To dream strange words written in a letter sent by the boy you like, written with a red, blue, and black pen. What does it mean to dream that your ex boyfriend will send you a message on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger? Why can you dream of receiving a completely white letter, with no words in it? Have you ever dreamed of seeing a sms in your dreams? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play, if you are dreaming of receiving a message, to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? What does it mean to dream a sms, a telegram, a fax, a news, a ticket, a communication, an announcement? How many times have you dreamed of reading a greeting card, a letter in a glass or plastic bottle coming from the sea, a lottery ticket or a business card? What interpretation and meaning do you give to the dreams where the mailman brings a message, a letter recommended by playing the doorbell twice? Dreaming of calling, taking the smartphone or the cordless to try to call someone but unfortunately we can not make the call, we do not hear anyone on the other side, or we do not understand any word. What does it mean to dream of receiving a letter or a love message By the boy we like or the woman who so much in real life? Have a dream message from an unknown person or from our father who has been dead for so many years or by our mother, grandfather, relative or friend. What meaning has the dream in which we open a letter and read inside it the words and the words "I love you"? "The other night I dreamed of sending, sending a message to a friend I love so much. Last night I dreamed of reading a message in French, Spanish, German, English and once again the language was unknown and nothing was read in a language I do not know or does not exist. Tonight I dreamed that I heard a message of the Madonna, of God, of Jesus Christ, of St. Pius, of a guardian angel, with a voice that was so scary". Let's understand the meaning of this kind of dreams.


Obviously the word and the message are closely related to the communication. In fact, in order to understand another person we use word or writing. Of course we need to know different kinds of dreams in which we receive a message or we are sending it to someone. Many boys and girls often dream of receiving a love message in a letter that has been sent by a boy or girl who we like so much and which we are in love with. These dreams indicate a desire to meet that person, to fall in love with that boy or girl, and hence it is a hope that our desire may be fulfilled by destiny. Dreams are desires, often said, but they can really hide the most important messages for the dreamer. For example, if the dreamer receives a letter from a person who does not know then one must expect bad news but above all a news that can come suddenly. If the person who sends us the message is a person we know then almost certainly she will make or hear a meeting with her. Often these dreams also indicate communication problems. In fact we can receive a letter, a sms, an e-mail that we can not understand, understand, perhaps written in a strange language. This kind of message can of course represent a communication problem that the dreamer has towards a person or, in general, all the people he encounters in his life.

Remember that it is very important to try to remember the people we see in our dreams, the places we are in and the feelings we experience. In fact, every detail can be fundamental to better understand the meaning of our dream. A dream message or letter is never trivial and brings us useful clues to living our lives better. And if we dream of seeing a mailman who carries a letter? Obviously, these dreams can often indicate news that is coming and we have been waiting for a while. If, however, the letter is illegible or written in a foreign language that we can not understand, then the news we wait will delay or they will not be as we wanted. A letter that is ripped can, however, concern strange relationships with a person in our environment who does not want to tell the whole truth. In order to understand the male and female figure to which this kind of dream refers, one has to remember dream objects and places. And if we are dreaming of writing a letter or a message, sms and sending it ourselves from the phone, smartphone, tablet, computer? Shipment of messages from a technological device is a good sign because it may mean that we know how to listen to us using all the best qualities we have. Many people also say that immediately after dreaming of receiving news or a message, then, in everyday life, they are actually invited to a party, birthday, wedding or meeting.

In fact it often happens to receive a greeting card, an invitation card to a party, and then actually to be invited to a party. Here we are in the presence of very promiscuous dreams to be interpreted and that make us understand the potentialities of our mind to anticipate an event before it happens in our daily lives. A very classic dream is where we are on a beach, facing the sea and we see a bottle coming in with a letter, a sheet with some words written above. These dreams can be very beautiful and bring a much more significant meaning. In fact, they can indicate a great spirit, an inner evolution of the dreamer, and a need to relate to the true essence of life. In some cases these messages in the bottles received through the sea can lead to a great positive time and where we can relax. We conclude this article by finally talking about a very widespread dream. To dream of receiving a message from a guardian angel, the Madonna, Jesus, God, or a saint. If we are very pious people and devoted to the Christian faith then it is very normal to have dreams of this kind but for many others this kind of dream can reveal the need to find a lost road, the need to overcome fears to face all The difficulties in life. In short these messages are hopeful messages that need not be overlooked because they can make us resume from a very difficult time we are living in any area of our earthly existence.


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