The meaning of blood in a dream is identified by three words above all: Strength, courage, energy. Have you ever, as a woman, dreamed of being pregnant and losing too much blood while you are about to give birth? But what does it mean to dream of blood? In psychology and psychiatry what meaning and interpretation do you give to blood in dreams? Blood in dreams recurs very often and we will find out why in this article. What does it mean to dream of losing blood? What is the exact meaning of blood in the dream world? Meaning, symbolism and interpretation of bleeding from every part of our body will be explained to you in this article. We will also see to understand what the numbers of the Neapolitan grimace are combined with the visualization of blood in a dream to try your luck at gambling obviously spending very little money because winning is never a sure thing. Have you ever dreamed of losing light or dark menstrual blood, being pregnant or seeing blood leaking from the legs, neck, head, any wound, arm, hands or feet, male private parts or feminine? Why can we dream of spitting or vomiting blood from the mouth, nose, chest or back or even from the breast, ears or teeth? A typical dream is to see teeth falling out with a lot of blood which can be of various colors, blue, red, pink, white, yellow, black. This kind of dreams is very common among the population and we will soon find out the reason. In fact, above you could read 3 words that identify what we will talk about today in relation to blood. When interpreting dreams we must always refer to daily life and therefore also in this case we must understand what blood is, what role it has in real life in order to correctly interpret our dreams. So let's start with the interpretation by analyzing a series of very common situations in which we can see blood or lose it somewhere in our body. Soon after you will find a link to visit the web page where you can find our famous book on dreams where you can find each number corresponding to a certain word, place, object, person, action, emotion that is It is possible to live in the dream world and in this way those who are passionate about games who want to try their luck by winning money, can experience this intoxication using this book.


So let's start by describing the function of blood in our organism as in that of animals and insects. The blood carries oxygen to the organs, as well as vitamins, proteins that every organ and cell in our body needs to survive, to keep going. Blood is made up of a suspension of cells found in a liquid called plasma, a substance made up of water, mineral salts and colloidal proteins. Over half of the blood is made up of plasma, while less of it is made up of cells which are also called hemocytes. In the blood we find red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. All these elements are essential for our body to survive and we can defend ourselves from disease. For example, when we injure ourselves, the platelets present in the blood help the wound to heal. In short, the liquid that we commonly call blood is fundamental, indeed vital for our survival, for the survival of any human being. Plants also have their own blood which, however, is different and is called lymph. Here is that the importance of blood in dreams must be associated with something important in our daily life: energy. Yes, our energy power is identified by the blood that appears in the dream world in various forms, in various situations, some of them even very painful and frightening. Maybe we dream of making an accident and discovering that we have cut or broken a leg, an arms from which so much blood comes out. When we notice the loss of blood in our dreams then we almost certainly find ourselves in a period in which the forces, the energies that can be physical but also mental, creative ones, are waning, are insufficient. A period of strong work, family, sentimental stress, a phase of our life in which we are working very hard to reach a goal, to obtain results at work, to pass an exam. The representation of blood in a dream can indicate all this and since our subconscious during night life and during sleep tries to communicate to our unconscious what to do to improve situations, here what in this case we need to do is try to rest, to recover energy, not to waste the last resources we have, perhaps going behind situations that cannot give us anything.

In most cases, therefore, this kind of dreams represents a phase of our life in which we need to stop, recover energy resources and not only physical but also mental and move on. We can often be psychologically tired, devoid of ideas, intuitions and here we notice a consistent loss of blood in a dream. Certainly each of us must interpret dreams in the correct way because at the basis of a correct interpretation there is the subjectivity of the person, the very life that the person lives. Women can often dream, for example, of being pregnant, experiencing pregnancy and losing blood from intimate areas. In these cases, the woman is probably experiencing a very stressful phase in her life even if she is not encouraging in reality or she is afraid of losing her femininity because the intimate areas also identify this. Therefore a lack of self-confidence, in what we are worth as women, a loss of the attractive power, of the seductive power. Here we can also refer to a dose of uncertainty, of loss of optimism, of insecurity that can affect every area of??our life. But as we said before dreams are here to help us, advise us and therefore if we understand that blood in dreams can be linked to certain situations like this that we have explained in relation to pregnancy and femininity, then we can find a remedy. Blood in a dream can come out from anywhere on the body, from the mouth, nose, ears, head, legs, arms. In short, a wound from which little or a lot of blood comes out following an accident, a stabbing or other situations. It is essential to understand from which part of the body the blood comes out. For example spitting up or throwing up a lot of blood means having something inside that corrodes us, makes us sick and needs to be pulled out. It could be a secret, a lie told that makes us live badly in a love or work relationship. You have to find the courage to say what you think. If the blood comes out of our mouth then we need to express ourselves better, to talk to others, to communicate what we have inside, in our heart in our mind but also if it comes out of the head.

If blood comes out of a limb such as a leg or an arm but also from the feet or hands, then the work is stressful, cumbersome, tiring. If the area affected by the loss is an intimate area, we have already said that perhaps we are experiencing a period in which we do not feel very feminine if we are women or not very masculine if we are men. The blood can then take on a very different color from what we commonly notice in real life. The diversity of color should not alarm us but a much darker blood is undoubtedly to be linked to a non-trivial situation that does not allow us to live peacefully. It is typical to lose a lot of blood following an accident while we are on a car or on a motorcycle but also on a train, on a plane. This kind of dreams signals the dreamer's little ability to take the reins of her life in hand and to move forward with strength and courage. We do not have the right tools to face the challenges of life that perhaps we have placed before our eyes and this turns into dream incidents in which we can even feel a lot of physical pain. Yes, in fact, a fundamental and very important thing of dreams are the sensations, the emotions that are felt and therefore also the pain. Physical pain following an injury, fracture of an arm, a leg, is the symptom of a daily situation that is crucial for us, which we live in a very important way. In short, we are facing something that is perhaps bigger than us, we are putting all our energy to overcome everything but the obstacles, the challenges are too big for the moment and therefore we must stop for a moment and recover energy. Dreaming of blood almost always refers to fears, feelings and stress that come to the surface when we least expect it but which must be a wake-up call to understand everything and find the right solution. We conclude this topic by describing those dreams in which it can happen to drink blood. Here we are faced with the very strong need to rediscover vital energy, to rediscover those intuitions, ideas, that creativity that we are lacking and that we need in a very strong dose. the blood in our dreams is never banal but absolutely useful to improve ourselves and our life in every existential area.

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