Sending away someone in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of driving away the devil or the death? What does it mean to dream of rejecting a beast or a shadow that comes towards us? Why do you dream of getting away or running away from a person or from the bank of a river, lake, sea? What does it mean to dream of removing a cat that wants to scratch our face, our eyes or our hands and legs, a fierce dog that wants to bite, a person, a big big snake, long and colorful or many little snakes? Dreaming of distance, dreaming of being away from someone we love in real life, this dream is really widespread. Why is it possible to dream of getting away from work, from home, from friends, from parents, from the world, starting in unexplored lands, space, new extraterrestrial worlds? Hunting, repelling, expelling, removing someone, man or woman, grandfather, uncle, son, husband, wife, boyfriend, a friend of mine, work colleague, actor or famous singer, are very widespread actions in our dreams and obviously represent relational difficulties. What does it mean to dream of alienating someone who is by our side, who walks or eats with us and wants to talk? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace must we play if we dream of driving away many rats from our home to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "Last night I dreamed of moving, detaching, driving away from me, my mother, my father, my sister and my brother, an unknown man or woman who wanted to do harm, who wanted to kill us. Last night I dreamed of being chased by an animal that wanted to bite, hurt, hit, kill but I could escape. Tonight I remember dreaming of repelling a shadow in the bed that wanted to assail me to make me die. The other night I dreamed of being near a very unpleasant person that I wanted to get away from. I almost always dream of my ex-boy walking away from me, leaving me on the street, at home, in a dark and deserted place and running away". Being rejected or rejecting a person in our dreams can be a very widespread thing but above all have a very important meaning that should not be underestimated. Today we try to understand this kind of dreams, drawing from them useful interpretations that can help us to live better our life and our interpersonal and social relationships.


First of all, to understand this type of dreams we have to refer to real life and the meaning of alienation. Why do we reject a person in our life? We can remove a person because it no longer offers us what we want, for example, in love we no longer feel anything, no emotion and therefore when love ends, the relationship with the person who is then removed from ourselves ends. In the work we can remove a colleague because we have no empathy towards him, we do not feel a good feeling and maybe we dislike. In short, rejecting, pushing away, in everyday life, means practically closing some interpersonal relationships with people who are no longer useful for our evolution or with whom we can not find a working, economic, family, sentimental agreement. So when we dream of turning away from ourselves a person we know, we must first think about what relationship we have with this person in real life and we must try to understand what we do not like about this person. Sometimes, in fact, dreams are premonitory events, provide feelings and situations that may occur in the near future. We can therefore dream of rejecting a person who then comes to us in real life to ask for help, support, money or something . The person we cast out is not enough to fully understand the dream and its meaning and in fact we must never forget that objects we encounter, places where we are, feelings and emotions that we experience in the dream world are essential to provide useful details for a correct interpretation . And here, removing a parent and feeling a good feeling of freedom and satisfaction means being able to become independent in the family from their mother and father who are perhaps too oppressive and severe. A person may dream of rejecting, driving away, dismissing a work colleague and then understanding that the presence of this person for our professional growth is not absolutely positive.

But very often these dreams refer to our emotional sphere and typically to our love life. In fact, especially boys and girls live this kind of dream experiences. The quarrels in love, the discussions and the differences in character can occur in a dream, for a boy, a man, a girl, a woman, just with the need to reject the person with whom we live a relationship of love in real life. When a boy or girl makes this kind of dream, he must always ask himself why the romantic relationship is not serene, what aspect of the love relationship is not positive for its evolution and therefore what needs to be improved to avoid a possible sentimental break or a deterioration of the love relationship. Why do we turn someone away in a dream? Perhaps the one who is dismissed has a characteristic that creates disturbance, a feeling of discomfort and it is obviously fundamental to understand the origin of this disorder, otherwise we can not understand the message that the dream indicates. Returning to the sentimental example, maybe a woman wanders off, rejects her boyfriend or her husband in a dream, while he wants to have sex, just because her husband, in everyday life has betrayed his wife, has not been faithful to marriage, then relationship and therefore this malaise manifests itself in a dream with a rejection and sometimes with a killing. In fact, the hate accumulated in real life but kept within us, can find an outlet in the dream world and then in this wonderful dream world we can do whatever we want. But in a dream we can drive away shadows, ferocious animals, unclean and terrible beasts, devils, demons, insects and rats. A widespread dream among the people is that in which we see so many rats in our house and obviously we flee or try to kill them or move them away.

So rats very often represent our consciousness in dreams but not a clean, honest conscience, exactly the opposite. Probably in everyday life we??have wronged someone, we have committed something that was a big mistake, a mistake but we still do not realize this error or we underestimate the problem. And here in our dreams these illnesses come out and manifest themselves with the rats that invade our home, then our soul, our thoughts and our mind, trying to make us understand what we have done and the mistake we have committed and to which a solution must be found. The mice that are removed, rejected, killed, indicate precisely the rejection of some actions that we have accomplished in life, a refusal that however can not find, at least for the moment, a useful solution and that remorse is alive within us and in our dream world. Even more frightening are those dreams in which we cast away from us a devil, a demon or even a terrible shadow or death. To move away, to drive away, to reject these dream symbols always has a value and a meaning that are not positive. Meanwhile, the devil or demons represent our primordial instincts, our sexual and creative energies and our desires. Obviously rejecting these infernal figures means not being able to develop, in our life, creative energies that can therefore give rise to new ideas and projects, sexual energies that find no outlet, are repressed and create irritation. We have desires that we are unable to develop and realize in our existence. The shadows and the fierce animals signal some fears, fears that we have and that we can not solve and in fact these symbolic dreams are turned away in dreams because they are very afraid. The shadows, in a particular way, very often indicate a great fear that we can not face and that therefore is devouring us inside, does not make us live well. We conclude the article also talking about the death that can be rejected in a dream. To chase away death, the classic symbol represented by a hooded face and a black cloak, with red eyes and a scythe in one hand, means not accepting the changes that are happening in one's life, because death indicates, in fact, changes.


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