Dreaming of night butterflies flying in the sky or landing on our heads or entering our mouths is a very widespread dream. Let's try to understand in this article what it means to dream of butterflies, the psychological and divinatory meaning, with advice for a correct interpretation. Winning numbers, lucky ones extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace to try a cash win at some gambling. What does it mean to dream of a large butterfly? What does it mean if a butterfly lands on the hand? What does it mean to dream of tattooing a butterfly on a part of the body? What does it mean to dream of a moth? Butterfly, butterflies, moths, flying insects are very common in our dreams. The meaning of dreaming with a butterfly is not easy to express because we remember that every dream is very subjective and we need to understand the dreamer's life to better understand what a butterfly means but fortunately there are general meanings that we can associate and that can certainly help. in the right dream interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a butterfly? What does it mean to dream of a small or large butterfly at home or one that can be worn? What is the meaning of a completely black, yellow, red, purple, green, brown, gray, light blue, light blue, blue, orange butterfly? Why can we dream of a completely dark or white and very shiny butterfly, very bright that maybe dazzles us? Why are butterflies in dreams impregnable if we want to try to catch them? The butterfly in a dream can be seen in various ways: colorful, giant, very small, with a broken wing, broken, which cannot fly, which rests on our head, neck, shoulder, mouth, cheek, hand, arm, leg , eye, abdomen, heart, with large wings, flying quickly, slowly, falling to the ground, dead, sick, dying, flying over the flowers of a field, landing on a beautiful colored and fragrant flower, which flies around us but does not get caught. Who knows that at least once in your life you have not dreamed of trying to catch many butterflies or kill a butterfly, crush a butterfly under your feet. Let's try to understand the meaning of this type of dreams. At the end of the article you will find the link to go to find the lucky numbers connected with this symbolism.


To understand the dreamlike meaning of this wonderful flying insect we must start from its qualities in real life. First of all, a butterfly represents the last stage of a metamorphosis that began with a caterpillar. This adult caterpillar turns into a butterfly after being locked in a cocoon for a certain period of time. Among its qualities, the butterfly has that of being very variegated in colors, of being a very light insect, of having a flight not as fast as other flying insects and of having large wings. There are also nocturnal butterflies, the so-called moths which instead have colors around gray and brown. On the other hand, daytime butterflies are beautifully colored. What is striking about a butterfly is the lightness of its movements and this is a first element that we should consider when we dream of them. A butterfly in a dream in fact indicates, very often, a period of lightness that we are experiencing, perhaps even of superficiality that we are facing and which allows us to be less worried than usual, not to be overwhelmed by the various problems we are facing in the life. In some cases, however, the butterfly can represent a way of life that is too superficial, too little attentive to real needs. Here, for example, the insect can fly with a broken wing, fail to fly, fall to the ground, even die, be carried by a strong wind and a lot of rain. This kind of dreams makes us understand that perhaps the time has come, in our life, to no longer be superficial but to concentrate and move on with a lot of attention to detail. In short, perhaps it is appropriate to put aside a period of fun that is no longer useful but that is too distracting. But the meaning of butterflies is not only this. Often this insect, a magnificent insect that lives very little time, even a few weeks, is associated with the love life of the dreamer or in any case with the desires of falling in love that the dreamer has in his life. If we could give a butterfly to the person we love or would like to woo then we would almost certainly be very successful. So the dream butterfly as a representation of the dreamer's sentimental life, of her loving desires.

If a butterfly in a dream comes towards us and lands on the hand, mouth, head, arm or even on the mouth, then this is almost always an unequivocal sign of a very strong, perhaps unexpressed desire to love someone. Maybe in life we??like a person but they seem to flee from us like a butterfly flees when we try to catch it. Here the symbolism of the butterfly is perhaps associated with a love that is too uncertain, insecure, light as the flight of this insect but equally volatile, which can disappear quickly. Men also dream of butterflies, rightly so because they too have and live love stories and can be really romantic. Upon awakening, after having dreams of this kind, we must always ask ourselves if the love relationship we are experiencing is too banal, not very exciting, too superficial. If we are alone, however, we must think about how to react, how to find someone who can appreciate our feelings. In short, the butterfly is the classic symbol of falling in love, of a very strong need to fall in love again in the life of someone who can appreciate our inner qualities. A dead butterfly, with a broken wing and therefore unable to fly, could indicate a love that is not lived well, an insecure love, a sentimental relationship that needs to change, to regain that harmony that perhaps has been lost over time. . Very often, and this according to the study of various psychologists, butterflies in dreams represent a moment of ephemeral joy that is most felt in life in relation to feelings, love but not that of a sexual type, the one that comes exclusively from the depths of the soul, of a person's heart. If the butterfly is very big, huge, then we can think that the desire to fall in love is really very great while many butterflies flying around us could be the symptom of difficulty in understanding well in which direction to express our feelings. Sometimes this dream can refer to a moment of our life in which we are really creative, we have artistic skills that we could develop precisely because these insects are often very colorful, with bright colors like those that can be used in the painting of a picture, of a drawing.

Another meaning that is found in butterflies in dreams is that of wanting to live a period of relaxation, of fun, without thinking too much about the problems of life that often do not allow us to sleep peacefully. One of the most beautiful dreams, however, and with a truly wonderful meaning, is the one in which we see a caterpillar transform into a butterfly. This stupendous transformation, evolution could concern various sectors of our life, various spheres, the love one but also the working one. Who knows if this dream could really indicate the birth of a new love or a new professional path that we decide to undertake following various opportunities that arrive. Remember, however, that in dreams the emotions you feel are fundamental and if looking at a butterfly we feel serene, happy, then here we will almost certainly enjoy a really pleasant moment that will come into our life. Being afraid, afraid, chasing away or killing butterflies, trying in vain to catch them, means not being able to be calm and to live every day of life lightly. But what other meanings can we notice in this dream symbol? We haven't talked about moths yet. They are always butterflies but they rest during the day and act at night. They also have dark, gray, brown and not as gaudy colors as diurnal butterflies. Here, seeing a moth in a dream could indicate an uncertain love that is lived, an unsatisfactory sentimental relationship that creates more discomfort than well-being in the dreamer's life. In reality, if we think about the very short life of a butterfly we can say that often the dreams in which they appear, both in the form of moths and beautiful colored butterflies, signal an unpredictable, inconstant and insecure love, a love that could last very little indeed and in some cases even the infidelity of the person we love or our own infidelity. The other dream elements can tell us if the meaning can be of this type or more positive for the dreamer and this is the reason why we must never underestimate all the details of a dream. We conclude by saying that often this insect simply means dreaming to enjoy life, to live those few moments of happiness in a carefree way.

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