Dreaming of cats: meaning and general interpretation on a psychological, esoteric, and therefore magical level. What does it mean to dream of a house full of cats? What does it mean to dream of a small cat? Dogs and cats chasing each other, playing with each other, What is the meaning of cats according to the Neapolitan grimace, psychology, psychiatry and according to scholars of the dream world? What are the lucky numbers connected with the symbolic figure of the cat? The cat in dreams can have a non-trivial symbolism that requires a correct interpretation based on the dreamer's life. Have you ever dreamed of seeing, meeting on the street or in any other place a stray cat or many motherless kittens that meowed loudly? Dreaming of dead cats or the classic black cat is really a very common thing. What does it mean to dream of seeing a cat that is hit by a car, a motorcycle or even poisoned or shot by someone? But is it true that the black cat in a dream is a sign of bad luck, of a bad period that we are about to face? Many people remember dreaming of killing or injuring a fact that was losing a lot of blood or of being chased by a cat who wanted to bite, scratch, in short, hurt. What does it mean to dream of a red, brown, gray, white cat? Why can we dream of finding a lonely kitten crying or very hungry or thirsty? What is the meaning behind those dreams in which we see two cats arguing with each other or making love? And seeing a cat that is pregnant and about to give birth to many kittens? What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding kittens or of seeing a cat peeing or pooping? Stroking, beating, killing, injuring a cat, a kitten playing with its mother or sucking milk from her udders. The cat in dreams can appear on infinite occasions. Many people say they saw a happy cat jumping or sick and dying, with long, short hair, hairless, green, yellow eyes. Even some people have dreamed of a cat that came towards them at night, stroking their legs, hands, crying, laughing, asking for food. Giving treats or water to drink to cats in a dream is a very common thing but also seeing a cat giving birth is a very common dream among the population. Let's try to interpret these dreams, dreams in which one or more cats are protagonists. After the article you will also find a link to go and extrapolate the numbers from our dream book and then groped for a win at some gambling


Over the centuries, many psychologists and psychiatrists as well as scholars of the dream world have provided many explanations relating to the symbolism of the cat, a very common animal among various populations and for some peoples even a sacred animal, as for the Egyptians. Obviously, to provide a correct interpretation, we cannot exclude the one that represents the cat in real life for us. Clearly if we hate cats it is obvious that when it appears in a dream we can expect some non-positive event, while if we love these animals so much the dream could signal favorable events. The dreamer's life is fundamental because dreams are very subjective in their interpretation. Unfortunately it is also true that over the centuries this animal has been represented so many times as the symbol of evil, even worse than the deceptive snake of the Garden of Eden. Let's think about the black cat. The story goes that the Vikings used black cats to explore the lands they wanted to conquer and hence the idea that black cats bring bad luck but in reality they don't. He just has just a different color. But what does the cat really mean in dreams? the interpretations and meanings can be many and we analyze and explain some of them. The cat is a feline able to live both in a wild and domestic environment, therefore it is an animal that knows how to adapt to various conditions and for this reason it can represent the same dreamer who is experiencing a phase of his life in which he has to adapt to some certain situation. The cat knows how to find food and water on its own, it is able to hunt, to procreate, to take care of its kittens and therefore it can represent the same dreamer who knows how to move forward in life, knows how to act, react to some complicated situations that arise. look out from the front. Obviously an injured cat, crying, meowing, bleeding, sick, dying, must alert us and report a non-idyllic situation in which we are inside and from which we should get out. Here that wounded, sad, very thin and hungry cat can be the representation of a period of life in which we ourselves are not well, we are undecided about what we should do, we do not know how to go forward, how to overcome various difficulties.

The black cat is not the symbol of an incoming misfortune, of a negative period but if in real life we??have this perception of this animal then here is that the subconscious could connect this dream figure to an unpleasant event that however we are to attract. In general, the black color is the symbol of change, of the end of a situation that starts a new phase and therefore also the black cat should be associated with this and not with negative events. A cat that jumps on us, that caresses us, that loves to be caressed, that asks for food, water, that is hungry and therefore asks to be helped can have a very different meaning and connected with the feelings, with the love relationship we are experiencing. or with the dreamer's need to live a love story. The cat, if the dreamer is a woman, can represent her way of perceiving the person she loves, her boyfriend, husband, lover and the desire to take care of him, to understand his needs and to help him if he needs support. A very beautiful dream that highlights a sentimental harmony that can strengthen the union. So if we ourselves are in love and dream of a cat we feel the strong need to love more, to appreciate the relationship more and to ask or give more. We also remember that one of the characteristics attributed to cats is not only that of knowing how to live in any environment but also that of being very territorial animals that hardly move from where they live. Then it could also be that the dreamer is experiencing a moment in which he is fine where he is, he has everything he needs to go on and has made his life stable and safe. But a cat's true gift is cunning. Cats are smart and know what they want. If in a dream they represent the dreamer then here you are experiencing a phase in which you know well what you need to do to achieve the goals, you know how to act to achieve goals, in fact, skills such as cunning and cunning are used to achieve what you want. A white cat is generally the indicator of a very pleasant event that will be experienced while dreaming of a cat giving birth or nursing many children means that soon you will receive good news, very pleasant news.

According to Freud, the figure of the cat concerns sexuality above all with reference to a woman, exactly to the way in which the woman perceives the sexuality of her man who is seen as very castrating, rather harmful, harmful to the sentimental relationship. The cat in dreams is also a symbol of creativity and mystery precisely because this animal can be very mysterious in real life. He performs inexplicable, instinctive actions, sleeps everywhere, hunts in an unusual way, jumps and plays for no apparent reason. Perhaps the dreamer feels the need within himself to dare, to be more instinctive and impulsive, not to think too much about situations and to use a good dose of creativity. So it is likely that when we see a cat playing, performing an unusual action, hunting prey, suddenly running up a tree, playing, jumping, having fun, it may indicate the dreamer's need to enjoy more. life by bringing out all its creativity, its energies. Dreaming of cats can also have other meanings though. A strong desire for independence, for example, precisely because these felines are very independent, they know how to get by on their own in their life. Another quality that is very hidden in cats but which they know how to use very well when needed is deception. If they have to catch a catch they know how to lurk, wait, hide and then attack quickly and moreover domestic cats know how to get the attention of the owner and the food. They manage to achieve this by meowing a lot or crawling between the legs, jumping on him, asking to be caressed. Here deception is another meaning that can be hidden behind these dreams. But are we dreamers who possess this gift or are we perhaps surrounded by a person who wants to deceive us? To understand well, we must always write in a notebook everything we remember, places, objects, actions that the cat performs, people who were with us, emotions, sensations, colors. All the elements can help us better understand the dream meaning of the cat. The cat, an independent, smart, creative, deceiving, hunter spirit who can represent these qualities in the daily life of the dreamer. Do not be afraid when you dream of a cat that is dying because maybe it is hit by a car or poisoned or shot by someone. These dream scenes often represent the arrival of changes, of small renewals in your life.

Well, after reading a series of possible interpretations connected with the figure of the cat in a dream, now you can have fun pulling out the corresponding numbers from our dream book. For example, if you have dreamed of a cat then scroll through the book which is sorted alphabetically, find the word, mark the number and perhaps continue by finding the action that the cat performed in a dream such as scratching. In short, try to extrapolate 3 or 4 numbers to play to try to win the game. Obviously remember that dreams are not a representation of numbers in order to win money but they help us to live better, to find solutions, express our desires, our moods but particular dreams sometimes deserve to be exploited to try our luck. The recommendation is to use our dream book every now and then and not to spend too much because there is no certainty of winning at gambling. As for the book itself, know that it contains words relating to objects, people, things, animals, actions, emotions, sensations, places that you can meet and experience in a dream. Good luck.


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