To receive a present. Meaning of the dream and numbers. Here is what we talk about today in this article. The surprise in dreams in the form of a very welcome gift. Dreaming of receiving as a gift a sweater, a book, a jewel, a ring, a necklace, lots of good food. Why can we dream of finding a box with a gift inside it perhaps given as a gift by a friend or work colleague? What does it mean to receive gifts and presents in dreams? What does it mean to receive money from a dead man? What does it mean to dream of receiving a gift from an ex boyfriend or husband? Accepting or refusing a gift in dreams is a very common thing. Who among you has dreamed of receiving a gift from a deceased person? Why are gifts given? What does it mean to give something to a person? What lucky and winning numbers can we find in the dreams in which we see or do we get a gift? Dreamlike, psychological and psychiatric interpretation of this type of dreams must absolutely refer to the concept of gift in real life. Why are gifts given in everyday life? What does it mean to dream of receiving or giving a gift? Some have dreamed of receiving a gift from a completely unknown person. Dreams are really very strange but almost never trivial because they often represent our desires that fail to manifest themselves in real life, fail to be satisfied or serve to make us better understand a problem we are experiencing and that needs a particular solution. Obviously, in order to interpret a dream of this kind as correctly as possible, we must always refer to the dreamer's life, to his real, daily life because dreams are very subjective and one could often arrive at interpretations that are far from what they really should. indicate. The important thing in every dream is to remember objects, places, colors, sensations, emotions, people, animals, in short, everything that apparently does not seem to be important but which could prove necessary to give a very good interpretation. But let's analyze this kind of dreams by reminding you that at the end of the article you will find a link to a page on our site where you can find the famous book on dreams from which to extrapolate numbers to try a cash win at some gamble. Enjoy the reading.


As we have already said in order to understand this kind of dreams well we must start from the concept of a gift in real life. What is a gift? It represents the manifestation of a moment of pleasure that we live perhaps because we are appreciated for our quality, for something we have done. Among people who love each other, gifts are often given to strengthen the sentimental relationship, to make the other person understand our feelings, the desire that the relationship can go on better and better. In short, the gift is a satisfaction, a certificate of esteem on the part of someone and something that sanctions a specific situation we are experiencing. Although usually a person may not like giving or receiving gifts, the symbolism behind all this is almost always positive even if often very enigmatic. Donating an object to a person we love but also to a person we hate and yes because in a dream scenes of this type can happen and which perhaps indicate the need to find a solution to a situation that we are experiencing badly towards someone. Clearly the most important dream element, together with the object that is given, is the person to whom we give the gift or the person who gives the gift to ourselves. These two elements are the basis for a correct interpretation of the dream. In fact, in this way we can first of all know the sphere of manifestation of the dream and understand what is the interpersonal relationship that is involved and in which we are involved. Some objects that are given in a dream such as rings, necklaces, diamonds, bracelets, are the symbol, very often, of future agreements, of pleasant contracts that are about to arrive in the dreamer's life, of a rediscovered harmony that does not concern only work and here is the fundamental importance of understanding and remembering the person who gives us the gift or the one to whom we do it ourselves. But what is the difference between giving and receiving a gift? When we ourselves give something in a dream then here we are sure of a feeling we feel towards a person we love or with whom we know we have a relationship of any kind. For example donating an object to a work colleague could indicate a good harmony with him, giving something to a friend, it could signal that we have a beautiful relationship with that friend and we would like him to continue, to improve.

But if we dream of receiving a gift and not liking it? Yes, because in a dream it can also happen to refuse a gift, not to appreciate something that is given to us. Through these dreams our subconscious, really very powerful, wants us to understand that we are living in a situation that we do not like and that despite going well, it is not to our liking and therefore we would like to change something. Often children have these dreams in which they receive a gift from a parent with whom, however, in real life they do not have an idyllic relationship and here is that the dream refusal of the gift means living a contrast in everyday life, the classic parent-child contrasts really a lot. widespread especially in adolescence. Many men or many women, especially at a young age, can dream of finding themselves with a known person who in real life is very attractive and give her a gift. That emotion that you feel in reality, that fear perhaps of approaching this person and attempting an approach in a dream manifests itself very clearly and the subconscious says that perhaps the time has come to try, to take the opportunity. In most cases the gift in dreams is always considered a positive event, a magical symbolism which could, in some cases, predict very happy and joyful moments that will arrive in the dreamer's life. In fact if we feel great astonishment in a dream to have received an important gift, very expensive perhaps such as a diamond, for example, we could witness a really beautiful, exciting and particularly pleasant event. As we have always said, in fact, dreams are the manifestation of what we are and what we live, so since the gift is something beautiful to receive, something absolutely joyful, even in dreams it takes on a positive meaning. Obviously it can happen to open a box that is given to us during a birthday or any other party and discover that it is empty, that there is something inside that we do not appreciate. The amazement followed by sadness, disappointment above all. In these cases the dream wants to communicate that we would so much like to receive something that for the moment it is not possible to obtain. Maybe we are experiencing a moment of monotony that we would like to end soon because it makes us live badly.

Dream gifts very often predict happiness and joy in a general sense, sometimes referring to a very favorable change of events. Often these turning points in life can concern work rather than love or family because it is clearly in the workplace that we try to reach goals, to obtain greater gratifications and successes. Everything is possible and never forget that a correct dream interpretation must carefully evaluate not only the people we meet but also the places where we are, where we move in addition to the sensations we experience. Often the dream gift we receive makes us happy and very surprised and here in everyday life an absolutely surprising and pleasant event could come. But what does it mean if the gift is given by a person such as an ex-boyfriend, an ex-husband? Clearly here we are faced with the concrete possibility that the dreamer still has a deep bond, a love for this person and who knows that the dream is not a premonitory of an encounter that may take place. Often after having dreams of this type we can know something about the person with whom we were united in the past, a news that also makes us very serene, happy precisely because in the past we may have lived good times with someone who was important to us. In dreams in which the gift is the protagonist, there is a great probability that an agreement can come up. A new job, a new contract, a professional advancement, even a substantial income, praise or gratification in the workplace for what we have done. Never underestimate a simple and apparent baanle gift that we receive in a dream because it often hides very advantageous events and situations in all sectors and from the in-depth analysis of the dream we will be able to understand very well the sphere of manifestation, the sector of life in which everything could happen. . We conclude this article by saying that very often it happens to dream of seeing Santa Claus bringing presents into the house. If we are not children, this kind of dream scenes often symbolize the desire to return to being children, to enjoy life in a carefree way just like children do and therefore a strong desire for melancholy is manifested in us for the time that passes inexorably and not. it allows us to experience more past moments that have been very pleasant.

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