One of the worst dreams, the most terrible nightmare is when our body does not move anymore. But what does it mean to dream of running away from bad people, men or women, but stay stuck in the street? How many times have you done this kind of dreams? What does it mean to dream of escaping from danger, from a fire, from evil people who want to kill, kill, police, carabinieri, finance, vigils? What does it mean to dream of being locked in a lift, by car, by a person, by someone, by something, by a superhuman power and energy, by a person unknown to a black shadow, mum or dad, traffic, home Or at work? How many times have you dreamed of trying to run but failing to do it. Your movements are slow, the moviola and the feet are not coming off the ground. You have an incredible fear and you wake up with your heart in the throat that beats very hard. Fear in these dreams is really amazing. What does it mean to dream of escaping but can not run? To dream of wanting to flee often by someone, by a murderer who chases you, dreaming of escaping from a tiger, dog, snake, bison, lion, cat, pig, boar, bird, eagle, crow, bull who wants to bite, from a war , A zombie, a crowd who wants to hit you, a man or woman with a gun, by someone who is chasing you, flee flying away. Get away, escape, get out, get away, get out, get away, run, rush, get away, run away, ditch, spin, kick it to your legs. "Tonight I dreamed of seeing a person who was very scared and I decided to run away but I could not move. Why do I try to walk in the dream but am I stuck or walking very slowly? Last night I dreamed that I could not escape a person who wanted to kill me. Last night I wanted to run but I felt I could not move". Let's see the meaning of these dreams, to give a fair interpretation and find the numbers of Neapolitan grimace to try to win the lottery.


At least once in your life you have made a very similar dream. What is the problem of hiding a dream where we can not move, are we almost or completely blocked while a person or an animal tries to run us to hurt us? We can already say that these dreams are widespread amongst people but they also have a meaning not to be underestimated and that can bring important messages to the dreamer. Meanwhile we can say that these dreams usually hide a very strong fear of a problem that we are facing in real life. First and foremost, we must try to find out who or what we are pursuing. This difference is really very important. So if we are trying to get away from a person we know then probably in everyday life we??have to solve a question with this person. For example, a child may dream of fleeing away from a mother or a parent, and perhaps in his life, he has difficulty in getting to know them. The child demonstrates, with this kind of dreams, to feel misunderstood or to be afraid of the severity of a parent. Obviously, these dreams must be analyzed in the smallest detail and must be taken into consideration especially when we talk about children. An adult might dream of being chased by her partner of love, by her boyfriend, by her wife, by her husband. What problem is not addressed in real life? Probably some communication problems in love can be so complex that in the dream we can not walk, run away.

If we know the person who is chasing us in our dreams so we can understand that these problems must be solved in real life but if we are running away or are trying to escape away from a shadow or a person who does not have a face, unknown? Well, this kind of dreams simply tells us that in everyday life we??are apprehensive about a situation we are not living in any good. This difficulty must be overcome because otherwise the situation may worsen. It is necessary, after we awaken, to try to understand the problem that assists us and find a solution otherwise this kind of dreams could come back even more terrifying. The feeling of blockage that you experience in these dreams can really lead to a great fear even if we are adults. And if in the dream we try to run away from an animal? Tiger, dog, snake, bison, lion, cat, pig, wild boar, bird, eagle, crow, bull. All of these animals often point to our character side. They are there in a dream to represent our primordial instincts and so why do we flee from them but are stuck, can we not move? Simple. In everyday life maybe we are behaving incorrectly and we are facing a situation using our own quality that maybe is our fault. For example, if our sentimental relationship does not go very well and we argue, we could talk and say too much words to our partner, in short we could say things that we would never have wanted to say and that only our instincts pulled out of the mouth. Here in the dream an animal tries to bite, attack and we are so afraid that we can not move.

Even worse when in a dream we see a shadow that wants to assassinate us or an unknown person who is running and wants to kill or hurt us. These dreams are among the most terrible, terrifying we can do. In fact, they are no longer dreams but nightmares that can occur several times in a few months, especially when the problem they want to communicate is not resolved by the dreamer. Why are these last dreams very complex and scary? The problem is to figure out which situation in our lives creates a bad feeling. What problem are we fleeing from? What is that shadow or unknown person? Maybe we are trying to get away from a working situation we do not like or from a relationship that is no longer as we would like or we have big economic problems that we can not solve. But if are we running away from ourselves? If our subconscious tell us that we have to resolve some of the differences within our mind? Perhaps in everyday life the dreamer uses anger to solve some issues and therefore the dream warns of abandoning this attitude that is absolutely incorrect. You should never underestimate these dreams that bring fundamental messages to the dreamer. Sometimes they can be very favorable even though they can be so scared. In fact, dreaming of being pursued by a man who wants to kill us can mean that in our lives there is going to be a big change that we must want with all of our strength. We must therefore act and not remain stuck, blocked.


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