What is sleep paralysis? Remain still or unable to speak. Legs and arms blocked but also the paralyzed mouth in a dream. What is the meaning of these dreams? Sleep paralysis, dreaming of paralysis, being paralyzed, a very interesting topic. What does it mean to dream that you cannot move? Not being able to move while sleeping what could it mean? Trying to escape from an unknown person, from a shadow, from an animal that wants to hurt us but not be able to run away because we are stuck, unable to take a step forward and cannot even scream for help. Dreams that turn out to be real nightmares, really very scary, horrible, terrible and that make us wake up so afraid. What does it mean to be stuck in a dream? What does it mean to dream of running away but not being able to run. Dreaming of screaming and not being able to shout. Wanting to scream without succeeding. Not being able to move while sleeping could indicate many things, even if they are not trivial but useful to better understand our life. What are the lucky and winning numbers connected with this kind of dreams according to the Neapolitan grimace? What does it mean to dream of not being able to speak and move? Dreaming of being held back by someone, of not being able to run, of not being able to open your eyes, of not being able to do something, to accomplish any action. At least once in your life you will have happened to dream of not being able to talk to a person, friend, work colleague, parent, child, relative, brother, sister, uncle, cousin, grandfather, grandmother or groped to escape from a enemy, monster, animal, beast, shadow. Not being able to scream in a dream while someone is trying to reach us to kill or harm us. Why can we dream of not being able to speak for help? In this article we try to give a psychological and psychiatric interpretation of this kind of dreams that can be really scary, terrible to live for example when you dream of trying to escape from an unknown person, from a shadow, from an animal that wants to make us. of evil but not being able to run away because we get stuck and can't even scream for help. Seeing oneself with blocked legs and arms but also a paralyzed mouth that is unable to express anything. Sometimes during these terrible dreams it happens to be aware of dreaming and not be able to wake up.


Well let's concretely analyze this kind of dreams by reminding you that at the end of the article you will find a link to go and find the numbers connected with your dream using our famous dream book. Paralysis in a dream, perhaps you do not believe, but it is a very widespread thing. Very scary dreams that make us wake up with a start and that do not allow us to be calm because we do not understand the true meaning of the dream itself. A nightmare that can also be recurring and then recur during other nights. But why does it happen sometimes to not be able to walk in a dream, not to be able to speak, to try to scream but no words come out of our mouth? Many people say that they moved slowly, taking one step at a time, despite being chased by inhuman, frightening creatures, dogs or other animals, ferocious beasts. First of all we explain well that during a dream our body that is resting does not move, only the eyes in the dream phase, the so-called R.E.M. they also move quickly but the rest of the body remains motionless, paralyzed in fact, even if we are throwing ourselves into a ravine in a dream. This is a very positive thing otherwise we would risk falling out of bed often, even if sometimes this happens anyway. To better analyze dream paralysis, we need to start from its concept in real life. Not being able to walk, talk, move can be a big handicap and even if technology nowadays allows us to overcome these problems with various tools, it must still be said that the lack of all this is felt. A lack, something that is therefore missing in the dreamer's life and that he must understand so that he can no longer have dreams of this type. To better understand, let's make an example. Suppose we are with the person we love and we are unable to speak, to tell her what we have in our hearts, not even to reach her by walking because we are completely paralyzed. Here the dream says that in real life we??are experiencing a sentimental relationship in which we feel that something is missing and that we would like. The expression of our feelings is often camouflaged, hidden, it does not come out and this can turn into various insecurities that in dreams take the form of a partial or total paralysis of our body.

Dreams often make us understand what the sphere of life is, the sector in which things do not go as we wish and therefore we must be very attentive to dream details, even to the less showy ones that seem to be useless like colors, sensations, emotions, objects, places. Every detail can be very useful to understand in which sector we do not feel insecure because in fact we speak of insecurity when we have dreams of this kind. Trying to escape from a frightening, horrible monster that chases us to tear us to pieces or from a shadow or even from an unknown man. Fear, great fright and we suddenly wake up with our heart beating very fast. We never underestimate this type of dreams because if we do not understand and solve what they want to tell us, then we will be forced to relive everything in a different way. Being chased by a faceless, dark person, by a shadow, almost always refers to a social problem that we are experiencing, to a moment of crisis in our daily life in which we do not know which path to take. Who knows how many times you have dreamed of partial paralysis in the sense that somehow you have moved a few steps but very slowly. Your efforts in real life are there but they seem to be in vain to be able to solve the problem that afflicts you. The worries, fears, some qualities that we do not possess and that maybe we would need every day to overcome various obstacles, here all this is absolutely real, concrete and must necessarily be faced in everyday life. Often at work we do not have the right qualities, we do not feel up to what we are doing, we are not able to achieve the goals we have set ourselves and here in a dream we are in the workplace but we are unable to do anything. Same thing on a sentimental or family level. In short, paralysis represents our fears of not being able to face a certain situation in life. However, it must be said that often these fears are not easily identifiable and in a dream we are paralyzed and a stranger, a shadow, a monster chases us, indicating that we are afraid of something but we do not understand what it is.

But what does it mean when we are not even able to speak, to scream? Why do we try to scream for help in a dream but nothing comes out of our mouth? Maybe a lack of communication in real life? Maybe we can't express our ideas, our thoughts well? Yes, in most cases it is a question of not being able to express one's ideas and opinions. Often in everyday life we??think about one thing but we perform a completely different action and therefore our ideas are not put into practice, leading us into a phase of insecurity and personal dissatisfaction. Here the dream wants us to understand that we must not be afraid to express what we think because we often do not do it, limited by other people who have a power of seduction over us but in a negative way. Do not be afraid to do what you want to do, try to put your ideas into practice because if you are wrong, you will have done the right thing anyway, you will have better expressed what you have in your heart, you will have developed your character and your emotions. But let's try to understand exactly what role those people who chase us in dreams and from whom we try to escape can play. A mother, a parent, a brother or sister who in real life do not allow us to express well what we are the qualities we possess, perhaps because they are very strict with us and want to direct us towards another path other than the one we have. we have in mind. The relationship that a child, especially in adolescence, can be very debilitating and castrating if we are faced with a creative boy, with an open mind and full of ideas that are different from the usual ones. Here in a dream this boy can escape from a parent but not be able to move precisely because in his life the parent is able to control him, to make sure that he does what only he parent considers right. In a sense these dreams represent the desire to have more freedom of action, more independence. Running away from the person we love but not being able to take any step is often the symptom of a sick relationship, perhaps too possessive and jealous. Finally, we conclude this talk on dream paralysis by describing why we try to scream, to scream but are unable to do so. Probably the strength to move forward, to overcome fears, is all within us and we must not seek help from the outside.

Here we leave you with our dream book. In fact, below you will find a link to go to a page of our site where you can find a free book from which you can extrapolate a series of numbers combined with certain dream elements, to what you have dreamed of. Finding the words is very simple because all of them are sorted by alphabetic letters and therefore know if for example you have dreamed of grandfather and want to find the word grandfather then just go to the section that begins with the letter n. Emotions, sensations, objects, things, places, people, animals, all this and more can be found in our dream book which will help you win some gambling. In fact, the numbers you find have been extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace. But realize something very important and that is that dreams are not used to make you win but only to allow us to better understand our life and find certain solutions to our problems, as well as to make us understand our desires. Extrapolating numbers from dreams to try your luck by winning money is a game that should not make you waste too much money because there is no certainty of winning. So be careful and don't waste money unnecessarily.


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