What does it mean to dream of slicing and eating onions, garlic or cheese? Why in dream can we be in the kitchen alone and cut into so many pieces, with a very sharp knife, vegetables and fruits? What meaning and interpretation do we give to the dreams we have the bread? What numbers can we play when we dream of cutting bread on a table to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and driving on dreams and using Neapolitan grimace? What does it mean to dream of being at the supermarket and asking for slicing chicken or pork meat or even mortadella, salami, ham? What does it mean to dream of slicing an apple, a melon, a pear, a banana, an orange, a lemon, a grapefruit? What does it mean to dream of slicing anything? Cut food like cooked or raw meat, onions, garlic, raw or cooked ham, salami, bread, tomatoes, fruit, vegetables or even a person or our head, finger of a hand or foot, one arm, one leg? "The other night I dreamed of cutting a nice piece of bread and putting on some tomatoes. Last night I dreamed of eating pieces of fruit I had cut with a small knife. This night I dreamed of slicing a very good onion and eating it raw and not cooked. Last night I dreamed of being in the kitchen with my mother, my sister, my grandmother, my friend and colleague, and cut fruit and vegetables into small pieces to prepare lunch or dinner". Why can we often dream of seeing a beautiful table stuffed with so much sliced food? Dreaming of slicing something together with a man or woman we do not know, along with a deceased, to an old dead relative who is no longer there. Dreaming of cutting a slice of bread and giving it to a famous singer or actor, boyfriend, husband, wife, uncle, son, grandson. What message, this kind of seemingly simple and banal dreams, can they bring to the dreamer? Let us understand the meaning and message that these dreams can offer to all of us, remembering that we must never forget sensations, emotions, places, objects, people we see and meet in our dream world.


Of course dreaming of slicing something at home or in another place like a restaurant is not a widespread dream but anyway the messages that can bring to the dreamer can be interesting to analyze. In real life we ??have something like food because we need to prepare some dishes, some dishes, and in a sense we want to order. Here is a first meaning when we dream of slicing, cutting, smudging anything into small pieces. Perhaps in our earthly existence, in our lives, at a certain time, we need to do a little order in some sector. For example, if we dream of slicing bread and are together with our parents, our father and mother, the dream is probably asking us to improve interpersonal relationships with our parents, with their mom or dad. So the message is very positive because it makes us understand that something in communication with parents is not going well. The same thing, the same meaning but in a different context, we might have it if we dream of slicing fruit and vegetables and have, beside us, a boyfriend, husband, wife, relative, son or friend. When we dream of cutting food together with another person we must always try to figure out what does not go in the relationship with this particular person. Dreaming of eating pieces of oranges, bananas, lemons, melons along with our affectionate partner may indicate that we need to retrieve a love relationship that may not go as we would like. Why does this mean? Simply because the fruit has so many vitamins that can help to regain physical and mental energy. So, consequently, dreaming fruit indicates that we can improve the love relationship we are experiencing. Certainly the type of food we are slicing in the dream can be important but it is not neglected to slicing, cutting, chop.

As we said before, we have a product, a fruit, a vegetable, a bread, a salami, a cheesecake because we have to prepare lunch and we have to make order, cleanse, create a very nice dish to see. Should we make order in our lives? But slicing also means preparing. What are we preparing for in our daily lives? Which event can come so we feel the need to be ready? Here's how to better understand this event that may come, can happen in our lives, we must undoubtedly remember the place where we are slicing the products, the food and the people who are with us. These elements tell us so many things and allow us to give a fair interpretation to our dreams. If we are in the kitchen of our home and by our side our daughter helps us cook by cutting onions, garlic, preparing meat, etc..., then an event that will affect our daughter will be very positive for us as well. However, we have already said that the feelings we experience in dreams are very important. Dreaming of slicing onions and crying, or dreaming of cutting dead food, and therefore not good for eating, obviously indicates a problem that we can not overcome in our lives, a malaise that perhaps involves other people. So coming to a conclusion, often dreaming of slimming something can mean the need to put order in our lives and prepare ourselves for some new event.

And if we do, cut meat, bread, cheeses, fruits, vegetables with a sharp knife, cut us and lose blood? The element that comes into play in this kind of dreams and offers an even clearer message is just the blood. Cutting with a knife in a dream while you're cooking or preparing dinner means that in our lives we are very little aware of what we are doing and this can be a risk because we might have some trouble. In addition, blood in dreams clearly indicates a moment of our life where we are very tired physically and mentally and so we must try to recover psycho-physical energy. As you can understand, these dreams, at times, are not absolutely stupid and meaningless. Before we finish the article we would also like to talk about some meanings associated with this kind of dreams. For some psychologists when we are slicing bread in dreams then we could have wealth and well-being in our real life, while if we have fruit we may have some changes in our daily lives. Also dreaming of slicing meat may mean misfortune while dreaming of cutting cheeses could signal traps. Certainly you have to be mindful of these meanings that are perhaps too trivial and science fiction. Before we end we remember that unfortunately, in our dreams, we could also slicing our hand, finger, arm.


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