Dreaming of combing your hair that falls out consistently. Dreaming of seeing our hair burn. Why do we dream of losing hair? Why can we find ourselves in a dream in front of a mirror with a huge lock or many locks of hair in a hook or falling out? What is the reason behind the consistent hair loss in a dream? What are the lucky numbers to play to try a win if we dream of seeing our hair fall, according to the Neapolitan grimace? Meaning, symbolism and interpretation of hair loss are topics that we will address in this article. On a psychological and psychiatric level, what lies behind this dream that is really widespread and not only among women but also among men and the children? Dreaming of losing hair in locks, dreaming of losing lashes in wisps, dreaming of finding yourself with a lot of hair in your hand. And if we dream of cutting our hair that is very long or already very short? What does it mean to dream of losing your hair completely? Maybe seeing our braids come off? Losing not only your hair but also your eyelashes and eyebrows? Hair loss in psychology is very important and we will see in this article how essential it is to immediately find a correct interpretation of this kind of dream that is very widespread among the population. You will discover the real reasons behind this type of dreams that sometimes, especially for those women who love and care a lot about their physical appearance, can be real nightmares. So know that precisely because here we are faced with very widespread dreams, the meanings that we can come up with interest a lot of people. After reading the interpretation of this kind of dreams we will also understand if it is possible to extrapolate a series of numbers that you can use and try to win some gambling but obviously know that dreams are not for this, but to put in tune and in communication our unconscious with our subconscious that during sleep and therefore during dreams, works continuously to find solutions to our problems or to make us understand how future situations could evolve. Now let's calmly analyze the meaning of hair loss in dreams which is represented by a very important archetype and which has been analyzed by many psychologists and psychotherapists over the centuries.


You surely remember the legend of Samson, a very powerful man who had very long hair and who drew his enormous physical strength from them. The moment he lost his hair then he consequently also lost his superhuman physical strength. From this legend we have come to our days by continuing to interpret the dreams in which we see the hair, eyelashes, eyebrows falling, with a moment of very strong physical as well as mental fatigue. The exaggerated lack of energy, a moment of very strong stress or very little creativity that manifest themselves in a dream with consistent hair loss. This kind of interpretation is certainly not the only one but certainly the most widespread and not only among women but also among men even if we will later see that we can notice other meanings in relation to the female world. So if we are facing a phase of our life in which we are physically very debilitated, we are working too much perhaps or we are engaging in a love or family situation that requires a lot of energy, then here we can find ourselves in front of a mirror while we comb our hair and we lose a lot of hair. , even whole locks. Our sub-knowledge clearly wants us to understand that if we do not stop, if we do not slow down in our life to recover energy resources then we risk getting sick and not only physically but also morally, mentally, psychologically. These dreams are very widespread because they represent a very wide problem that affects many people. The stress of a life that continues to become even more stressful with the passing years. So a first meaning is this here and it is generally the most widespread among the population. The solution, when we dream of losing hair is therefore to rest, to unplug, to go on vacation for a few days, to find a way to rebalance mind, body and spirit. Do not underestimate this kind of dreams because continuing along a path of this type can really lead you to worsen your physical and psychological condition. But now let's try to understand other types of dreams that usually interest women, much more attentive to their way of appearing, wearing make-up, dressing and also taking care of their hair, a very important weapon of seduction.

Yes, in fact, female hair is a very powerful weapon of seduction, a very effective weapon to be appreciated as people as well as to attract someone who interests us. How many hours do women spend in front of a mirror fixing their hair? So many colors, so many ways to wear hair which is therefore a very powerful weapon of seduction. So if we are women and we dream of losing too much hair while we are combing them then perhaps we no longer have much self-esteem of ourselves, of our power of attraction and seduction, we are unable to channel our energies towards our desire which simply can be the conquest of a man but also of another goal. Here, for example, we can find ourselves struggling to reach a professional goal and we dream of being in front of a mirror and we realize that we no longer have hair, experiencing a terrible feeling, a very great malaise. This kind of dreams makes us understand that we are not, at least for the moment, able to achieve what we are fighting for and we must stop for a moment, we must be patient and understand what to do, what solution to take, what to devise to overcome the obstacles that we face and finally resume the path to success. Hair loss in a dream is never trivial because we have seen that it can represent a very strong physical fatigue, considerable stress, even a lowering of our seductive power but still we can find other explanations behind this type of dreams. In fact, the hair is a protection, a protection against the cold, against the atmospheric agents, against the heat, against the Sun which would otherwise burn the scalp. Here, finding yourself completely without hair or with a very thin hair, does not allow us to be protected against a situation, perhaps even towards a person. Maybe we are facing a battle in which we go forward alone but we would like to be supported by someone because we do not feel able to overcome obstacles. The awareness, therefore, of having no protection and of risking to go adrift if a solution, a support is not found. Often in our life we??do not feel protected, we do not have those essential defenses to face life.

But let's go further and try to find other explanations for this kind of dreams which in some cases even become nightmares. Finding yourself in front of a mirror or with friends and combing your hair, taking care of your hair that is therefore beautiful can also refer to an upcoming joy, perhaps an invitation that is about to arrive, to a pleasant moment that you can live with some people. However, if while we are combing we notice that a lot of hair falls out then perhaps the news that will arrive will not be pleasant, perhaps we will have to face a moment that is not very joyful and melancholy. In fact, hair loss is often associated with a phase of our life in which we are not only stressed and tired both physically and morally but also very melancholy, pessimistic, depressed. We can also rarely interpret these dreams as the loss of something in our life, a job, a love, a loved one, therefore a bereavement, an even substantial economic loss. However, we must remind all of you that dreams come to make us understand what is happening to us in our daily life, what is about to happen and that there is still the possibility of solving everything or almost everything, so in a sense dreams they come so that we can find a solution ourselves and improve our lives. We have not yet talked about these dreams in which men lose their hair or children. Here we have to make an important difference. While for men the hair can be a weapon of seduction as it happens for women and as we spoke before precisely, for children things change and often dreams of this type can be associated with a change in character, perhaps due to the transition between a childhood age and adolescence or between adolescence and youth, the age in which one becomes an adult. We have often heard of the adolescent crisis and who knows if these dreams, in which boys and girls lose their hair in a consistent way, do not represent these phases of life. We conclude this topic by describing also a very widespread type of dreams and which can see the dreamer with hair that is not hers, with a wig, with very long or short hair when in real life they are not like that and that in any case fall out. This diversity can signal the importance of not changing your attitude if you don't want to make the same mistakes over and over again.

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