Meaning of dreams: what it means to dream of an accident. Why is it possible to dream of avoiding an accident and therefore of being saved? What does it mean to dream of a fatal road accident? In this article we try to understand one of the most common dreams among people and that is road accidents and we will try to give an objective, psychological, psychiatric and divinatory interpretation by helping those who have had this type of dreams to give a rather precise explanation. What does it mean to dream of dying in an accident? And dreaming of causing a car accident? What does it mean to dream of investing someone while we are driving our car? Dying on the road after we were hit by a car that was traveling fast and didn't stop at the stop sign. This too can happen in our dreams. Which lucky numbers, based on the Neapolitan grimace, should we play if we dream of making a bad car accident? What does the car mean in dreams? What does it mean to dream of making a car or motorcycle accident? Why can we dream of risking an accident? Being injured, calling the ambulance, the carabinieri, seeing the police arriving, losing a lot of blood, crying, risking dying, being transported on a stretcher to a hospital, fainting, having a cut leg, a broken arm, fractured smashed head. Have you ever dreamed of going too fast, losing control of your car or motorcycle and having a terrifying road accident? What does it mean to dream of witnessing a scary, terrible, horrible road accident between two or more cars or even trucks? It is not uncommon to dream of seeing a terrifying, destructive, terrible accident in which some people die, perhaps our friends or relatives, our family members, parents, brother, sister, lover, boyfriend, cousin, brother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, wife, children. , in which we ourselves die. Well in this article we will try to understand how to interpret exactly this kind of dreams that can scare a lot but which is useful to better understand ourselves, to know in which direction to go. After interpreting the dream you will find a link to a page where you can read our dream book, essentially a book in which there are hundreds of words that represent places, actions, sensations, emotions, colors , objects, things, people, animals that we can find in a dream. This way you can extrapolate numbers to try to win some gambling.


It shouldn't be very difficult to understand this kind of dreams because since we always have to refer to real life when we dream something, here the dream incident is a representation of a loss of control. In fact, in everyday life we??make an accident because we are distracted driving the car or because someone gets distracted and comes on us. Therefore a first meaning to be attributed to this kind of dreams is connected to the loss of control, of self-control. Experiencing a car accident personally is a symptom of something that is not right in real life, of a situation that we are unable to govern, to control precisely and which, risking to get out of hand, can create a lot of damage. This loss of control can affect the working, family, sentimental, economic sectors, in short, any sector and to fully understand which sector may be affected, we must analyze each dream element paying attention to details. For example, driving and going into a road accident while we meet our parents is probably a symptom of a family problem, of a loss of our serenity and family harmony and therefore when we wake up we must try to understand what the problem is and deal with it. with determination. If the person we love is present with us on the motorcycle or in the car, our wife, husband, our fiancé, here is the love and sentimental sector that must attract our attention. Never neglect the details of a dream, even those that may seem unimportant because they can provide very useful clues to give a correct interpretation. In most cases dream road accidents, even the most frightening ones in which we risk dying or see so many dead people and so much blood, are the representation of the loss of self-control in the dreamer's life but we do not find only this meaning. In fact, by analyzing everything better, we can also extrapolate other meanings and give different interpretations to the dreams in which a car accident is the protagonist. Often in fact, analyzing dreams of this type have found other explanations that we are going to analyze calmly.

Often this type of dreams is related to the fear that some event we are experiencing or are about to experience may overwhelm us. These events that happen in real life to all of us can be favorable or unfavorable, pleasant to live or not but what is important is that the dreamer can live them in the wrong way, be too apprehensive. Let's take a simple example to understand this concept well. A girl is preparing the wedding and we know how busy this kind of event is because it is about a big change in her life in her life. Here then is that the girl has a dream in which she is driving her car together with her future husband and she causes or suffers a car accident. It is not important if we die, save ourselves or are injured in the accident, what is important is that we were the protagonists of an accident through our own fault or through someone 's fault. The marriage that the girl is preparing in her real life is very expensive in terms of mental energy but also physical and the fear of not being able to take this step in the best way manifests itself in a dream with these accidents. In fact, if we think about it, often in an accident it happens that someone can die and death is the representation of the need to close something to change, to renew something in one's life. Blood, on the other hand, is the symbol of many energies that are spent to face certain situations. In summary, therefore, the road accident is not only to be combined with a loss of self-control but also with the fear that some events we are experiencing may overwhelm us, be bigger than us and we are not able to deal with them in the right way. Dreams, however, come to our aid because they do not indicate situations that cannot be fixed, improved but provide details, they make us understand what needs to be fixed, in short, they are advice that our subconscious provides. It must also be said that the car, the motorcycle, even the bicycle, are the dreamlike representation of the means, of the tools we possess to face life. But now we describe another type of meaning that could be hidden within this dreams that sometimes seem real and scary nightmares that wake up at night, with a start and with a lot of fear.

Sometimes a dream of this type wants to put us on alert and that is to make us understand that a certain situation in our life must be carefully evaluated because it risks not being positive, not going to our advantage. The fear that an event we are facing is too important and that we do not have the right qualities to go on, to bear the sacrifices. When we do not feel suitable for living a certain situation then here we lose control of a car in a dream and cause an accident. A differentiation to make regarding this kind of dreams is relative to the one who causes the accident. In fact, the accident can be caused by us or by another person we know or unknown. In the first case it is evident that we ourselves guide the events in our life and we ourselves make choices, we make decisions that can change our existence in a positive or negative way. If, on the other hand, the accident is caused by another person then in the events we are experiencing there is someone who can be fundamental, crucial to help us move forward and its importance can be advantageous or not. We remind all of you that dreams but also nightmares that so much fear, fear can bring into our life upon awakening, never signal what actually happens in the dream world, so, for example, if we are the victim of a car accident it is clear that we will not be the victim of an actual accident in everyday life. Dreams speak to us in a hermetic way, not easy to understand and knowing how to interpret everything objectively is fundamental. Their advice is very useful to find effective solutions to problems, to situations that are making our life more complicated, to those events that often overwhelm us and for which we cannot find escape routes. Here the accident in dreams is absolutely essential that it is analyzed in detail. We conclude this article by talking about the pain that can sometimes be felt even in a dream after having a car accident. Feeling pain is the symbol of a situation, of an event that we are facing in life and in which we feel involved perhaps in an exaggerated way. We should therefore try to be more indifferent.

As we mentioned before, below you will find a link to another page on our site where you can find our famous dream book, a very popular book for trying to extrapolate numbers and then try to win money. to gambling games. Obviously dreams do not come to give us numbers but to allow us to face certain situations in our life and to find the right solutions, to better understand ourselves and what surrounds us. Sometimes, however, who knows that they are very lucky dreams. In the dream book you will find a series of words sorted by alphabetical letters and therefore it will be easy to find what you are looking for. Sensations, emotions, places, colors, objects, things, animals, people, all this will be possible to identify and then extrapolate numbers. The advice obviously is not to dare too much, not to spend too much money but to be cautious because there is no sure win. Good luck and don't forget that no dream should be underestimated.


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