What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace are associated with a chase, an escape? Have you ever dreamed of a person running towards you and wants to kill you or otherwise hurt you very much. Why is it possible to dream of being chased and joined by someone? Why in dreams you can't escape from a terrible monster, from a scary animal, from a shadow? Dreams and psychological interpretation of the escape with extrapolation of lucky and winning numbers to experience the thrill of winning some gambling. How come we can dream of running because afraid of an unknown man who come towards us? What does it mean to dream of running away from someone chasing you? These dreams can be really terrible and make us wake up with a start, with a lot of fear. Dreaming of being chased by a bear, a tigra, a lion, a policeman, the carabinieri to be arrested, a dog, a snake, a terrible alien to be killed. It is not easy to understand what lies behind the dreams but those in which we run away almost certainly have an important meaning related to fears we live in real life, to daily difficulties, to moments of uncertainty as well as to situations that we would do much better to avoid. What does it mean to dream of finding yourself behind us, while we are walking someone who wants to hurt us a lot? If last night you dreamed of running away from a person you know, perhaps from a deceased, from an unknown dead, from a scary animal or monster or from a parent, child, relative, friend, work colleague, brother, sister, cousin , brother in law then here you will find the answer to your questions in this article. Certainly dreams cannot easily communicate to us what they want because their symbolism is really very particular but in the meantime, know that in some way we can pull out fairly correct elements and interpretations from each dream. For example, today let's understand what escape means, pursuit, an unstoppable race to save yourself from a person we do not know or from any other thing, person or situation. At the end of the article you will also find the link to go and find the lucky numbers related to your dream in order to try a win at some game. Enjoy the reading.


So to try to understand exactly what lies behind this kind of dreams that often become real nightmares and sometimes even recurring dreams and therefore that recur other times more or less in the same form, we must start by analyzing the life of the dreamer. In everyday life when we run away from someone it is always because we do not get along with this person. The classic example is the love life. Maybe we are living a love story that is not rewarding and therefore we would like more freedom, a greater sense of independence, to be understood by the partner. These sensations that are experienced in real life can manifest themselves in the dream life with the escape from something or someone. Not always if you have feelings problems and therefore do not live a love story peacefully, you can dream of being chased by the person we love but since dreams are very hermetic and work with particular and often strange symbolisms, the risk is not to understand well the reason for the chase, the reason why we run away from a person. Each of us can live a very castrating love story, a complicated sentimental story in which there is no good harmony but also a work environment in which we do not feel appreciated can be the manifestation in real life of a dream of escape or Chase. A child can escape from a frightening animal, a giant monster that could signal his parent who is perhaps seen as too castrating, severe, not allowing him to feel free. In fact, children and adolescents often dream of being chased by very strange creatures, of being reached and bitten by animals such as dogs, snakes, lions, tigers. If we are adults, on the other hand, we could experience other situations but which in any case are always related to unpleasant events from which we would like to get away. Trivially even the non-acceptance of a responsibility can turn, in a dream, into an animal, into a horrible shadow that pursues us and wants to harm us. But let's try to understand how it is possible to know better the sphere of manifestation of the dream by also analyzing other elements of it. In fact, we often only evaluate what appears to be the protagonist of the dream, underestimating other dream elements.

For example in a dream we have to analyze the people we meet, the objects we see, the places we are in as well as remembering the sensations and emotions. Other elements that apparently seem to be useless must also be evaluated to arrive at a correct interpretation of the dream. But let's try to understand the meaning of the animals that chase us. Escaping from an animal often refers to a particular situation we are experiencing in which we feel fear but in most cases running away from an animal that wants to bite or even kill us can refer to some instinctive force that we do not know how to govern, to a dark drive that we are unable to face, to dominate, to make it part of our life and character. For example, aggression, excessive dynamism, jealousy, possessiveness can all be emotional conditions that come out in a dream and are represented by an animal that chases us that therefore wants to tell us to find a way to control these forces, these energies so that they are useful, advantageous and not harmful to our life. So in fact very often that animal or monster that chases us represents ourselves, represents what we are and we risk becoming if we do not dominate our drives and instincts. But what if we are being chased by a person we know very well in real life? Well, to understand this kind of dreams we obviously have to carefully evaluate the relationship we have in real life with this person. Maybe this is a person with whom we have a relationship that is not so simple and with whom we should discuss something. The dream then wants to communicate this to us and that is to say that we can try to find a better balance with this person. As we said before, the person who loves us but chases us in a dream perhaps indicates a too possessive, jealous relationship from which we would like to escape, a debilitating relationship of love, perhaps monotonous or that does not give us what we would like. Being chased by a work colleague then could signal a professional discomfort that does not necessarily concern the relationship with this person but in general with the work we are facing. Maybe we are not happy with the results achieved, the objectives, the earnings.

But if in a dream we are chased by a carabiniere or a policeman who want to arrest us or make a fine? Let's try to understand this other kind of dreams. What relationship do you have with justice? What relationship do you have with the law? Almost certainly running away from a police car or carabinieri refers to the difficulty of respecting certain orders in one's life, a pattern that does not make us live well. Especially if we are very young we can have dreams of this type in which we are stopped by a police officer, arrested, taken to prison and then before a judge. Maybe we don't want to be judged for something we have done or are doing in daily life, maybe we want to run away from some responsibilities that we absolutely have to face instead to become men. Here this kind of dreams could indicate the need to mature and take responsibility. The fine is a lesson that we suffer for not respecting the rules and therefore in everyday life if we do not accept what we should accept then the risk is to suffer an involution, to get worse instead of improving as people. Knowing how to accept our responsibilities that can only make us grow. Many people also tell of being chased by an unknown person, by a shadow for example, by a faceless man or woman who try to attack. Not recognizing the person who chases us obviously makes it much more complicated to understand the problem we are experiencing but generally we are always faced with a fear, an uncertainty, a symptom of indecision that assails us in a certain sector of our life. Sometimes the shadows reach and suffocate us, they do not allow us to breathe and this terrible condition signals that we are experiencing a situation that oppresses us a lot, that does not allow us to be what we want to be. At any age we can have dreams of this type because fears, uncertainties, doubts, running away from the responsibilities that life places in front of us, are part of each of us. Never underestimate dreams of this type because they can make you grow mentally, spiritually, make you evolve and this is essential in life to always reach new goals.

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