The flood in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a lot of water on the streets? What does it mean to dream of escaping from a terrible flood and to save oneself from a bomb of water and mud? Why can we dream of being in a huge flood, to find ourselves under a terrible flood with lots of rain that falls for days, together with children or dead people, dead that we do not know? Why is it possible to dream of a flood at home or to dream of a frightful flood with mud and dirty water entering our house? Why can it happen to dream of a great and endless flood of water and mud? Dreaming of a flood in the street but being able to save yourself. What does it mean to dream of observing a lot of clean or blood-soaked water that falls from the sky, from the clouds full of rain? What does it mean to dream of seeing a flooding, overflowing of the sea, of a river, with the breaking of the banks of a dam? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace must we play when we dream of getting wet under a torrential rain to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming that I was under a hellish rain that lasted for hours, along with my mother, my father, my grandparents, my boyfriend, a friend of mine, a colleague of work, my son and we all had a lot fear. Last night I dreamed of a big flood that lasted for two nights but never seemed to end and I was at home with my husband, my sister, my uncle, my brother, the Pope and also with a famous actor or singer. Tonight I remember dreaming of witnessing a tremendous flooding, flooding, overflowing of my house, my garage, my place where I work. Last night I dreamed that I was trying not to let mud and debris enter my house but I could not because the strength of the mud was very powerful. I was alone and I was very scared". Undoubtedly dreams in which the dream protagonist is the great rain that never ends or a gigantic flood, can be very scary and make us wake up in the middle of the night with a very strong heartbeat. We try to understand the meaning of this dreamlike symbolism that is often compared to some catastrophes that can occur in our lives.


Let's say immediately a very important thing, namely that the floods in our dreams do not always indicate a catastrophic, inescapable event that overwhelms us by ruining our lives. Only in very rare cases these dreams are premonitory and identify the possibility of experiencing a disastrous change in our lives. So what is the meaning behind a flood, behind the overflowing of a river or the endless fall of rain, hail, snow in our dream world? Well, the flood is rain falling from the sky. Water is a fundamental element, vital for ourselves and for the Earth and therefore when in rain it rains so much, we could think of being in a very florid, lucky, positive period for us and in fact this thing can be true but only in some cases. In fact, an abundant rain in a dream indicates a good period of our life, a period in which we can have many opportunities, opportunities and lots of luck with good earnings but if the rain is so strong to flood the house or the place where we are, then the meaning is completely different. Floods can bring tremendous disasters in real life because the huge amount of water that comes down from a mountain or sky joins debris, rocks, mud and therefore its progression can devastate, destroy everything it meets on its way . The comparison with our life is really very simple. An uncontrollable flood, an overflowing or a flooding signals, very often, disturbances in our soul, very important existential problems that should not be underestimated and that need to be treated. For example, very often the flood is in tune with a difficult sentimental story, a love story in which quarrels, jealousy, betrayals can lead the dreamer to be very fearful. When our life faces a phase of great uncertainty of love but also of work, then we can dream of losing ourselves and drowning in the rain, during a great flood that overhangs our home. Psychic, existential disturbances, very upsetting emotions and a period in which we do not know what to do, what choice to take.

For example, the dreamer may be in a moment of his earthly existence in which he needs to make a choice, to choose between a road or another, to make a decision and that is soon after, in his dreams, he finds himself at fight against a flood that he can not escape. If you can save yourself from an overflow or a flood into a dream, then you can find a useful solution to the problems that beset our days, otherwise we will succumb, not being able to do anything. These dreams are related to a terrible swirl of emotions that we can not control and that can ruin our lives. Unfortunately we must not forget that in dreams are important the emotions we experience, the feelings we experience, beyond the objects we see, the places where we are and the people who are with us. All these details are fundamental to give a correct interpretation to the dream in which we are the victims of a flood. First of all we need to understand in which sector of our life a change or a phase of distortion can take place. Here is that remembering the people who are with us, the people who save us or the people we save, is a very important element. If, for example, we dream of being with our wife and children during a terrible flood, then, probably, we can not control the family situation because of problems that may be greater than us. In this case the dream reveals that someone has to help us if we want to get out of this difficult situation. In the work we are facing some incomprehension with a colleague of ours or we are not able to do certain things and our fears, the tensions that accumulate in our professional life, become a huge amount of rain that comes down from the sky and maybe even blood. In fact, many dreamers say they were overwhelmed by floods in which the rain was blood. Blood often indicates mental and physical fatigue, lack of energy and therefore the need to recover all our strength in life. A torrential rain full of blood is rather disturbing and signals a very difficult period in which we can not overcome difficulties and get out of problems, being also very exhausted mentally and physically.

Obviously in our dreams it is always very important to remember the feelings you feel, the emotions because bad emotions can be the symptom of a not-so-beautiful period, of a rather complex existential situation. When we are facing a period full of confusion, a period full of uncertainties and in which we can not find a valid solution to our problems, then the rain that floods our home, the mud that destroys and breaks down the house in which we live, It indicates all of this but many of you know that dreams are a lesson in life and always want to offer us a solution that we must be able to see. So during a dreamy flood we can save ourselves by finding a foothold, climbing over the roof of our house, shouting and asking for help, and here upon waking, after a few days, we could find a solution to the problems that fill our mind and make us sleep peaceful sleep. These dreams should never make us lose hope even if we realize that we are in a very complex period and nobody wants to support our problems. The anxiety, the stress, the tension that accumulate on the job but also in the family, in the love life, can be particularly important and signal an environment in which the dreamer feels trapped and can not go out. Unfortunately, you will have understood that dreaming of floods, floods of rivers and lakes, mud that overwhelms everything and everyone and flooding, is not a good thing because you have to fight against anxieties, disturbances, strange emotions and feelings that can make us break out from a moment to ' other just because of a very strong tension that has been accumulated over time. And dreaming of dying during a flood is one of the scariest, horrendous dreams that can be done, especially if no person is present and therefore no one can help us. A dream that should not be wished for anyone because the feelings you feel can be so real as to ruin the rest of the following days.


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