Talk to people who have died in a dream is something very common. But what meanings these dreams lead to the dreamer? Why can we dream of seeing an uncle, an aunt, a grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother, a friend, a sister or brother who have long been dead and trying to talk to us, to tell us something? Often these dreams can scare us. But what does it mean to dream of seeing a deceased person who comes to us and wants to tell us something? "The other night I dreamed of being in the house of my grandparents are dead many years ago and my grandfather wanted to tell me some things I did not understand. Last night I saw in a dream that my father is deceased crying and spoke but I did not understand his words. Why I dream often to speak, to have discussions with people who died recently or a long time?" What does it mean to dream often to speak with the dead and with people who neither do we know? These dreams can do a lot of fear, but we should not worry, rather we must try to understand what they want to tell us, what message they want to bring to the dreamer. However, we must differentiate dreams in which we speak with a person who died recently and so the pain is still alive in us, from the dreams in which the person is deceased instead is dead for many years. Let's see.


When we lose someone very close to us and that we loved so much in life such as a parent or a child, or a husband or a wife, clearly our memories and our pain is still so alive and lit in us that during the our dreams can easily revisit these people and make gestures like crying, laughing, hugging, kissing, etc... typically in these dreams we can also talk with the deceased. But these dreams do you have an important meaning or not? Unfortunately, the meaning of which lead to the dreamer is simply indicating a strong attachment to the person who sadly died recently. We can not accept his loss and then in a dream we can again review the person and even talk to her but they definitely are not prophetic dreams. But also from this type of dreams we can learn anything and that we can learn to accept death, the eternal now the distance of a person who is no longer with us. If these dreams indeed are repeated in the months and years following the death, most likely the dreamer is not yet able to accept the death of his close relative, friend, parent, grandparent, child, etc...

But talk to a dead person for many years and we accepted his loss may have another meaning far more important. Generally, in fact when we review in our dreams a beloved deceased relative for many years without maybe that during the past few days our thoughts went to him, the dream wants to communicate something important. These dreams can be prescient, miraculous and provide an answer to our questions. When we speak in a dream to a deceased unfortunately very often happens that we do not understand his words because maybe they are pronounced in a low voice, or the words that we hear seem to have a precise meaning. The important thing to do when we wake up is to score in a notebook all the words that we remember well the rest of the dream because even seemingly meaningless words with the passage of time can provide a just solution and to be understood. The lack of communications in dreams or difficulty understanding the words that a deceased says, are first and foremost to be reconnected to a communication problem that in real life we have with a person at our side.

If the deceased is a relative then perhaps this lack of communication is present among us and another relative but often the dead person is telling us that we are in a time when we can not communicate with the rest of the world as we would like and if unfortunately we dream often talk to the dead then it means that we have not yet figured out how we communicate with other people. The deceased is not only to bring very personal messages, but messages may also relate to our society. So if we are living in a society where work is scarce, working conditions are very poor, so in a dream the deceased may wish to confirm this problem that we are experiencing firsthand. Of course it would be very nice to talk every night with people that are not there anymore and that we loved in life to make us give useful tips about our existence but almost always it is not and we are not faced with prophetic dreams. Rarely indeed a deceased is in our dreams and shows us a particular event which then in our real life come true. To speak often with the dead may also indicate our strong sense of religion, it may indicate that we believe in eternal life and that one day we will review all of our deceased loved ones.


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