??can feel the strong need to overcome our limits, to go beyond the normal life we??are living and to look for new stimuli to exploit our innate capacities. And here comes the concept of imagination, creative energy and mental power that can allow the dreamer to go beyond the limit that has been imposed by life, to find new solutions, new ideas to improve their existential path and in fact very often, after having dreams of this kind, it is possible to make huge steps forward in life, at work, in the economic sector. Our mind then becomes very powerful, very creative and can come up with good ideas to achieve other goals, to succeed and to solve some problems that in the past have created difficulties. We must never forget that the objects, places and people we see in a dream can provide useful indications to bring out a very correct interpretation of our dreams. For example, going to the gym with a parent, a husband, a child, means that the relationship with these people must progress, must improve and the gym is an excellent signal to understand if in the near future the situations will be positive for us. Being in the gym with a work colleague can instead signal the need to find a good dialogue, a good harmony with this person with whom we may have had some misunderstanding in the past days, weeks, months. In conclusion we can say that the gym in our dreams is almost always an excellent symbolism able to make us understand everything we can improve in our lives to feel good about ourselves and with everyone .


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