Onion and garlic in dreams. What is their meaning and interpretation? What does it mean to dream of cutting a sliced ??onion and crying, having tears on his face with burning eyes? What does it mean to dream of planting onions and garlic in a soil or in a pot at home? What does it mean to dream of buying a kilo of garlic, moldy, green, white, black, big, small? Do you eat a raw, rotten, minced, fried onion or onion on an envelope? Why can you dream of seeing in the fridge or on the kitchen table of our home cooked onions, Tropea, white, red? What does it mean to dream of cooking onions cooked with oil and having so many onions and garlic in gift from our mother, our father, grandparents or brother and sister? Dreaming of garlic, eating, picking, slicing, peeling or buying cloves of garlic and onion is a dream event that can happen very often and that at least once in life will have happened to you as well. What does it mean to dream of peeling garlic and onion? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play when you are dreaming of buying garlic and onion to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? Why can we dream of eating raw garlic or a beautiful raw and spicy onion with our friends or colleagues or even with a famous singer or actor? What does it mean to dream of giving a full envelope of garlic and onion to our parents, relatives, the Pope or a son, to a husband, wife, boyfriend or lover? "Last night I dreamed of eating a nice raw onion with a friend. Overnight I cooked a dish with a lot of fried garlic. Tonight I dreamed of eating and having the breath that smelled of garlic and onion. The other night I dreamed of going to the shop to buy half a pound of garlic and onions". These dream foods may appear for various reasons, and they often have a message to bring, to make the dreamer understand that is almost never a trivial message. Garlic and onion are very important foods in our kitchen and serve many dishes. Garlic and onion are vegetables that usually do not like to many people but they undoubtedly do it very well to our body making many benefits. Onion is essential in our diet for the abundant presence of trace elements, vitamins and enzymes that help and stimulate our digestion and metabolism. But let's understand, understand their dreamlike meaning that, in most cases, is not very positive but do not bother our minds before we begin the analysis of today's topic.


Tears and sorrows. The main meaning that this type of vegetable and vegetable can bring to the dreamer is just that. Certainly you must never forget that to interpret a dream in the best way you should try to remember what the elements, objects, people we meet in our dreams represent for us. A correct interpretation always starts from the memory of emotions, sensations we experience and the memory of the people we meet in dreams, the objects we see and the places we visit. So do you like garlic and onion? If you love to eat these vegetables and love to put them in many dishes, then the meaning may be different. First, if you hate garlic and onion and you do not like eating any food that contains slices or pieces of these vegetables, then in dream they can represent their own tears and sorrows. Usually when we peel and cut in real life an onion, if it is not well washed under the water, releases an element in the air that burns and tears our eyes. Toe onions is therefore a sign of difficulty in our lives, difficulties that have brought us to a rather complex situation from which we can not get out, at least for the time being, why do not you forget that our dreams will make us open our eyes on life situations and help us find the right solution. Dreaming of crying while cutting an onion obviously does not mean we will weep in real life but certainly a situation will make us suffer greatly. In this kind of dream it is very important to remember the people who are with us or the places where we are. For example, if we are home and together we find our parents helping us cut onions, cook garlic, then some relational problems with your mother and father are possible in the dreamer's life. Often a lack of communication, misunderstanding between parents and children, can lead to this kind of dreams. If, on our side, we have our boyfriend, our husband, our lover then probably our sentimental life is experiencing a fairly complicated period and a solution must be found in the shortest possible time. Family problems though we dream of being in the house with brothers, sisters and relatives who savor and cook these vegetables together with us.

Dreaming of being in the workplace and having a work colleague beside us eating garlic and onions together with us, almost certainly indicates work problems and communication problems with your work colleague. Often onion and garlic are linked to the hardness of our earthly existence, to the evidence we must face, but also to the many possibilities our life can offer if we are very careful. A pain that has to be expressed and has to find out in real life can often be represented by the dreams in which we cry while we have an onion. Browsing the onion or garlic peel can signal the need to find the basis of a problem that has to be addressed and overcome anyway. Often when someone hides us a truth and we try to figure out what the person is hiding then we can dream of peeling an onion or even many onions if there are so many lies or if we are faced with a big lie. In our life almost certainly there is something very painful that is being faced, an event that is suffering us so much and we can not defend ourselves. Until here, garlic and onion seem to have bad meanings in the dream, but fortunately these foods are liked by so many people. When in a dream we eat garlic and onion and this thing we like, then the difficulties we are facing in life do not bounce us but make us very strong and we struggle without being overwhelmed by fate. So eating and cooking these foods has a very positive meaning if the dreamer does so much taste in eating these foods. In fact dream sensations are fundamental. If we eat garlic or onion but feel disgusted because their smell is a bad smell and even vomit, then the problems of our lives can not be addressed because we are not in the right conditions. Trying to feel pleasure and satiety by eating raw or cooked onions is undoubtedly a great sign of courage that can be used to solve various problems. The meaning of the dreams in which these foods are protagonists and they love so much, obviously changes. A person who dreams of cooking, cutting, frying, slicing, eating garlic and onions cooked or raw is almost certainly in a good time of his life where the sacrifices will be repaid. In fact, these foods possess a lot of vitamins, benefit our body, and can help treat many diseases.

So not only tears and sorrows but also wellness and a better climate in our lives. Do not forget that eating good food and food that we like also means an inner evolution and maturation that can allow us to achieve excellent goals, achievements and an exceptional mental condition. And if we dream of planting or harvesting these foods? Collecting something is very often a positive sign because it represents the opportunity to receive new opportunities, as it happens when we dream of finding the eggs. Some psychologists say they see in dreams where garlic and onions are planted in a pot or in the ground, the representation of a sexual force, a sex drive that is to be expressed, and so very often these dreams are connected earlier a new sentimental relationship. Certainly this meaning, linked to thoughts of Freud, is not always valid, and we should not think that every time we dream of eating, cultivating, planting, harvest garlic and onion, we have the desire to make love, to develop our sexual skills . In addition, other psychologists, which, however, we are not very well, see, in the cut onion, adverse events, which may extend unlucky in life of the dreamer but almost never these things happen because the premonitory dreams are really not very common among the people . Rather, we can identify, in dreams of this kind, other more important meanings. We know very well that garlic and onion are useful veggies that can purify blood and lower cholesterol levels. They also help lower blood pressure and help overcome some diseases related to the heart and the arteries. So very often it can happen to be a time when we feel very good, we are not tired, we have very little energy and immediately after dreaming of eating garlic and onion, we can find a good physical and mental condition, returning to good health.


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