The meaning of swimming in dreams. Lucky and winning numbers of the Neapolitan grimace and psychological interpretation of the dream of swimming. The sea in a dream can be rough, dirty, turbulent, rough, crystalline, blue, black, red, full of blood, hot, cold and we can swim in it together with some unknown people. Have you ever found yourself, in a dream, immersed in a beautiful sea to swim? What does it mean to dream of swimming? Why can we dream of being in a lake while we try to reach the shore by swimming? What meaning is hidden behind those dreams in which we are together with a person, parent, mother, father, sister, brother, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, uncle, cousin, co-worker and we swim together in a strenuous way or peaceful and quiet? Why can sea, river, lakes, streams appear in our dreams? What is the reason why we can fall into the water and be forced to float but risk drowning? What does it mean to dream of swimming in a sea, lake, river together with many fish? Finding yourself with a fishing rod on the bank of a river or on a boat, falling into the water and being forced to swim for save himself. Drowning in a dream or having difficulty staying afloat is a very common thing among the population because it indicates a life situation in which each of us can find ourselves. But let's understand exactly what it means to dream of swimming in the sea, lake, river, alone or in the company of someone. Who knows how many times you have dreamed of being at sea, in the middle of the ocean, very far from the shore and not being able to reach even a ship, a boat. Why can we swim in a stormy sea or during a tidal wave or even meet very high waves? What does it mean if we swim in a very clear, transparent sea where we can see the bottom? Swim among the fish that maybe we can even touch or catch, fish, swim among the rocks, run away from a shark, a shark or another type of fish that wants to eat us. There are many ways in which the sea, the lake, a river can appear in a dream. After the article you will find the link to go and extrapolate the numbers from your dreams and thus try to win some games, using our dream book. Enjoy the reading.


Surely at least once in your life you have dreamed of being in a sea, lake or river. Maybe just see the waters and not be inside them. Seeing the sea or a lake or river has a different meaning from being immersed in these waters and then swimming, floating or risking drowning. What lies behind this kind of dreams? First of all, an important distinction must be made. According to many scholars and psychologists, the sea but also a lake or river in a dream represent one's state of mind and consequently if we are in a very stormy, agitated sea, then we are probably facing a stormy period of our life, a phase in which we are not so serene and we have to fight to reach a goal or, in fact, to face an obstacle, a difficulty. It must be said, however, that dreams are very subjective and when interpreting them we must always consider what in real life is for us, in this case, the sea, the lake, the river. In short if in real life we??do not love these places it is clear that if they appear in our dream world, they are not a favorable symbol of inner peace. The interpretation of each dream is therefore always very subjective and must start from the evaluation of the dreamer's life. In general, however, we can say that seeing a calm, serene, limpid, crystalline sea, with very clean water and consequently also a river or lake, means finding yourself in a rather pleasant, serene phase of life, in which we are progressing, we are living with happiness every moment. Sometimes being in the sea means, however, needing to reach a serenity that we have not yet achieved. But what must attract attention when we have dreams of this kind, is what we do in the waters. Maybe we are on a rock and we fall down risking drowning or we swim in an attempt to reach a shore, a beach that gets closer is always further away from us. Here of course we are faced with some personal difficulties that we have to overcome. In fact, swimming has a different meaning from that of the sea, river or lake. While these places can represent a more or less serene mood, the action of swimming takes on a different meaning and should not be underestimated.

Many people do not know how to swim in real life while in a dream they could easily stay afloat and have a lot of fun with someone. What can this dream mean? Almost certainly the dreamer is about to learn something new in her life, perhaps thanks to the support of another person and here he unexpectedly manages to swim in his dream world. Obviously the other elements of the dream can make us understand in which sector of life this new quality could express itself, in which sphere one could learn something new. Never underestimate the people who are with you in the water and support you in swimming or even save you when you are in trouble. For example, a child who is with a parent at sea but risks drowning and is saved by his mother or father, indicates that he is not yet ready for independence, to go and live alone, to make choices and decisions. in complete autonomy. But what exactly does the act of swimming mean? If the sea indicates our state of mind, then swimming means what we are doing to achieve this state of mind. So here is that if we swim easily, without difficulty, without having respiratory crises, without physical fatigue, we are almost certainly about to reach an important goal which in a dream can be represented by a ship, a boat or rather a shore, a beach, from a desert island in the middle of the ocean, full of plants, animals, many beautiful colors. So here we are not only faced with a moment of life in which we are comfortable with ourselves but a moment in which we are able to do what we want and can therefore reach the finish line, achieve those goals we have set ourselves. Each of us can have someone who helps us, who offers us the support of him to achieve goals and therefore never forget to evaluate a possible figure of a person who is with you in the waters. But what happens if we are on a boat, on a ship and we fall into the sea maybe because we are pushed by someone? In general, these dreams tell of a lack of courage, a lack of decision to face some moments of our life and therefore we need to be helped, notes pushed to move forward.

Drowning in a dream is always a sign of difficulty in facing the obstacles of life, precisely in staying afloat in a tiring moment of our earthly existence. The feeling of drowning in a dream can be really terrible and make us wake up with our heart beating very fast, but if we find the courage to face obstacles and difficulties then we will no longer have this type of dreams. Very beautiful the dream and with a wonderful meaning, in which we swim below its surface and observe the marine flora, many fish and colorful plants. The meaning of these dreams is wonderful because they represent not only a very peaceful state of mind, but also an important evolution and maturation in life. The realization of a dream, of a project, can be represented in the dream world with swimming, with the immersion under the surface of the waters of a sea, river, lake. But what if the sea is stormy? Well if the sea is stormy, rough, with very high waves crashing on the rocks then we have to fight, we must not give up but be very strong mentally and go on. We remind all of you that if in real life you do not know how to swim but in a dream you are incredibly good swimmers, then you are going through a moment of evolution, of maturation in a certain sector of your life that other dream elements could make you understand. A simple object, a person, a place can help to help you give a correct interpretation. One of the most common dreams is the one in which we are in the sea and we are swimming in its crystal clear or turbid and wavy waters, with our boyfriend, wife, husband, lover. Our love life is facing a phase of harmony or we are facing a difficult, complicated phase in which the relationship is in danger of being wrecked. Reaching the shore together and saving yourself is a good sign, however, because it allows you to solve any problems in relation to love life and therefore never underestimate the actions you perform in a dream. If you help the person who is by your side then you will probably find the solution yourself to keep the love relationship going. We conclude the discussion on this kind of dreams by remembering that cold waters are the symptom of an unexciting life, in which we do not know how to express what we have in our hearts, unlike a sea, river, lake with very warm waters.

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