Why is it possible to make dreams in which we have sex with animals like dogs, cats, tigers, hens, snakes, insects, flies, lions, horses, rabbits, pigs, monkeys? Why in the dream can we pair with another person? What does it mean to dream of dogs or cats that join together? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to be played if we dream of combining with some animal to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? What meaning and interpretation do we give to the dreams in which we are united with someone we do not know or perhaps with a famous singer or actor who we really like in real life or who hate it? Why do we sometimes dream of making love to a doctor, a doctor, a nurse, a devil, a demon or an angel, to join with a bull, a wolf, a terrible beast, or with the Pope? What does it mean to dream of mating with someone? Seeing a dreaming dog is widespread. Copulating seems normal in our dreams. Have you ever been hooked up with yourself or with a baby? "Last night I dreamed that I helped a male dog to pair with a bitch, a female dog. What does it mean if I dream of a dog that you want to pair with me? The other night I saw some birds flying in flight over my house and in a nest on the roof of the house. This night I dreamed of a pair of very fierce animals. Last night someone wanted to make love with me but I did not want because I was scared". Because we often dream of making love with strange people, with a fellow worker, with a friend, relative like an uncle, grandfather or grandmother, a sister or brother, our wife or husband, our fiance or ex boyfriend or with mom and dad? In our dreams can happen to make love, to have sex with an unknown person, or with an animal or with a relative, perhaps with our mother or sister. These dreams can really make us scared and we can feel a lot of shame but their meaning is really important and we should not be afraid because we are certainly ill, we have no psychic problems. Let us understand the meaning of these dreams that are often to be linked to our strong desires that are repressed in real life.


Sex in dreams was a key element for Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology. He often found, in the dreams of his patients, elements that led to sexual desire, to erotic impulses that in real life unfortunately the dreamer could not realize, express. The repression of these carnal desires was manifested in dreams in various ways. Certainly when we dream of joining, making love with a person we can think of living unsatisfactory sex life or having a strong desire at a certain time in our life. But only who is alone and does not have a sentimental relationship can do these dreams? Of course not, and we also explain the reason. We can also have a love story and sex, but if it does not please us, if our partner does not allow us to do the things we would like, then in dream we find ourselves strangely in making love with the best friend of our girlfriend or our boyfriend or maybe our ex boyfriend because with it the things, at the sex level, were better. So unsatisfactory sexual life can bring our minds to make us dreams in which we pair with people we have not seen for so long, with friends and colleagues, with men and women we do not know but dream in the street. Dreams are never trivial and even in this case you have to underestimate the messages that they bring to the dreamer. In fact, a healthy sex life is fundamental to living better, to find balance and serenity with everyone around us. Have you ever been to making love with your work colleague? Why, if we are women we can have sex with another woman or are we men with other men? The reason is very simple. The person who is with us in dream almost certainly, in real life, possesses a characteristic that we would like to have, does something that we like and so in dream we try to get hold of this quality.

Dreams in which we can feel a lot of shame are those who see our parents, children, our children, sisters and brothers or singers, famous actors as protagonists. Here too, we pair with them simply because we feel they have something in common with them. Often we may have these particular dreams that can make us feel very shame and in fact we can hardly tell the story after having made peace with a person, perhaps after a period of strong detachment and quarreling. This re-accompaniment in our dreams can manifest with the act, with the gesture of making love with the person with whom we have made peace. And the children ? If we do not have serious psychic problems, these dreams can simply tell of a malaise that we are experiencing in real life and that we can not overcome, a malaise, a problem that probably involves the childish side of our character. Another very common dream is what we are with a person we do not know, of which we may not even see his face. Generally these dreams want to communicate that we ourselves do not realize which desperate desires we are unable to express in our daily lives. Certainly the most widespread dreams may be those in which we are spectators and we see two people or two animals joining. Keep watching and not being part of the mating indicates a period of our life where we feel helpless, we do not know what to do, we do not know which way to take. One must never forget that in dreams we can visit strange places, see particular objects, feel so many emotions, and all these elements must be remembered for our awakening so that our dream interpretation is very precise.

But returning to animals and their mating in dreams. Making love with an animal often means a great sexual force that wants to emerge, which wants to escape into life but unfortunately does not get vent. And why the animal? Because the animal itself represents our instincts in dreams, but the kind of instincts that are indomitable and which can really be very dangerous if we can not control them. To better understand this kind of dreams we make an example. Generally in the dreams every animal can represent a particular feature. The fox may indicate curiosity, the dog can indicate fidelity, the monkey may indicate strangeness but also intelligence, a flying bird can instead signal the freedom. Then pairing with a dog can mean that we are very loyal, we are great friends. So the paired animal can represent our quality that comes out and shows itself in everyday life or that it still needs to show itself. Often we are not in pairs of dreams but we see other people joining or animals that do the same thing. However, these dreams indicate a strong need to express some of our emotions, feelings, desires we have difficulty expressing in real life. Before you end this article you have to say something very important. This kind of dreams must never be underestimated because our feelings, our erotic drives, our emotions, when they do not find a valid outlet in life, can make us nervous, irascible and can make us small or big trouble. Especially if this kind of dream is very recurring, then it would be good to go to a psychologist, to tell our night-time sensations and to ask for help, a valid solution to find our dream-like serenity but also daily. Dreams can really be useful and can help us improve our lives.


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