The coffin in dreams. Interpretation and psychological meaning with lucky numbers to play to try a cash win at some game of chance using the Neapolitan grimace. Dreaming of a small or large coffin with the dead. What are the numbers of the Neapolitan grimace? Why dream of a coffin with a dead person? Mother. father, brother, sister, son, friend, relative, uncle, grandfather, stranger, co-worker. In the coffins we can see anyone. What does it mean to dream of the cemetery, graves and coffins? What does it mean to dream of a coffin, a coffin or a coffin? What is the coffin dream for? What does it mean to dream of full, empty, very heavy or very light, enormous coffins, covered with gold, silver, particular writings and ancient symbols? What does it mean to dream of a corpse of a child lying in a small white coffin? What does it mean to dream of going to a funeral, a cemetery or behind a funeral procession? Seeing a coffin in a hearse, Why can it happen to dream of an open coffin in which we ourselves end up inside or a closed coffin, completely sealed? What does it mean to dream of one or many coffins? In your life, some of you will have seen one, two or three white coffins, side by side and in the Church or underground, buried under a few meters of earth. Why can we dream of being in a coffin but still alive and not being able to breathe risking suffocating? This is a really bad feeling that you can experience in a dream but that can happen. Empty, colored, completely open, very small or very large coffins, broken, worn by time, full of worms. These dreams can be really terrible to live in as the scene of a funeral, cemetery or coffin is very unpleasant, they create pain inside us and certainly not pleasant sensations to experience both during the dream and after we are there. wake up. Many people after having dreams or nightmares of this type think of suffering a bereavement, even of dying themselves or of losing a family member, a relative, but things are not like that. We remember that dreams speak to us in a completely different language from what we know and to tell us something, to make us understand something that escapes us in real life, we do not perceive, it must necessarily exploit elements that we know but in an unusual way.


Interpreting this kind of dreams is not that difficult but we must first start from another meaning. Often these dreams appear in the dream world of those people who have recently suffered a loss and therefore through their dreams relive this terrible and melancholy moment. However, if you have not suffered a bereavement in the previous days or months, if you have not attended a funeral, the burial of a coffin in a cemetery or you have not seen any horror movies or you have not yet discussed, talked to someone about issues such as death , then here is what lies behind these dreams is different and very interesting to analyze. We remember that each of us has his own cultural background, lives a life of his own and therefore dreams must be evaluated based on the life of each of us. They are in fact very subjective but there are some archetypes, therefore dream symbolisms that more or less always have the same meaning. When we are faced with a vara we are always faced with a death, a funeral, a cemetery. All these symbolisms indicate the end of a situation, the end of a path, of a cycle, as it really happens when a person dies. Why should a person dream of being in a coffin or of attending a funeral of an unknown person or not? If we see our parents, brothers, sisters dying, maybe we will actually witness their death in the real life? Are these dreams a harbinger of real death? Absolutely not, indeed we could say that in most cases they are a symbol of a pleasant future event. The closure of a cycle that starts a new cycle, which allows you to experience a new phase of life. Obviously it is important to understand the one who is inside the coffin because, for example, if we are ourselves, then here we may have to face a situation that forces us to change path but this new path we face seems to be necessary, indispensable, absolutely useful for our progress. To better understand what lies behind these dreams, let's make some very simple examples to understand. In a dream we could attend the funeral of our boyfriend, husband, wife, lover. Here something is about to change in the romantic relationship with this person, for example.

It can happen, again, to witness the death of a work colleague who is therefore in the coffin, so in the professional sphere something will probably happen that concerns us and that colleague who will force us to change, to make a choice . If, on the other hand, we dream of a dead parent in the coffin, then the relationship with them could change over the course of the days. Obviously we must also remember that we are often worried about the health of a person who lives with us, for example very elderly parents and in a dream we could see one of them who dies, who is closed in a coffin and is buried under the ground. . So the concern for a person's condition in real life reverberates in dreams even with this kind of symbolism. Dreaming of our wife, our girlfriend, our husband inside a coffin, can indicate the need to change something in the love relationship that is perhaps no longer gratifying, it is no longer what it once was. The monotony of a love relationship can then result in the visualization of a coffin. But why do some people dream of seeing open coffins, completely empty or full of gold, very refined? The empty coffins probably indicate that in the life of the dreamer there is a need to implement a renewal, a change but it is not yet clear what can happen, some changes will be met. Opening a coffin but not finding anyone inside indicates that unconsciously we have understood that we have to put an end to a certain period of our life, to a situation but it is not easy to understand what to do, how to proceed, how to act. Therefore the coffin is seen as the need for a change, a change that becomes inevitable as death is inevitable, but also as an uncertainty, a confusion that reigns in the mind and in the life of the dreamer. Many scholars agree on one concept. According to them, at the base of this kind of dreams there is the need to grow, to improve spiritually, to evolve internally. Therefore a spiritual rebirth that we must face if we want to mature ourselves and improve our living conditions in every area because when we find an excellent balance between mind, body and spirit, then we can achieve happiness and serenity in all areas of our earthly life.

Many people tell of having dreamed of a coffin at a particular moment of their life and that is when they were suffering for something, something that troubled them and made them suffer. Therefore the coffin is seen as a place in which to enclose this suffering, a place in which these disturbances can move away from us. Dreams that in the end seem to have a favorable meaning because they make us understand that we no longer have to suffer for a given situation and that we must be ready to remove ourselves, alone or with the help of someone, these internal sufferings and disturbances. But it's not over yet because the coffins indicate something . The coffin open in dreams, for example, can advise us to close some human bonds now consumed by time, so that in life other bonds more useful to ourselves can come to progress, to evolve. Therefore an open coffin to indicate the need to close certain personal relationships to attract other relationships to oneself. And the closed coffin? According to some popular traditions it could indicate a life language to the dreamer, therefore being a favorable omen but very often we are always faced with the need to implement a change and that if it is not implemented, it will inevitably arrive in our life, as death arrives before or then. Now let's talk about those dreams that are absolutely scary, terrible to live and that is those in which we are locked in a coffin by someone and cannot get out, we are also buried, completely in the dark and can no longer breathe. Inevitably, we wake up with our hearts beating very fast. The meaning of this kind of nightmares does not differ very much from those indicated above but here it must be said that the dreamer has reached a point in his life where he can no longer wait to change, to evolve, to close a situation to begin a ' other part of his life. The very expensive coffins, full of gold, of very precious, very ancient objects, with particular writings, indicate that we will probably face a very important change and that will allow us to evolve. Let's conclude the topic by talking about the white coffins in which children are often seen. White represents innocence and it is for this reason that a white coffin is used at the funeral of a child, of a very young person. That coffin in a dream is precisely the symbol of our innocence, perhaps of a lost innocence that we would like to find again.

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