Moon in dreams. What does it mean to dream of the moon? Dreaming of the Moon: psychological meaning and interpretation of dreams. Dreaming of going to the moon, taking a trip in a spaceship and landing on the moon or hitting the moon with a missile, seeing it explode and shatter into a thousand pieces. How many ways can we dream of the moon. Lucky and winning numbers, Neapolitan grimace to match the dream of the Moon. Have you ever dreamed of observing a huge red moon that reflects its light rays on the sea? Have you ever seen in a dream a big Moon that seems to fall on the Earth or on our house? What does it mean to dream of seeing a crescent moon or a quarter of the moon or a new moon or full moon? Have you ever seen two or three Moons in a dream? What does it mean to dream of seeing a big Moon? Why can the Moon disappear in a dream? What does it mean to dream of seeing a lunar eclipse? Dreaming of the Sun and the Moon together is a rather common thing and that carries with it a non-trivial meaning. Why can we dream of a Moon together with so many stars that shine in the sky? And a completely black Moon or yellow, green, blue, red, purple, white, dark, which shines a lot, which illuminates, very small and very far away? Some people even say they dreamed of being landed and landed on the moon after being kidnapped by aliens and traveling in a spaceship. Moon and Sun together, coming together, colliding in the sky, notice someone on the Moon walking on its ground. Many people dream of being with someone while observing a beautiful bright and immense moon in the sky. This person is often a boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband, wife but also a friend, co-worker, parent, mother, father, brother, sister, child or even a stranger. Let's try to understand the meanings of this symbolism that can be dreamed of by men and women and that represents many things. Immediately after its interpretation you will find a link to our famous and free book on dreams, in which to search for the most important words related to dream elements to pull out numbers and groped for a win at some gambling. Meanwhile, let's try to understand the meaning of the Moon in our dreams.


On an astrological level, the lunar symbol represents many things, for example it represents the mother, the relationship with her therefore but also the female part of a man, therefore his sensitivity, his romanticism, while in women it represents the type of man that he wishes to have, to possess. The Moon is also the astrological symbol of susceptibility, of sudden changes in mood, of an excessive sensitivity that often is released in childish and nervous, agitated attitudes. These astrological meanings have also become important in the manifestation of dreams, of the dream world in which this element appears. Here a first meaning to be attributed to the Moon in a dream is precisely the possibility of wanting to express or not knowing how to express a sensitivity that one possesses within one's heart, within one's soul. Every man has his own femininity and every woman has his own femininity that are expressed in different moments of life or blocked, they cannot come out. Here is that if a man dreams of a big moon, perhaps he feels within himself the strong desire to bring out some character sides that have not yet expressed themselves or that are asleep. Even in a woman this dream symbol can mean this. Therefore a big Moon in a dream is almost certainly connected to a phase of our life in which we need to express those emotions, sensations, joys, even merits that we possess but which for some reason, for fear of making mistakes, of being criticized, we do not pull out. Sometimes we are also faced with an exaggerated creativity, a way of expressing that artistic sense that each of us possesses and in fact many poets, artists, painters have found intuition precisely in observing the Moon to create small or large artistic works. But the Moon can shine high in the sky or fall down, fall on the Earth or on our house, destroying, setting everything on fire. In this case we speak of a bad expression of our sensitivity, not knowing how to express what we have inside, not being able to manifest the emotional potential we possess on the outside. But the Moon in a dream also represents other conditions of life, it brings with it other important and less important meanings.

According to many scholars of the dream world and also many psychologists, the Moon in a dream can often represent a dark side, in short, that part of our character that should not come out because it is negative, capable of doing harm in short. You may have heard of the Black Moon in astrology which indicates just that. For example a Moon that explodes, that ignites in a dream or that falls on our home or even anywhere on the Earth, could indicate a moment in our life in which we are not able to control our emotions that risk become too aggressive, to make our mood worse. Usually this happens in real life to very sensitive and susceptible people, to people who are not able to control this enormous emotional power that you have inside. But the Moon also signals the need to rediscover an inner calm which, for reasons connected with everyday stress, is lost. So here we see a fantastic Moon that illuminates a calm sea or that is full of a really exciting red light. If we are artists and we dream of the moon then the time has come to better express our artistic sense and our creativity while if we are women we can feel the strong desire to become mothers. Yes, because the Moon in a dream also indicates this. Being the symbol of femininity, it can also represent a moment in life when you think about becoming a mother for the first time. If it is a man who has this type of dream, we have already said that we are facing a moment of extreme sensitivity that we would like to express towards some situation that we live and not only on a sentimental level. A man who often uses his masculine energy, his aggression could dream of being in front of a huge red moon that symbolizes precisely this primordial need. Dreaming of the Moon, therefore, can mean the female part present within each of us, it can also indicate the women who are part of your life, especially the maternal figure and the relationship with the mother . Symbol of the unconscious, of the feminine part that a man possesses, of the masculine part that a woman possesses.

When we hear about the Moon, however, we can hear other adjectives associated with it. For example, melancholy, loneliness, sadness, depression. If we are experiencing a difficult moment in life, if we are experiencing a complicated moment and in which we feel alone, we do not know what to do and therefore we live a moment of depression, of melancholy then here we could dream of a giant Moon that illuminates us too much, which it blinds us or that maybe it comes towards us or even that it disappears behind the Sun, forming an eclipse. So this dream symbol always represents some states of mind that we are experiencing and which are absolutely not pleasant to endure and from which we would like to get out. It is not easy to analyze this symbolism because it often refers to emotions and sensations that both men and women prefer to keep inside without expressing them outside but the dreamer knows very well what he feels, what he has inside himself and if he can analyze a dream well. in which the Moon is the protagonist, then he can really understand better what he must do, how he must act to change an unpleasant situation he is experiencing. In fact the Moon has always been the symbol of man's unconscious, that part of us which is very internal and which enters into symbiosis with the subconscious precisely during dreams. Obviously very often the Moon in our dream world can be the representation of the need to love, of the lack of love in our life, of a romanticism that we would like to express but which cannot be expressed for some reason. For example, a man dreams of a large and beautiful Moon that illuminates a wonderful sea at night with a fantastic red, blue, orange color. You probably have a strong desire to fall in love, to meet someone in your life with whom to share your emotions and feelings, with whom to share the path on this world. Many lonely people have similar dreams which therefore tell of a very strong desire to love, to open one's heart to another person. Never underestimate this symbol because as you have read it indicates something that is never trivial and that must be analyzed very carefully. We conclude the argument by saying that often the moon star symbolizes the need to rediscover a relationship with one's mother that has been lost.

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