Sunrise in dreams. Beginning, birth, origin. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream to see a very colorful sunrise, to wait for the beginning of the sun rising on the seashore with the mother, the father, a brother or sister or together with her boyfriend, husband, wife? What does it mean to dream of observing a fantastic sunrise in the morning with a dear deceased, a person who has been dead for so many years, watching a marvelous sunrise with grandparents, uncles, the Pope or a famous actor or singer? Why is it possible to dream of perceiving, looking, seeing, glimpsing, scanning the sunrise and sunset in the sky and being very serene and happy? What does it mean to catch a glimpse of a splendid sunrise from the balcony, from the window, from the terrace of your house and feel a good feeling of well-being, harmony and serenity? What meaning hides the dream in which we see a morning sky with very bright colors, bright, bright, bright like yellow, pink, orange, red, light blue? What does it mean to dream of seeing a beautiful sunrise together with a person we love or of our family? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace must we play when we dream of being in front of a fantastic sunrise to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "This night I dreamed of going to the sea and seeing an incredible sunrise, a sun that was born on the horizon, blinded me and I felt a wonderful emotion. The other night I dreamed of being with my girlfriend on a beach and we watched the sun that was huge and stood, illuminating our eyes and our face. Last night I dreamed of being on a big boat with some friends and suddenly we saw a very nice sunrise. Last night I was together with my grandparents, my boyfriend, a friend of mine, a work colleague, my son, my wife and my uncle on a huge ship and on the horizon we could see the sun that was born. I have experienced a fantastic feeling of well-being and relaxation". But what is the meaning and interpretation of sunrise in our dreams? Sunrise is clearly a similar event but different from the sunset and therefore in our dreams takes on a particular meaning, often very important and very beautiful. Let's try to understand the message that this type of dreams offers the dreamer in order to improve his earthly existence and daily life.


First of all we can say, affirm that sunrise is one of the most beautiful, exciting and incredible things of nature and that we can observe with our eyes. The sunrise and the sunset, however, must not be confused in our dreams. In real life, the sunrise occurs when the Sun rises on the horizon and then begins to illuminate the places with its luminous rays while the sunset occurs when the Sun is slowly hidden on the horizon and therefore the darkness reaches the places of the Earth. We can immediately say that seeing a simple sunrise in a dream is a wonderful thing, a very rare event but with a very favorable message for the dreamer who is probably living or is going to live a period of his life, really fantastic, full of emotions, full of good feelings and maybe even full of job opportunities and earning potential. In fact, the Rising Sun often indicates the beginning of a new life, the birth and the origin of something new in our earthly existence that can open the door to a period of personal growth, interior and maturation and evolution. This is a wonderful dream, but we must never forget that many elements must be analyzed in the dream world in order to attempt a correct interpretation. The colors of sunrise are very important but also the people who are with us, the place where we see the rising sun, the sensations and emotions we experience and other details such as objects we can meet. So a sunrise in a dream is a very beautiful event, rare and certainly a bearer of a favorable message but to understand its meaning well and to understand exactly what it refers to in our lives, we must remember many other things. For example, seeing a sunrise with very bright colors, bright, bright like yellow, orange, red, means that in our life a period full of optimism, self-confidence and great willpower is coming . Very often these dreams happen after a period of pessimism, after a period in which our life was facing difficult situations and therefore we can be reborn and this feeling that we feel inside us, is manifested by our subconscious, during dreams, with just the symbolism of sunrise and therefore of the rising Sun, the Sun that has always been the symbol of strength and optimism.

Strength and optimism but also illusions. If you try to observe the Sun directly without protection for your eyes, you risk becoming a blind. The Sun, while it rises in the morning, is never so strong with its rays and we can even observe it directly without protection for our eyes. If in a dream we can see the Sun directly then our life is about to offer so many chances to succeed, and if we have trouble watching the Sun, then we probably will not succeed and perhaps fall into a period of illusion. In fact, the sunrise can also blind our eyes with its strong light and all this means that we are misjudging some opportunities, we are giving confidence to a person who can instead ruin our projects. So sunrise in dream can represent a great period of recovery after a bad period that we have lived, with good professional and economic opportunities, but it can also represent serious difficulties in acting, going forward and making decisions. Of course, very often, sunrise is the indicator of an inner strength that grows within us until it becomes very important, an energy that allows us to evolve and move forward in life. Maybe there is not a favorable opportunity in the work but we feel much better physically and above all mentally, with great energy, with many desires and lots of willpower. The journey of our life can be simpler if a light illuminates the path and then walking in a dream, on a road that is illuminated by the rays of the rising Sun, means that we can face our earthly existence without particular difficulty, indeed someone can also give you a great help. The sunrise in our dreams therefore, can represent a joy, a success, a help, a support to be able to start a new path of life. Obviously a very important element, fundamental to these dreams, is to remember those who are with us. For example, we can be in the company of a person we love, our girlfriend, our husband, a deceased, relative who has been dead for many years or a friend or colleague.

The presence of a person we know in real life, at our side, during the dreamy sunrise scene, is essential to better understand the sector of our life in which something extremely beautiful and important will happen. Many people dream of walking by the sea, being on a beach or on a boat with the person they love. In these cases the dream refers to the love life and the complicity, to the harmony and balance of the couple of love. Very often we can dream of a sunrise with our sentimental partner who is present in the dream, after having quarreled, after having had some small or big discussion and then the sunrise, with its powerful light that slowly grows, signals the arrival of a period of peace, tranquility and greater serenity in love life. Seeing a sunrise with the person we love in everyday life is certainly a beautiful dream that illuminates our heart and almost always, after having had a dream of this kind, we can live beautiful moments of romanticism. Indeed, sometimes, sunrise can indicate the birth of a new love for all those people who have no one to love, a premonitory dream that is rare but has been described by various men and women in the world. Moreover, it must be said that sometimes, these dreams can signal the possibility of the arrival of a new child, of a child in our life, especially if the dreamer is a woman who has this strong desire. While observing the sunrise from our house, from a balcony, from a car, from a train, on a beach or a ship, we can be in the company of a person who has been dead for a short time or for many years. If the person has recently died clearly the message of the dream is to rediscover the strength to go on and erase the pain, suffering and lack of the deceased person. If the dead person has died many years then it is very likely that the dreamer will receive a wonderful help, an almost divine support to solve a problem and move forward in his life. So a great favorable sign of destiny that can make the journey of our earthly life easier. And we must not forget that every person present with us while we observe a marvelous sunrise is the symbol of a support, a help. In short, we will never be alone.


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